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Style & Efficiency


The 5.9-inch Pro is the perfect set of scissors to ease the aches and pains that come with trimming for hours on end. The Pro features the Comfort Ring™ – a Diamond Cut Co. exclusive. Finally, there is now a way to stretch your hands without having to put down your scissors.


The soft TPR Comfort Grips combined with the one and only Comfort Ring™ are a flawless duo for relieving fatigue and eliminating cramps. The Volute Spring Assist offers maximum compression while still allowing longer travel, giving your hands comfort, and when needed, the stretch they deserve.

5.9-inch ○ Stainless Steel ○ Precision Bypass Blades ○ Comfort Ring™ – Fits Finger, Alleviating Cramps, Calluses and Fatigue ○ Volute Spring Assist ○ Color Grey






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