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  • Perfect for tending to your garden in style
  • Polarized for anti-glare viewing indoors and out
  • Protects eyes with UV blocking
  • Free Shipping to the USA
  • Plants 1 Tree in US National Forests

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Are you looking for a way to increase eye safety when growing indoors?  Look no further than our polarized glasses.  These stylish shades will help protect your eyes when working on your garden, indoors and out.

NOTE:  Wearing protective glasses does NOT mean you can look directly into bright light sources.  Always exercise good judgement and avert your gaze away from indoor grow lights or the sun.

4 reviews for Sunglasses

  1. Joe

    Got some swag! Very cool, from a very cool company! Thank you.

  2. Kurt

    Dang, just opened up the mail and wow! Y’all sent me some swag. Got your sunglasses as a free gift. Not sure why?? But thanks. These are nice shades for those who have 2 X ES300V2s. Safety First. The handful of stickers will come in handy as well. Thank you. I will continue to sing your praise.

  3. breezler (verified owner)

    put on those shades and wave to yesterday, the sunlight hurts my eyes!

  4. Bryan Duff

    loved these glasses, lost em , buying another pair. 100% recommend.

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