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The Electric Sky 180 V3 (ES180 V3) is a 200W grow light designed for maximum yields in a 1.5×3’ to 2×4’ grow area. It beams the intensity of sunlight on the plant canopy for peak growth performance and top-to-bottom yield. V3 adds new diode tech and higher wattage for stunning growth power in the smallest spaces.  You simply won’t believe the production that is possible from this compact unit!  It’s the answer for any grower looking to fulfill his own needs, but still wants “big” professional results.  Have a blast while growing your own with your Electric Sky 180 V3!

Warehouses Located Worldwide:

  • Ships Free & Fast to US, Canada, Australia, UK & EU Countries
  • Discrete Shipping Worldwide – Plain Brown Box
  • 90 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Full 3 Year Warranty – Free Service and Replacements
  • World Safety Certifications – ETL, CSA, CE, RoHS, RCM
  • Knowledgable Grower Support from Our US-Based Team

Accepted Payments

Recommended configurations:

  • 1x ES180 – Flower 1.5’x3′ up to 2’x4′ Grow Tent / Closet
  • 2x ES180 – Flower 3’x3′ up to 4’x4′ Grow Tent / Closet

For areas 4′ x 4′ and larger, consider the ES300.

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What Results Can You Expect With A Grow Light As Bright As Sunlight – With A Full Range of Colors That Accelerates Time to Harvest?

The Electric Sky 180 V3 (ES180) is a compact, yet stunningly powerful grow light. It’s a featherweight at 200 watts, but a high-yielding machine for any tight grow space. Its wideband spectrum and linear optics create a fun growing experience.

You’ll appreciate the rapid plant response from seed to flower. Plus, the ability to “aim” light to where your plants need intense grow power the most — reducing light lost to aisles and walls while increasing canopy penetration.

The included dimming kit lets you easily “dial in” the perfect intensity for your garden. And, the distributed design allows for close canopy deployment without burning your plants for maximum headroom.

High-performance gardens are now possible with LED technology. You can achieve maximum quality AND quantity when growing your own. Count on excellent trichrome development and a strong terpene profile with an Electric Sky over your plants. Rely on your own garden to get big yields of top-shelf product again and again…

Thousands of growers across the world have come to love the directed light output, specialized wideband spectrum, and fully dimmable intensity offered by the Electric Sky for a growing experience that is second to none.

… And did we mention that this grow light produces an intensity that is greater than sunlight?  This means you can replicate sunlight conditions indoors!

Product Highlights

  • True 200W power consumption – Twice the light output as HPS with an energy cost as low as $0.35 per day
  • A plant-tuned “wideband” full spectrum for rapid vegetative growth and heavy flower yield
  • Comfortable plant viewing – See plants in true color without light shining into your eyes
  • Full light intensity adjustment for all stages of plant growth – Control multiple lights at once with included daisy-chain dimming kit
  • Silent operation & passively cooled with no moving parts
  • Rectangular light projection — Fits grow tents or expands to any area
    • 1x ES180 will Flower a 1.5’x3′ – 2’x4′ rectangular area – Grow 2-4 Plants
    • 2x ES180 will Flower a 3’x3′ – 4’x4′ square area – Grow 4-6 Plants
    • Click the “Recommended Configurations” tab for more ideas.
  • Linear lenses prevent light loss, increase canopy penetration and intensify growth power
  • Premium, heavy duty & solid construction with LEDs protected by easy-clean lenses
  • 2x ES180’s exceed the yield of 800W HPS using only 400 Watts – Saving 50% energy costs with a better plant response
  • Grower-proven results for peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens, and exotic flowering plants

Video Overview


How You Can Achieve Enviously LARGE Harvests with LED Lighting

If you’re new to growing, or are experienced and you’re looking for a premium grow light to keep your grow small, you’re in the right place.

When you’re growing your own, you’re looking to get a consistent, high-quality yield grow after grow. And you want lighting that will make it easy to get great results with a healthy and vigorous plant response.

After doing your research, you may be confused with all of the different shapes, colors, and sizes of lighting options out there. You may wonder how and if they’ll work for you. You’re not alone with these types of questions, and it’s why we embarked on creating the Electric Sky.

If you’re an “all in” home grower or professional producer who expects quality results and demands a high-yield crop with a blazing fast growing time, then you’re in the right place.

When you’re growing your own, you’re looking to get a consistent, high-quality yield grow after grow. And you want lighting that will make it easy to get great results with a healthy and vigorous plant response.

After doing your research, you may be confused with all of the different shapes, colors, and sizes of lighting options out there. You may wonder how and if they’ll work for you. You’re not alone with these types of questions, and it’s why we embarked on creating the Electric Sky.

What A Wideband Color Output Does to Plant Growth

The Electric Sky 180 pulls a true 200 watts from the wall, and its wideband spectrum has been proven time and time again in side-by-side tests to achieve equal or better results than HID with 40% less power and 50% of the heat.

Yes, going with LED will save you energy, but it also presents an opportunity for us to craft a spectrum designed for incredible growth…

We don’t believe in continuing the tradition of “white” or “purple” LED grow lights. Other “full spectrum” LEDs leave out important colors, or try to achieve a spectrum that sips the least power on paper. What they neglect is that plants sense a wide range of colors in their environment to achieve their greatest potential.

The wideband spectrum used in the Electric Sky replicates some of the Sun’s infrared wavelengths for growth power, with a balanced color ratio to instruct plants to grow in a shape that maximizes yield.

With the unique high-dosage of near-infrared light, large flowers initiate sooner, vegetation grows faster, and the plant makes more efficient use of light from what is known as the Emerson Effect…

Here are more of the benefits:

  • Top-to-Bottom Plant Development (Infrared light penetrates beneath the canopy)
  • Vigorous Branching — more colas reaching towards the light! (Infrared light promotes branching)
  • Faster growth — Many of our growers see 1-2 weeks shaved off of their grow cycle
  • Bigger Leaves — Infrared light encourages larger leaves to fill your plant canopy. Bigger leaves means the “solar panels” of the plant soak up more light, leading to more growth
  • Flavorful Terpenes — Just like a well-balanced plate of food, if the plant receives a broader spectrum of light, it performs better and creates more terpenes

The growth powered by Electric Sky will “wow” you and put fun into your indoor garden. You’ll see as your plants respond quickly to the single spectrum from seed through flower.

There’s no need to confuse your plants by switching spectrums or swapping bulbs between veg and flower with the Electric Sky. Its spectrum is designed for maximum results in all stages of growth.

Many of our growers report accelerated growth and improved plant response just days after replacing their old lighting with the Electric Sky in their gardens.

Why Controlling “Light Direction” is Critical

An important aspect of growing with artificial lighting is sending light to where your plants are and away from places where they are not like walls or aisles…

Why waste light sending it to places where it isn’t used by your plants?

When growing with the Electric Sky, its linear lenses make directing light an easy task. They focus brightness away from your eyes and onto your plants with just enough intensity and power.

It spreads light in a “rectangular” projection pattern that’s a snug fit to any grow area. You’ll want one light for a rectangular grow area, and two lights for an equal square.

Our ES180 is a surprising performer in the indoor garden because it enables you to grow HEAVY yields in little spaces and heat-sensitive areas.

No other grow light you’ve tried has been able to fit into the small grow space you have to work with and provide the results you expect… until now. The Electric Sky 180 (ES180) is our compact 200 watt, full spectrum LED grow light panel that’s the one for you.

  • IT’S THE PERFECT FIT for your 1.5′ x 2.5′ – 2’ x 4’ grow area, whether it’s a grow tent or one of your extra closets, because it illuminates a rectangle while giving you the greatest headroom.
  • SAFE, WORRY FREE, AND EASY TO USE: No hot bulbs to deal with, just plug in and grow! The ES180 is designed to produce an intense but inviting light environment for your plants. Instead of light splashing into your eyes like other grow systems, the Electric Sky directs light downwards and towards your plants, which makes your garden a joy to maintain and display to your family & friends.
  • GIVE YOUR PLANTS THE CORRECT LIGHT INFORMATION: When plants don’t have enough infrared light, they’re “flying blind”. Other “white” or “purple” LEDs fail to provide plants with enough usable near-infrared light. The ES180 gives concentrated red & IR flower power that accelerates vegetative growth speed and encourages heavy flower weight.
  • MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HEADROOM: Near-field lighting gets our ES180 only 12-18” from your plant canopy without burning. This means you can grow GIANTS even in spaces with limited headroom. No more worrying how far grow lights should be from plants…
  • GET YIELDS EDGE-TO-EDGE & NO HOTSPOTS: Distributed LEDs and special linear lenses shine light all the way into the far corners of your garden, keeping your entire garden brighter.
  • ACHIEVE TOP-TO-BOTTOM FULL PLANT DEVELOPMENT: Electric Sky activates growth beneath the canopy with penetrating spectrum colors so you can harvest more usable product from the top to bottom of your plant.
  • PASSIVE COOLING: No moving parts to make noise or break down the road. Uses only 200 watts of energy for 400 watts of HID growing power with half the heat!
  • BUILT TO LAST: Other LED units are flimsy and fragile, or have exposed LEDs, unprotected from the residue in your plant environment or from an accidental “bump”. The Electric Sky is constructed out of a solid piece of aluminum, and its easy-to-clean lenses protect the LEDs, so you never have to worry about accidental damage to your investment…

Here’s What Growers Have to Say About the Electric Sky

“All I can say is WOW. I can’t believe the growth rates. I’ve been growing for over 20 years, the last 8 years indoors so as you can imagine I have had about every kind of light imaginable. Since I started growing with these lights I have put my m/h hps 1000 and kind k5 xl 1000 into storage. Nothing comes close to these lights. Besides the fast growth rates (knocked about 2 weeks off my flower time), my yields increased by around 20 percent, and the frost… OMG, the frost on my plants is amazing. In my honest opinion, these are the best lights on the market.” – Steven


“The Electric Sky was perfect for my grow space. I have a smaller [LED] board in my space that I need led glasses to work under. The lenses on the Electric Sky allow you to work on and see your plants without being blinded. And the lenses make for better light penetration and less light loss on the edges.” – Jay


“I was skeptical about purchasing these lights since everyone claims that their lights are the best on the market. All skepticisms were put to rest as the weeks passed. The growth rates are ridiculous! I damn near grew myself right out of the tent! Light coverage is perfect.” – Wil

You’re Not Just Getting a Grow Light

While we believe the Electric Sky is one of the finest instruments to grow your own with ease, convenience, and great enjoyment of operation, the benefits don’t just end there.

You’re protected by a full, 3 year warranty. That means if anything (yes, anything) goes wrong with your grow light we will fix it expediently for absolutely no cost.

What’s more, we truly care about your success as a grower. When you purchase your Electric Sky, you’ll be enrolled in the Electric Sky Owner’s Club where you will receive a complete grow guide for maximum results delivered to your personal e-mail inbox, with tips and tricks for every stage of your grow.

Additionally, we have an experienced support team here to help you. Instead of waiting days for a company to respond, we answer most questions from our owners in hours (and sometimes minutes during our 7AM – 5PM workdays) to ensure your growing experience is the best that it can be.

Finally, It’s Your Turn

Imagine where you’ll be in 5 years after dozens of grows under your belt. Will you be satisfied with your grow setup or will you be wondering if you should have given yourself an upgrade?

With the Electric Sky over your plants, you’ll get

  • Amazingly fast growth from seed to flower
  • Precise control of light in your garden
  • Consistent, high-quality yields harvest after harvest

The best part is that you are 100% safe to try this out for 90 days at home to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted with the results. If for some reason you’re not completely satisfied with the growth and plant response, then you can let us know – and you get all your money back.

What Does the Future of Your Garden Look Like?

If you’re still reading this, you may be eyeing the purple hue in your grow tent, feeling the heat from your HID bulb setup, or are considering starting with one of these two options, but you know there’s a better option out there.

Here’s the tough truth you probably already know — lower end LED lighting will cost less up front, but isn’t going to produce the results you truly desire, meaning you’ll have to spend even more money for an upgrade down the road.

Traditional HPS or MH bulbs will make growing a challenge with the heat, bulb replacements and expensive power bills every month.

Electric Sky 180 contains LEDs that last 50,000+ hours for over a decade of growing, so you can concentrate on caring for your plants, not on maintaining or upgrading your lighting system.

Now, it’s up to you to choose the solution that will last, regret-free for years to come.

They say that in moments of decision, destiny is formed…

What will you choose for yourself and your garden today?


Bonuses and Accessories when Purchasing with The Green Sunshine Company:

  • An “As you Grow” Email LED Grow Course with tips and tricks to maximize yield using the Electric Sky Wideband LED Grow Light
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1x Large and 1x Small Green Sunshine Co. Stickers
  • 1x Large and 1x Small Electric Sky Grow Light Stickers
  • Easy Hanging Kit:
    • 3x Wire Gripper Cables
    • 2x Metal Ratchet Rope Hangers
  • Dimming Kit For Precise Intensity Control
    • 1x Manual Dimming Knob
    • 1x Splitter Cable (for controlling multiple lights at once)
    • 1x Extension Cable (for controlling intensity at a distance)
  • Power Adapter (included for each country)
    • USA/ Canada – 1x 120V US Plug Adapter & 1x 240V US Plug Adapter
    • Australia – 1x 230V AU Plug Adapter
    • UK/Europe – 1x 230V UK Plug Adapter & 1x 230V EU Plug Adapter
  • 4 Trees Planted in US National Forests
  • 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee




Still here?

If you’re reading this now you might still be wondering about how and if the Electric Sky 180 will work for you.

If you’re the type of grower that wants to pull out 3-4 grows per year for personal use, while spending the least amount of energy and money to do so, the Electric Sky 180 will get you there and then some.

Another question you might have, is the 90-day money back thing for real?

Yes, it is. As long as you keep your original box, accessories, and packaging materials, you can send the light back to us and get 100% of your money back. We care about your success, and if for whatever reason the light or growing in general isn’t working out for you, we have your back.

What about the grow area sizes that it will work in?

  • If you have a 2×4 or any other rectangular area with the longest side over 26″ and the shortest side over 15″, 1x ES180 will fit and work well.
  • For any “square” area you’ll want to consider 2x ES180’s, although, you can always start with one in the center and expand later. For 3×3 or 4×4 areas, 2x ES180’s are ideal.
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, scroll up and click the “Recommended Configurations” tab for more layouts.

Don’t let finding the perfect light source hold you back from taking the leap of growing your own or upgrading your garden to the next level.

Take it from our owners and read the dozens of reviews sharing their success using the Electric Sky 180. You can find them by scrolling up and clicking “Reviews”.

Additional information

Weight 14.5 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 12 × 2.5 in



Input Power / Voltage
200W / 100-277V
Energy Use Per Day @ $0.15/kWh
Flower (12 hours on): $0.35 per day
Veg (18 hours on): $0.54 per day
1.65A @ 120V / 0.82A @ 240V
0-10V – Dimmer and Daisy Chain Kit Included
Heat BTU Generated 675 BTU
Spectrum: GS3 Wideband Spectrum – Continuous 400nm – 780nm response
LED Diode Count
Human Eye Appearance
2300K & 91 CRI
Photon Efficiency [300nm-780nm] 2.47 Umol/J*
Fixture Dimensions / Weight 24.5L x 12W x 2.4H in / 14.5 lbs
Power Cord Length & Type
10′ Cord – C14 Socket – Compatible with C13 Plugs and Adapters (Standard Power Cords)
Flowering Hang Distance / Coverage 18” / 1.5’x3’ – 2’x4′ area
Vegetative Hang Distance / Coverage 36” / 2’x4’ – 2.5×5′ area
Warranty 3 Years Full
Expected Fixture Lifetime 50,000+ Hours [11.4 yrs flower / 7.6 yrs veg]
Laboratory Tested Certification ETL, CSA, CE, RoHS, RCM Listed for Worldwide Use

* Efficacy is measured at board level and measured from 300-780nm . Efficiency increases as the fixture is dimmed.  Wideband diodes create near red and infrared light above 680nm, critical nutrients to plant growth.


The Electric Sky 180 projects light in a rectangular footprint with its linear lenses.  The modular design will adapt to several compact grow area sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Electric Sky work for veg and flower?

Yes, the Electric Sky’s spectrum is specifically designed for rapid growth from seed to flower.  In veg, plants will respond quickly and exhibit tight inter-nodal spacing. In flower, flowers will be dense and flavorful, with production from the top to the bottom of the plant.


Q: What does a wideband spectrum mean?

The wideband spectrum means that the Electric Sky uses special diodes that output multiple colors at once, rather than just one color each.  They are designed to output a balanced spectrum tuned just for your plants, with a color output that creates a significant amount of energy in the near-infrared range (680-740nm) that helps the plant make more efficient use of light for a satisfying growth response.


Q: What is the recommended hanging distance for the Electric Sky?

For clones, seedlings, or plants just moved under the Electric Sky, the recommended hanging height is 36-48”.  During vegetative growth, the Electric Sky can get as close as to 18-20 inches away at full power, and closer with the dimmable functionality.  In flower, the optimal hang height is 12-18 inches, but plants can get as close to 6 inches away without burning as long as they are healthy.  The combination of hang height and intensity control allows you illuminate your plants in almost any configuration.


Q: How much heat does the Electric Sky put out?

The Electric Sky puts out on average, 50% less heat than HPS systems, especially because the light itself does not heat up your plants.  A small amount of airflow will keep it cool because the entire light is made out of a heatsink.  In most grow situations, a 4 inch exhaust fan is all that is needed to cool up to 2 Electric Sky units in a grow tent.


Q: What is the maximum recommended ambient air temperature?

For still air installations with little airflow (such as a grow tent or mounted very close to the ceiling), a maximum air temperature of 85°F is recommended.  In large commercial rooms or situations with plenty of airflow, maximum air temp can get up to 90°F.  The ideal temperature for the best growth is 78-82°F.


Q: How do I clean my Electric Sky?

The LEDs are protected by the lenses on the underside of the unit.  Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses on the underside of the unit. Compressed air is the best way to remove debris from the upper side of the heatsink.


Q: Can I get my Electric Sky wet?

We do not recommend getting the Electric Sky wet.


Q: What kind of eye protection do I need?

Sunglasses are recommended when caring for your plants for eye protection. The lenses of the unit help keep light pointed downwards, away from your eyes for a comfortable growing experience. The spectrum itself looks like evening sunlight.


Q: Can I plug the Electric Sky into 120V or 240V power sources? International plugs?

Yes, using the supplied adapters, the Electric Sky will automatically operate from a voltage range of 100V – 277V.

If you order from the UK, EU, Australia we include the proper plugs for your location.

The plug on the Electric Sky is a standard C13 plug found on many appliances. A standard power cord will plug into the Electric Sky. Find an adapter that fits your country for compatibility to any AC power source by searching for “C13 power cord”


Q: What kind of guarantee do you have for results and performance?

We provide a full 90 day money back guarantee on all of our Electric Sky grow lights and a full 3 year warranty.  This means we have your back in the rare event that something goes wrong with your grow light or even if your light gets damaged in shipping.  In these cases, we will help you replace or repair the light as quickly as possible so your garden is uninterrupted.

Q: Does the Electric Sky look as bright as white LED lights?

The Electric Sky will not look as bright as regular light sources to your human eye.  Human eyes see mostly green and yellow light, and the Electric Sky outputs about half of normal green and yellow light as normal white LED lights.  The rest of the spectrum it produces is in red light (low human eye sensitivity) and infrared light (almost invisible).  For this reason, the eye will not “see” most of the colors that the Electric Sky produces, so it won’t look as bright as other light sources, but your plants will react to all of the light produced.


Q: What is BPFD or BFD?

BPF stands for Biological Photon Flux.  Normally, you will see PPF, or Photosynthetic Photon Flux.  Decades ago, it was thought that plants only used light from Blue to Red (400-700nm) for photosynthesis.  New research shows that plants use some UV (300nm-400nm) and especially Infrared or IR (700nm-800nm) for a significant growth response.  Biological Photon Flux represents the full range of color that affects plant growth (300nm-800nm) whereas Photosynthetic Photon Flux represents a limited range of color from 400nm-700nm that causes plant growth.  Because all Electric Sky LED fixtures produce a high amount of infrared colors that produce growth, they are measured in BPF to capture this light in our specifications.

176 reviews for Electric Sky 180 V3 » Wideband LED Grow Light

  1. Gary (verified owner)

    I’ve used a quite a few LED grow lights looking for ‘the one’. I came across another very successful grower using them and decided I have to try these. I won’t ever use another The Green Sunshine Company nailed it. I have found ‘The One’ and now have 3. The team are brilliant to deal with and very helpful. Thank you guys your work ethics are bang on, don’t change.

  2. Miro (verified owner)

    the best service with a professional and very serious approach, communication at a high level, I recommend this shop and its products, 1000 stars

  3. Kevin Moulard (verified owner)

    fantastic results
    Message: I am a first time grower that has for years I’ve been researching how to grow plants indoors for recreational use. After reading everything I could find on the subject and watching countless videoes on the subject I decided to give it a shot. I chose an AC Infinity 3x3ft. tent along with their 4in fan and filter combo which are extremely nice and sturdy. I chose the the ES 180v3 for my light and earth dust base and bloom for the fertilizer, which was truly the best decision of all. I have 3 plants in my tent ,GG#4,Blue Dream, and MK Ultra. under you light the plants grew quickly and beautifully. I am now 2 weeks into flowering and just cannot believe how fast the plants are growing and how many buds each plant has produced all thanks to your amazing light and fertilizer. just as you stated the light has the correct spectrum the plants require for outstanding results. using the earth dust has made this venture extremely easy with the results of it’s use outstanding. Thank you “The Green Sunshine Company ” for your outstanding products and I look forward to a long working relationship!

  4. Chad Morley (verified owner)

    The customer service with them is above anything else I have seen recently, they are courteous and professional. After reaching out to them with an issue they responded very quickly and resolved my issue with great satisfaction. I know that I will be a lifelong customer because of the way that interaction was handled. Thank yall so much!

  5. MJ (verified owner)

    Electric Sky LEDs are the absolute best grow lights on the market! Solid construction and unbelievable results! I have ran HPS and many high dollar LED brands with good results over the last 10 years or so, but nothing touches the explosive growth and massive flowering the Electric Sky LEDs are pulling, all while maintaining super frosty top shelf product quality.
    Simply put, as long as GSC is in business, I won’t consider buying another grow light brand.
    Two ES180 V2s in a 3×3 are killing it! Absolutely changed my perspective of the growth potential that is possible with LEDs.
    New ES180 V3 just went up and the increased diode count is immediately noticeable, can’t wait to see the final results. Thanks GSC!

  6. Franck Robert (verified owner)

    Après un peu plus de trois semaines d’utilisation je peux déjà dire que son efficacité est redoutable,je possède deux 180v3 et de la couleur ou l’épaisseur des feuilles et la densité générale est ne peux que constater les résultats déjà extrêmement prometteur donc je recommande vivement ce produit. reste à voir dans le temps mais la conception de la lampe inspire confiance et robustesse.bref vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés.

  7. Michael Stephens (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! After 2 weeks under the ES180 from the veg tent these 2 plants have responded wonderfully. Incredible growth and deep green color. The light is an engineering dream, compact and efficient. It’s brightness is that of a much larger light. Awesome rigging hardware included.
    There is 1 in the 3 X 3 currently but I am hoping to get the recommended second one soon and I will feel very prepared going forward being able to adjust lighting to separate, side by side canopy heights. I am also using Green Sunshine Company’s Earth Dust nutrients as well and can’t say enough about how it has simplified growing for me.
    To finally be under the Electric Sky fixture was worth the wait and investment. I am completely confident these fixtures will be relevant for years to come and not be a 6 month fad in LED lighting.

  8. Joe B (verified owner)

    I have had my Electric Sky 180 for over a year. House plants and exotic flowers alike thrive under this light. And it’s strong. At 50% brightness it’s plenty to get things growing. Going higher when the plant is still young cause stress. This light is the real deal. A true professional’s tool. Highly recommended.

  9. Brenton Willis (verified owner)

    Just arrived! Quality build! I really like this light. Cant wait to see what it can do.

  10. samuel (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service all the question’s i had were answered quickly and es180 v3 looks good can’t wait to use it. I would definitely buy from here again.

  11. BOOMB

    Really wish there were a tracking code and delivery estimation (why I knocked down the star)… you have to be patient to get one of these. After turning it on, it legit felt like the light imitates the sun, and it’s incredibly bright. You can potentially save big by using this.

  12. Alix Santiago (verified owner)

    So far so good! The customer service is second to none! Literally answered every question I had whether it be my ignorance or testimony I give 5***** for this being my first buy I can’t complain! I can only preach about the service that’s been given to me! Another review coming once I receive the two lights and turn these bad boys on!

  13. Piper

    Fantastic product and excellent customer service. I wouldn’t buy from anywhere else.

  14. Daniel (verified owner)

    Got the ES180 after window shopping for years. Great customer service, went above and beyond, and while some may say you can do better and cheaper with quantum boards, you’ll thank yourself for the optimization and the lenses if you can afford one.

  15. Andrew Tindor (verified owner)

    I bought two 180’s almost three years ago and bought a 180v3 this year. Both are great and have given awesome results. Just wanted to say my original 180’s are still working just fine with near continuous use over the years. Whether you buy a 180 or 300 rest assured these are top quality from a great company.

  16. Brian

    I’ve been growing indoors and out for more then 30 + yrs.i recitly started replacing old lights a decided to try your 180 v3 .number 1 ,the quality of construction mite be the best I’ve ever seen (and lord knows I’ve seen my share )My girls have responded like never before ,I’m expecting atlest 20 to 25 % increase in my yield. Not to mention what it’s done for my power bill lol.Cant wait to see what’s next from your company . Thanks Dan

  17. Kevin DeForest (verified owner)

    Best light out there. Didn’t know you invented it. Great job. I own 2.

  18. Loren (verified owner)

    I bought an ES180v2 to grow ah, my ahem, “plants”: tomatoes. I know that’s an off-label usage, but I had to risk it, given that heirloom tomatoes are impossible to come by during Michigan’s long winter, and grocery tomatoes taste like squash. It’s my first attempt at growing anything consumable indoors other than herbs (the actual kind), and so far so good, y’all. The ah, “plants,” look much healthier than the ones I grew outdoors this past summer.

  19. It’s grow time

    I’ve got the es 180 v2 had it for about a year now and it’s the best light I’ve had ever!
    My dream is to one day be sponsored by a great light company just like this one thanks Dan and the Green sunshine company 🤙🏽

  20. Tyler Hyatt (verified owner)

    Purchased two ES 180s for a 4×4 tent. Lights arrived on schedule, excellent packaging to keep lights safe during shipping was definitely noticed. Lights work great, don’t produce unmanageable heat whatsoever. Dense nugs. Very satisfied.

  21. Travis (verified owner)

    Love the es 180 so much i bought another.
    Now i want to get another for my veg..also i am impressed with earth easy

  22. Matt Brigner (verified owner)

    Probably one of the most efficient but overall best lights on the market… Already itching to get it V2 300… 180 v runs a 2×4 tent very efficiently at 3 ft from the pot… With the dimming capabilities it was perfect during the seed, young veg and into flowering… That is a great feature..

  23. George Christoforidis (verified owner)

    I own 2, ES 180 lights and they are the coolest little investment I’ve made. Easy to assemble right out the box. Only thing I’d change and dont know if its logistically possible, maybe cut down on some waste. For example both lights came with a plug adapter for UK and Europe. It would be cool if I can select Europe or select the acceories needed.But I’m no expert on that. Amazing product, Amazing company.

  24. Joey

    I got 2 es180 v2’s and love em. I was going to order some cheap china lights and decided on these and I’m glad I did. These lights work great, plants love the lights and don’t get hot and the customer service is awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy anything from Dan.

  25. Cody H (verified owner)

    Very happy with my ES180 and extremely satisfied with Dan and his attentiveness, any questions I had were answered promptly and helped me out a bunch. Will definitely be back for any of my grow needs!

  26. Larry Tosczak (verified owner)

    Fantastic light! This is my third LED light and by far the best. My plants love this light and I love this light!

  27. Jay (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with this light. Within three days of replacing my Viparspectra V600, I observed significant growth on all plants in veg. Absolutely incredible! I’ve found my missing link! Thank you, Green Sunshine Co.!😎

  28. NightOwl (verified owner)

    The ES 180 V2 is an amazing light. I had high hopes for this light and it exceeded my expectations. I have always used a 300 watt MH/HPS in a 2×4 tent to grow photoperiods with good results. The problem was I couldn’t start a grow until late October due to the heat/high humidity in my area and could only do one grow per season. I received this light in early July and started an autoflower grow which is just finishing. The growth in veg was explosive and the buds are frosty and dense which I didn’t really expect. I will be able to do 3 autoflower grows with this light per season due to the low heat output. I will still use the MH/HPS in a different area for photoperiods until I can afford another ES 180 V2 and then retire the old system for good. Costs to run the ES is around $15 per month. Thank you for a great product!!!

  29. James Brown (verified owner)

    I have a 180v2 and a 300v2. I get equally great results from both tbh. Obviously the 300 covers a bigger area as it’s a foot longer. These lights doubled my yield from my Blurple hell I was in previously. Also daylight/tungsten color looks less weird to your neighbors. Love these lights, They are beasts and build to last.

  30. Michael Merritt (verified owner)

    I love this light ! Replaced two inexpensive Chinese led lights off of Amazon. What a significant improvement. My plants are doing great and my yield has increased with denser high quality buds. Well worth the money, I would buy again.

  31. Kerry (verified owner)

    Amazing light, love it so much I’ll buy another!

  32. A (verified owner)

    Wow! Amazing results towards flowering with even Low fab leaves frosting up! Looking at either upgrading to a second es 180 or an es 300 ….

    On the downside comparable to other LED’s cloning and sprouting maybe a bit more challenging with these light. Maybe the spectrum might be a bit low on blues but can’t fully say since I’m not an expert yet highly recommend it for thes best results when it matters most !

  33. Josh (verified owner)

    So happy with this purchase, I couldn’t be more impressed with how well my plants are responding to this full spectrum light. The internode spacing is so tight in veg right now, which is great for my small space!

  34. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic light. All my plants — from mango trees and morning glory vines, to ginger, marigolds, and eggplant — love the range and quality of this light. Well done, Green Sunshine Company. Can’t recommend you enough!

  35. Jimmy Lundberg (verified owner)

    very good easy to handle low heat never again hps For me only 280w in totalt

  36. Mike (verified owner)

    All I can say is this light is phenomenal! The cost of running this light Is next to nothing! My plants are doing amazing I bought this project about three months ago and so far I have had zero issues very satisfied excellent customer service.

  37. Nicholas (verified owner)

    I could not be more pleased with this light. It’s efficient, easy to set up, and produces great results no matter what your growing. There are so many options out there it becomes hard to make decisions. You will not be let down by this light. It is all around a great product. Thank you green shine comp! You guys are killing it.

  38. Ray Sommer (verified owner)

    This light worked beautifully. Since I had already started my grow with an inferior light, the transition needed to be a progression of slowly turning up the intensity on the V180; which is a great feature. After a week of so, my plants grew much faster. Buds grew up to 14″ long and 3-4″ diameters. Not bad for my first grow! Thank you Dan it was well worth the money!

  39. Douglas Cavrich (verified owner)

    I would and do recommend your light to others…that about says it all.Keep up the good work & awesome service

  40. Allen Cruz (verified owner)

    The light is fantastic! My grow blew up after introducing these lights! I appreciate the follow up grow tips from Dan as well. Top notch light and service

  41. Shea Rodarmel (verified owner)

    First time growing anything, I did research on every part of the grow tent and systems that I wanted to use. The most difficult part was lightning every light maker’s claim that there lights are wattage and light spectrum is what you need. While researching lights, I needed one to fit my needs as well as the grow. ES180 was just perfect for me light weight, well built, dependable, right spectrum of light ranges, coverage area and warranty. The help and advice is top notch, the helpful email with advice and tips. Contacting help was easy and fast response, with a specialist in growing and lightning to help with all my questions, was great feeling they were dedicated to helping me, I must say you have a lifetime costumer, already planning my next grow room and electric sky lights will definitely be lighting the way.

  42. Sean H (verified owner)

    I started out with a “blurple” light that was given to me and it seemed that my 2 plants we’re growing slower the molasses moves. After days of research and reviews I decided to go with the ES180 V2. After easily setting up the light, it was like my plants were exploding! They loved it and the ES180 V2 definitely contributed to the yeild I got! Once I get a bigger tent, I’ll be purchasing a 2nd light and can’t wait!

  43. M Purdy (verified owner)

    Great Lights and Great Customer Service!

    Bought 2 ES 180’s for my 4×3 closet garden, couldn’t be happier, as I’m finishing my 1st run under these lights. Previously used a 600W HPS and generally struggled with temps in the deep summer months. This go around the temps got high but not completely out of range( It was rediculous hot out this year! ). Flower density is totally on par with the previous HPS rig at 360W which is great all around. All and all extremely happy with these units and would recommend them to anyone thinking about making the switch.

  44. Ronnie Prince (verified owner)

    love the light so far just got it was able to start my grow and hook it all up but the extension cord for the dimmer won’t work the dimmer works though grateful for that cant wait to see how long my light will last and how’ll my grow turn out so exciting

  45. Bruce geesling (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd grow. Used a Viparspectra par450 and a T5 light for the first two with good results. Decided to try the 180 and see what happened. All I can say is WOW. I used the 180 with the Viparspectra and got about double the product from my first two grows. The 180 is a fantastic light by itself. If you have a small grow tent I think you may need two lights for max effect, or just get the 300. There are a few things to look out for with this light. First, it does get hot, also, be sure to keep the tops of your plants about 12 inches below the light, they will get burned if you have the light maxed out. In conclusion, a fantastic product that is well worth the money.

  46. Ed mcclaskey (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research before buying my 180 I am so happy with it my
    Plants grow faster stronger ahead of schedule
    The 180 never stops surprising me
    Thank you for the best grow
    Light it is quality built first impressions are it’s built to last high quality
    I just love it I would never buy any other grow light except from Dan the electric sky company beyond first class service you always know we’re and when your light will arrive it’s not really any more expensive then the cheap Chinese grow lights i have owned a few not ever again the 180 and 300 are proven winners thousands of reviews from growers telling how much they love there lights you will not find that reviews anywhere on the other light companys
    I love my 180 and will buy more when needed
    No need to shop around this is the best
    You will love yours as well just buy one and be a happy grower knowing you have the best grow light is very satisfying and that’s not easy to find with any other grow light companys products

  47. Scott Durham (verified owner)

    I love my ES180 v2! You really do get what you pay for. I’m currently finishing up my first season with this light, vegetative growth is explosive, buds are dense, and trichome production is off the charts! But the thing that really takes the cake is the level of customer service Dan provides. 10/10 all around!

  48. Patrick Peach (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I first found out about these LED lights watching one of my favourite YouTubers, after watching his successful grows for years I knew I had to bite the bullet! I first purchased a ES180 v2 and couldn’t be more happy, my canopy has never been this full, everyday my plants show a noticeable difference in vegetative growth and have been rewarded with the biggest flowers I’ve harvested yet! AMAZING!

  49. lee Griffiths (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service goes above and beyond to make sure customers are completely satisfied the light is phenomenal tight buds, I’ve noticed even lower buds sites that where Defoliated where regenerating this light is truly a workhorse.. can’t complain or compare.. when you purchase this light you become a part of A family/community Who understands the importance of A good Light..

  50. Aaron A (verified owner)

    I purchased the 180 about 4 months ago and grew some of the frostiest flower I have seen. I tell everyone I know about these lights. some of them get a wordier explanation than others but I highly recommend electric sky. I learned alot with this light. I will be taking that knowledge into the next grow with a few of the 300s. My only suggestion is that if you are considering investing in electric sky go for the 300. this one just leads to the next one so save yourself some time and do it up right! Cheers-A

  51. Shane (verified owner)

    Fantastic light, saw results i didnt get from other led lights right away. Highly recommend these lights to anyone looking to take their home growing to the next step. Price is a tad steep but its worth it.

  52. Monica

    The lights are awesome and the company is even better! I couldn’t be happier with the level of customer service they provide.

  53. Kyle

    I just added my third es300 to my tents. The plants are stacked and the deepest green. Amazing product! I would recommend this light to anyone!

  54. Steve (verified owner)

    I got 2 es180s for veg and 2 es 300 for flower Dan done it right every thing to hang and go then watch the girls take off you will smile and say yes i did it

  55. Scott (verified owner)

    I purchased an ES 180v2 just over two months ago and have been running it in my 32”x32”x60” tent. While there is really nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said about these lights, I am still blown away by the results. Once I got everything dialed in and my light at full power my plants simply took off. Even at full power it runs very cool which makes it simple to maintain steady temperatures around 80 degrees. My canopy has gotten as close as 10 inches from the light without any signs of light stress, and this baby has an incredible spectrum and intense output. I have been loosely tracking my cost to run and I figure it has only cost about $12-$15 a month to run 18 hrs a day. I am about to switch over to flower and can’t wait to see the stretch. Rumour has it that it’s not uncommon for plants to triple in height under this baby so looking forward to finding out in person. Can’t say enough good things about Dan and his customer service. Attentive, will respond to your questions very quickly and the companies newsletter and email updates provide helpful information on a regular basis. I’d go 10 stars if it let me. Thanks again Dan for the amazing product.

  56. Kuan (verified owner)

    It’s easy to use and set up for a first time user! I also got a lot of useful information and growing tips from Dan which helps a lot. Really appreciate the work this team has done. Will get more light when I scaled up my growing.

  57. Ken Hotel (verified owner)

    I have tried a few other types of led lights and metal halide but by far the best investment was made by purchasing the v2 180. My yeilds have more than doubled. Easy to use set up and uses less power then most lights.

  58. Jim Campbell

    Well I just want to say if you don’t have an ES180/300 then you need to experience what you’re missing out on. I’ve used 3 other different LED brands including the sf2000 and it just doesn’t come close to what the es180 produced. The SF 2000 isn’t a bad light but at the end of the grow this es180 gave me much fatter nugs ALL the way to nearly the bottom of the plants due to the linear lens that project the light down where it needs to go and not where you don’t have plants.
    At the end of the day the Electric Sky’s will be replacing all my lights in all my rooms.
    Wish I came across these beasts earlier….

    My sf2000’s are ok but they just doesn’t produce the proper spectrum to make the plants grow like they do with my es180’s. I found the plants were picky on how far the sf2000 was from them and would stretch if it was just a little to far away unlike the es180’s and I would think that’s due to the directional light penetrating the canopy much better compared to spraying the whole room.

    I’ve only had the two 180’s for 8 weeks now and since I’m growing by clone with the same mother the end results have been the exact same except these last 8 weeks. I’m seriously just blown away with the results from these beasts. The plants were bushier with tighter node spacing but they were also taller than they normally are and not stretched by any means. I would think these would cut down on my veg times about a week bringing me into flower earlier and therefore an early harvest and who doesn’t want a quicker harvest with no loss of quality.
    At the end of the day I personally don’t think there’s a better LED on the market that will beat the ES180/300.

  59. eMJay

    Received this magical light as a gift from the wife. Although shipping was a bit of a toss up thanks to the ongoing pandemic, the team or (Dan) is a delight to be in contact with.
    So far, the ladies have been under the light for 60 hours after the germination. Both have broken ground and are looking to be loving the rays of love. I will be sure to update along the way.
    Thanks again to the wonderful team at the green sunshine co

  60. Sean (verified owner)

    This es180 is an absolute beast! Its killing it in my 3.5×3.5 tent. Love that it’s fully encased and has a protective lens for the led’s. A tad on the high side of price per watt, a bit to swallow but it’s worth every penny!
    Pull the trigger. Buy this lamp. Get the support to grow big happy healthy girls. You won’t be disappointed!

  61. Peter (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a new Grow light look no further. Lowered my electric bill, sorted heat issues I had and looking at my plants they love It as well. I’m that impressed I’m looking to get another one in the future.

  62. Mikey D (verified owner)

    got 2 180 v2s so far everything looks great ! !! hopping my bud density improves another month and a half to go

  63. Anthony F Restivo (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW. I transplanted my plants 3 weeks ago and they recommended 2 weeks of 50 % light using the dimmer than crank it up to 100%.
    After one week at 100% these plants just took off. Healthiest plants I have ever grew. The color and the rapid explosion of growth is amazing. Just an amazing product. Well worth the investment.

  64. Guillaume poiron (verified owner)

    Pour moi La meilleure lampe rapport qualité/prix. Une croissance vigoureuse et une floraison avec des têtes pleines de résine (on pourrait y faire du ski 😁).
    En voyant les résultats mon voisin vient de se la commander et je la conseille aussi à tous ceux qui ne l’on pas.

  65. Brock Boullianne (verified owner)

    The GreenSunshineCompany is the best light company out there! These lights are absolutely amazing! I spent a whole year looking and watching videos on lights and these where by far the best performing lights! I switched from 315w cmh light and it’s doesn’t compare to the electric sky! The quality of light and quality of fruits you get from your plants are second to none! Just stop looking at other lights and just buy an electric sky! I promise you would be disappointed! Plus the customer service is amazing!

  66. Erik (verified owner)

    Started my first grow with two cheap 300w LED amazon lights. switched halfway through to ONE 180w V2. The plants loved it way more, I can actually see my plants now and the temps went way down.

  67. Ricky Reames (verified owner)

    The Green Sunshine Company has used their desire to keep up with technology and their passion for indoor gardening and created a light that gives your plants everything they need and nothing that they do not. If you are shopping for a grow light buy the Electric Sky. I have more experience than I care to admit. This light will “shine” from veg through bloom to harvest. I now own two ES V2-180’s and will get another soon. This is my first grow using “Earth Dust” so far so good.

  68. Karl sunley (verified owner)

    All I can say is performance speaks for itself amazing lights upgraded to the es180 v2 about 2 months was using a mezhi 450 and a viperpectra 300 in a 0.8×0.8×1.6 grow space will never look back growth is amazing can’t wait to get another defo need a bigger space to 3 plants got really big rely fast

  69. Christopher Joyce (verified owner)

    these lights are amazing in two ways, one in the way that they perform, and the other in the way that they are built. I am so impressed with my first grow with these lights. I am using CO2 along with the lights, so being able to lower the light intensity to control my Peak temperatures is awesome.

  70. Davey (verified owner)

    Great quality and build , customer service top notch . I have 2 180’s in a 3×3 more light then I will ever need covers the whole grow space , plants are growing great !

  71. james (verified owner)

    what can I say about the electric sky 180 that you proubley already don’t know . the light is awesome . After setting it up my Auto’s went crazy .I couldn’t believe the growth rate from nothing to being done a week early. You won’t be disappointed with this light . They give you a 90 trial period . They wont be getting the light back . lol. And if you need help with anything and I mean anything the customer service is just as awesome as the light . So you have nothing to lose and buds to gain. I RECOMMMEND THE ELECTRIC SKY 180.

  72. Michelle Mckeefer

    Love the whole system it works so much better than a heat lamp and bulb

  73. Keith Young (verified owner)

    Love the light, love my electric bill. Will most definitely recommend this light to anyone I speak to lol. Looking forward to upgrading to a es300 HERE SOON!!!

  74. Logan butts (verified owner)

    Great light alittle pricey but man did it pay off for my first yeild…its a great light i def recommend if u got the extra money 💯💯💯

  75. Alexander Adamson (verified owner)

    I have had the ES180 V2 since early December. About to finish a crop. I can say with honesty, the light is VERY intense. I had a bit of a stall on my plant growth due to not realizing these are indeed strong spectrum, even for 3 week old clones:)
    Customer service is IMPECCABLE. I will not go into detail, it is more private, but mark my words:
    The Green Sunshine Company respects it’s customers 1000000% & is willing to work with you on (from my experience) ANY & EVERY way possible. Simply contsct them/stay in touch with them! Be honest with them!
    Thanks for reading! Will update my results in thr coming weeks via review #2:)

  76. herbert crowder (verified owner)

    As a new grower I did a lot of research on LED lighting. I found a lot of people telling me to spend a little more on a good quality light and I’m glad I did. My plants have bin as big as my friends who grow with traditional lights. The big difference is that I use a third the power they do. I’ll defiantly be recommending this product in the future.

  77. Pappy (verified owner)

    This ES180 light perfectly works for my 2×4 tent with two of my girls.

    I run this, two clip fans, a dehumidifier and an exhaust fan with filter all for 310 Watts from the outlet.

    I am about 5 weeks from harvest and using just soil, Earth Dust, water and this light I am BLOWN AWAY BY THE GROWTH!!!!

    The far red spectrum is no joke my friends, and the build quality on this product completely justifies the price.

    I will buy more of these lights when I master my grow and expand my footprint.

    This is the real deal folks.

  78. Pete Pequeno (verified owner)

    This has been by far the best grow light I’ve bought out of the 5 years of growing my own fruits and vegetables!!I’m so excited about this light that I plan to but the ES300 this next grow season coming. I’ve only used marshydro LEDs and I can tell you that they dont come anywhere close to the results I get from the es180. Definitely recommend this light!!

  79. Blair (verified owner)

    Running two ES 180’s in my 4×4 and the plants really seem to be thriving. I’ve learned the farther away with wideband but not too far out of reach the plants will really stretch out for those rays.
    Very little heat is let off with the proper ventilation. The dimmer control is a must have at this point. Great lights!! Excited to see what Dan and co have comin down the pipe in the future. Thanks for making an awesome product and providing top notch support even after the fact of making a purchase. Nice to feel your business is appreciated.

  80. Kavan (verified owner)

    Amazing lights, if you want to get your grow to the next level electric sky is what you need!

  81. Wojciech Szalkowski (verified owner)

    I like to thank Dan and the Electric Sky for creating such an amazing product. I bought 2xES180 to hang in my 3×3 tent. It’s my first grow ever and the lights are preforming spectacularly!!! The autoflower plants are loving it and not quiet 2 months yet and my tent is full, from wall to wall, with healthy and strong looking plants. Thank you Dan!!!

  82. Shane Wilkie (verified owner)

    I am on my second grow and this light is amazing. My buds look like they have been covered in icing sugar in both grows. I bought a couple of the cheap ‘blurple’ lights and didn’t lights. I didn’t like them from the start. When I held this light you could tell this was in a whole different league. It is Really well built.

    The best part is though is that I have asked some questions and I get a response right away. This is why I will be life long customer. Thanks GSC!

  83. Zach Cobert

    The only problem I have with this light, is that I didn’t buy a second one! I love it and my plants love it more! Thank you so much The green sunshine company!

  84. Gabriel Rosario (verified owner)

    I was completely blown away after i put my es180 over my plants they were growing so fast during the vegetative stage. Then once I put them into flower they kept a really tight node spacing during flower stretch I’m very happy with my light!

  85. Andrew Vahlbusch (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW. These lights outperform anything we have put them up against. HPS, CMH, or other LED’s don’t compare, we have two ES 180 v2’s in a 4×4 and they are perfomimg amazing. You won’t go wrong with anything coming from Dan & The Green Sunshine Company!

  86. John J Taylor (verified owner)

    I bought 2 lights, this one, and a cheaper one from a different company, that claimed to be 300 watts, so I could compare. After about 2 months into my grow I put the cheaper light back in the box and ordered the 300 watt electric sky. You get what you pay for. I’m very happy with both of my electric sky lights and am a customer for life.

  87. Maddy Bourgeois (verified owner)

    I got my first es180 v2 a few months ago and was so impressed that I picked up another during their black Friday sale. It has made a noticeable difference compared to my other light which is no slouch either! I would definitely recommend these lights!

  88. John Head (verified owner)

    I initially purchased 1 es180 and after having it for a month I quickly purchased another and now plan on getting the 300. My plants have exploded in growth. I’m blown away by the design that doesn’t hurt your eyes when your in the garden. Anyone looking for a superior full spectrum LED this is the one! And the warranty they offer is simply right up a growers alley!!

  89. Nash (verified owner)

    If MarieJane could talk she would said thank you for my choice, purchasing Electric Sky LED.
    Never saw any plant so resplendissant, so perfect, growing with ease.
    I am living in a foreigner country, where their is a 40%import taxe but, as an engineer i didn’t hesitate a second.
    Thank you Dan for giving us the opportunity to use a real balanced, well thought LED grow light such as the ES180.
    Cheers to Elecric Sky Team.

  90. Anthony Geddes (verified owner)

    Was skeptical making the switch from my regular Cree cob LEDs but upon doing research I decided on this for one of my 4*2 tents and it was amazing . I have no switched it into my big ten with a unit farm 180 philizon 1000 cree cobs x 2 a fusion Brite t8 fixture with LEDs for supplimental and a optic 4 cree as well as the es 180. The es 180 outperforms all the lights really want another one as well as an es300. Amazing light and I don’t think it.will be outperformed for a long time and even then I’m sure the es models will be upgraded and be still the top led. my buddy uses intenze natural series and after seeing mine he is considering selling those all off and switching to es. Love the customer service and the great product <3

  91. Nathaniel Garnett (Nate) (verified owner)

    What to say here. I got my ES180 for my 2×4 grow tent and it performed wonderfully. Too much so in fact, well more so to my inexperience, I burnt my first plants and stunted their growth.

    Now my second grow was with autos in my 2×4 tent but they started growing at different rates and the single ES180 was great for the canopy that was closer but the smaller autos just weren’t getting light being 20″+ away.

    I moved the ES180 into my 3×3 as a veg light and she blew that tent up! Edge to edge coverage and then some. I’ve now flipped that to flower and honestly the 180 is holding up. Won’t be producing prize winning yields but if I get a second one…I can see it.

    Will definitely be buying a second light once the money is correct and never looking back. Love this company, love the personal emails, love the grow tips, love the community that surrounds The Green Sunshine company and this line of high end LED grow lights.
    – Okie grower

  92. Larry Brodie (verified owner)

    I could see the quality right out of the box. I love the natural color both to see the plants and of course to grow them. I have Granny’s Medicine happily flowering right now, and am looking forward to a complete grow from seed to flower! The light looks great, feels great, instills confidence with its build and its easy warmth, not hot at all. I’m good for now, but who knows… someday there might be a second one in this house.

  93. Tristan Forgus (verified owner)

    Everything I thought it would be and more. Even the unboxing was a treat. Build-quality is solid and reassuring. Performance is fantastic. Quiet, cool, beautiful electric sunshine. Plants love it and so do I. I only wish I had bought this years ago instead of the half dozen over-touted under-performing pieces of crap that I was foolish enough to learn-the-hard-way with…
    Anyway, bottom line: I am definitely getting another ES-180!

  94. Eli Nixon (verified owner)

    I love my light! Just started flower and everything is very happy!!

  95. gsxrem (verified owner)

    Good sturdy light that performs just as advertised. So refreshing to see a company live up to its promises. Thanks Dan, amazing lights.

  96. Jason Underhill (verified owner)


    I’ve been growing medical cannabis for over a year now in Canada. I finally made the decision to try an ElectricSky ( 180V2 )light and I’m sure glad I did!

    Some of the main things I love about this light
    – Design/Build
    -Light penetration
    -Energy saving

    I’ve tried a few different brands of lighting and this one is at the top so far. Worth the investment!

  97. Holly

    As a first time grower, I love these lights. I got the 180 V2 for a 2×4 Gorilla tent. I just received them a week ago and I see a difference already! They arrived on time and perfectly packaged. Very easy to set up. Im so glad this was my choice and I will update as I have more to report.

  98. David Mo

    Just finished first grow with my 180 amazing grow 1 cream cookies 12.5 ounces twice my usual yield many thanks Dan

  99. Mark McConnell (verified owner)

    Stunning lights! These lights make the plants grow faster and stronger from the start. No kidding, every day the growth is noticeable. I’m still waiting for my first yield from these but all the indicators are the yield will be great.

  100. Tristen (verified owner)

    The best girl I ever used plants blast off like a rocket. We’ll be buying another one

  101. Jeremy Ellis (verified owner)

    amazing light … works better than some of my larger lights and easier on the plants and eyes the dimmer is an awesome option for smaller plants also… will be buying more and upgrading as the grow set up grows !!

  102. Nigel Baker (verified owner)

    Really high quality equipment and better than anything else out there.

  103. John (verified owner)

    I bought the Electric Sky 180 a few months ago and just started a new garden with this light. All I can say is “would you look at that”… 2 plants in a 3×5 grow area and they are taking off so fast i cant believe it. Didn’t even use any nutrients yet and the plants are so strong looking. Still using the dimmer also as not to over do things too much. Way better than the other 2 led lights I have. Definitely recommend the Electric Sky 180 as a quality grow light, well worth the investment.

  104. Beth Italia (verified owner)

    I love these lights. I am starting a lavender farm here in San Diego, CA. The lights instantly seem to nourish my tiny plants with good stuff because the leaves came to life with much more true to lavender colored leaves. That happened almost instantly. Actually I had purchased some 3 inch pots from a lavender grower and they showed up way over watered and yellowish leaves. My first ES 180 showed up just in time. New leaves started to come up and those ugly yellow leaves faded away. I love these lights. I purchased a total of 7 for my first winter of propagating so I am pretty stoked for the upcoming months. Besides that I am thinking I will be pretty warm this winter in my garage with my new lights too! Also want to mention I really appreciate Green Sunshine Company for their outstanding customer service and products and I wish them all the best in their endeavors! In this day and age its hard to find. SO thank you for making my lavender farm extra special!!!

  105. Jasmine (verified owner)

    This light is a game changer. I noticed increased yields with my first grow using it as well as I was able to use my air consider less due to this baby not giving off much heat like my previous LED lights. As of now, this is the only light I will purchase!

  106. James S. (verified owner)

    After switching to the es180 from my old lights I immediately noticed faster growth and thicker healthier stems the result are night and day I will continue to use electric sky in my future grows

  107. Don Stanton (verified owner)

    Purchased a ES180 and I have to say that I loved it so much, I bought another one. Absolutely incredible light. Also, The Green Sunshine CO. has the best costumer service I’ve encountered in a VERY long time. Keep up the good work, Dan!!

  108. G.Pougnaud (verified owner)

    The unit arrived on time in a perfect state. After a couple days under my new ES180 I can already say the plants look super happy and they are growing super fast ! Not even using full power , no exhaust fan just a little vent over the unit and the conditions are perfect ! can’t wait to see the final results 😉

  109. Chris

    this light is awesome all I can say is wow, it’s been about 4 days and growth has exploded and crystals showing all over the place, aslo I love how I can keep this light about 7″ from the canopy and allow to dim and adjust and not burn my plants WOW

  110. Brian (verified owner)

    Great light. Good on power consumption and great spectrum. Excited to see what it can do.

  111. Antonio Soto (verified owner)

    I’ve started out growing with the ES180 v1 and I have to say I’ve seen astonishing growing with my flowers. They are currently 4 ft tall and healthy. I recently purchased a ES180 v2 and I can’t wait to see the differences that will come from the V1 and V2.

  112. dylan benson (verified owner)

    Works great, kind of a yellow orange light as opposed to white light. A BIT pricey in my humble opinion.

  113. Paul Salazar (verified owner)

    great lights very efficient and run very cool compared to most leds.

  114. DF (verified owner)

    I’ve only done 1 grow with it so far, but it seems very well built, it has a nice clean balanced spectrum.

  115. Pete (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my ES180 – it took over from a 9 x array of small 18 watt LEDs and growth took off. Just recently harvested and pleased with product. Next year I want to try scrogging as I have a very limited headroom grow space.

  116. Melani Naputi (verified owner)

    I was using LED lights purchased from Home Depot and my local gardening store. My plants were getting really sick from not enough light. After purchasing the Electric Sky, they’ve recovered so well & been blooming like crazy!!!! I couldn’t believe how well it was working! It’s now almost time for harvest and buds are looking so beautiful. Seriously the best investment I’ve made for my indoor grow room. I plan on purchasing the ES300 soon! Thank you so much Dan!

  117. John (verified owner)

    This is by far the best grow light I have ever used. No more HPS. No More Blurple. No more heat issues. And the flowers, they are Kind. I’m will be getting another soon.

  118. Ricky (verified owner)

    Purchased an es180 and It’s possibly the best light you can get for your money, guaranteed! Hoping to buy 2 es300 this year!

  119. Patrick Waters (verified owner)

    Purchased a ES180 and it’s been stellar. Extremely power efficient and has been meeting my needs perfectly.

  120. Chaz H (verified owner)

    Purchased the ES180 and it has been amazing. Less power consumption and cooling requirements, the plants are happy and so am I!

  121. Rodney Taylor (verified owner)

    I’m a first time grower and after doing some research I decided to use the ES180 for 3×3 tent. I must say that I’m blown away by the results from using this light. I’d highly recommend this light and I will be purchasing the ES300 when I upgrade to a bigger tent.

  122. Alida Aiello (verified owner)

    I am a first-time grower and decided from the start that I wanted to set up my new grow tent with the best lighting possible. After scouring over tons of research of other products, I came across the Electric Sky. The reviews spoke for themselves and I decided that it made the most sense to invest in a top notch lighting system that I wouldn’t have to replace in another year. I have one es180 in a 2×4 grow tent, and I love it! It fits the space perfectly and was extremely easy to install, coming with everything you need to hang it. It doesn’t get hot to the touch so I feel safe knowing that it’s not going to overheat and cause my plants to burn, or worse, start a fire. My plants are growing almost at the same rate as a friend’s outdoor grow that was planted at the same time –
    they are looking spectacular! I’m looking forward to many years of growing with my Electric Sky!

  123. Scott copenhaver

    My girls really took off after i put them under the es180 i hva3e no complaints about this light i was a little hesitant at first but im so glad i bought this ligh and my electruc bill hasnt changed at all . i highly recommended the electric sky es180 and so does my plants

  124. Kurtis Jeffrey (verified owner)

    I can’t express enough how much this light has improved my grow….it’s insane the every day growth….can’t wait to buy another one…worth every penny….

  125. Cody (verified owner)

    After having time to see what it could do, I was blown away by the rate of growth. So far, this light has outperformed every other LED I’ve tried by far.
    Great quality product, would definitely recommend this light!

  126. Jon Kitchen (verified owner)

    Wow. My plants took off from the light they were on prior to my new Electric Sky 180 and really look fantastic right now! I saved about $30 a month on my light bill too! No joke! I will be returning soon to get another light!

  127. Chris J. (verified owner)

    Did 6 weeks of Veg, and just finished my first week of flower using my two ES 180’s. All I can say is, wow! My plants have been loving it and growing fast! I plan on purchasing a second, larger tent and putting two ES 300’s in it. These lights are the real deal! Thanks Dan!

  128. Michael B (verified owner)

    Love my es180 you can see the difference running if veg thru flower way better than a Chinese purple light quicker veg bigger yields that’s quality

  129. Ryan Pereira (verified owner)

    So Satisfied!!!! I recently just started my home grow with One Es 180 and Two ES 300’s and could not be any more excited to work in the garden!! My plants will begin their early life under the 180 and finish under the power of the 300! Thanks Dan for all your tips and advice!!

  130. Brit

    These lights work wonders. So glad I made my purchase with the sunshine company

  131. Carlos (verified owner)

    Build quality is amazing and bright wish I would have came across the electric sky sooner before buying a couple of the blurple lights. Decided to bite the bullet and buy a es180 for a 2.5 x2.5 it fits Perfect in there.The dimmer function is also great for early flower helps reduce light stress. Hopefully be also buying a es300

  132. Jeremy Cook (verified owner)

    Ordered the electric sky 180w ran 1 beside a 315w cmh growers choice and holy crap in veg 2 inches a day and flower got 1 pound a plant now I have 3 180 and 3 cmh grow 6 to 8 plants in a 5 foot by 8 foot grow space with huge plants fixing to add another

  133. Ondro

    Can’t compare with any Chinese purple LEDs. This is completely different. Spectrum is just right. Thanks very much for the effort Dan, your product is very unique and effective. Would love to thank you once personally.

  134. Daren R. and Victoria R (verified owner)

    All I can say is WOW These lights are built like a tank excellent construction , and great production , my Plants are growing in a rapid pace, I am very happy with these lights in fact when I expand in the near future I will be buying more of these lights , Yes they are a bit pricey but the old expression that Good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good applies to every thing But these awesome lights will outlast and out shine the competition by far HAPPY GROWING to all my happy friends. , I WOULD ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THESE COOL LIGHTS TO ANY ONE

  135. Justin Chang (verified owner)

    First time grower here. I have 2 ES180s in my 3×3 tent. The lights are easy to setup, easy to control, and the plants seem to be loving it. The natural light spectrum makes it a lot easier to take pictures and see in the tent (no weird purplish look). They arrived within a week (to the US) after shipping and Dan and TGSC have been extremely helpful through the whole process. Definitely a must have for smaller grow setups and I will definitely be buying the ES300 once I get more grow space.

  136. John R (verified owner)

    I am a very happy ES180 owner

    My first ever grow was 2 autoflowers in a 2×4 tent under the ES180.
    The combined yield was 12.25 oz of dried bud .
    Pretty good yield for a first grow in my opinion.

    Both the light and customer service/support are as good as it can get.
    Shipping and delivery from Green Sunshine were likewise.
    If I expand my setup, I’ll definitely get another Electric Sky.

    Highly recommended.
    Thanks Dan.

  137. Bryon Hayes (verified owner)

    This was ny first time growing indoors and im so happy i went with these lights. I just finished my first grow and let me just say that i was blown away by how big and how much yeild i got from just two lights. I achieved over a gram per watt and this was achieved by how well these lights did during veg they grew fast and very full. Dan is a great guy to deal with and will answer any questions you have. Dont think twice about buying these lights!!

  138. Sean (verified owner)

    The es180 is perfect for my 4×2 tent and my girls love it. you cant go wrong with a es. low power with great yeilds is what everyone wants and this light is it.

  139. Ryan (verified owner)

    I grew up on a farm and have a background in mechanics and electrical.
    The build quality on this light is outstanding the housing is one solid piece of cast aluminium wich acts a heat sink. There are no on off switches or fans to break, it comes with everything you need to get started.
    Literally all you have to do is hang it and plug it in to your timer and your set.
    I researched lights for months and my only complaint is that i couldn’t afford the 300, but if you’re just a personal grower like myself then this light is really all you need.
    Admittedly it was a little more than i wanted to spend but if you take a little time to figure costs you’ll see it’s much less expensive over time.
    I love this light.

  140. Botanical Bill (verified owner)

    I’ll keep it short. I bought many different lights and stopped at sky 180 and then ordered again and the second order was even better more improved then the first not only that Dan is wicked for customer service the other company charged me additional $82 to ship it across US Canadian border I thought it was the green sunshine company and when I spoke to Dan he said that should never happen I will reimburse you fully it when I dove into it wasn’t even his company I love the product, I love man, Dan you rock !
    -Hay that other light has straining red leds and the plants are not heathy the 180’s are bushy up to my armpits and want more.

  141. kevin purcell (verified owner)

    Just finishing my first grow with my Electric Sky and I love it! Growth during vegetation was terrific, and now at 9 weeks, bud size, density, & smell are all oustanding! I’m using the ES180 in an 2 x 4 tent, and it has fulfilled all my hopes! 🙂

  142. Shawn Crisman (verified owner)

    I’m a beginner grower. I started growing with a cheap 600w led that only pulls 108 watts and my plants were doing ok. I had been reading a lot about different lights and read nothing but great reviews on electric sky so I figured I would give them a shot. WOW within only a short time of having the es180 I fell in love with the rapid growth and health of my plants. I’m planning on getting another possible the es300… Thanks Dan and the Green Sunshine Co.

  143. Kara Huskey (verified owner)

    I have 1 es180 and two es300 and I do not regret investing In these lights at all! My plants love them and I love watching them grow so happy and healthy! These are some badass lights all around! I will be investing in two more es300 in the near future as well!

  144. Bulldog

    This us one gorgeous light setup! Top to bottom. High build quality and materials. Completing my 1st run under these badboys in my 40×40 growimg two beans in 8 gals using a coco mix. So far so good. A lil warm in the tent so i would recommend a lot of ventilation humidifier and co2. A light mover wouldn’t hurt. Save on overhead. Heard these compare directly to HPS in quality and quantity save for wattage, near 2:1 ratio.

  145. Josh marr (verified owner)

    Very new to indoor growing. But I knew I wasnt getting the best growth out of my cheap purple led. Found the electric sky being used by mr Canucks grow on you tube. After that I made the purchase of the es 180. Very happy with growth ive seen in veg and bloom. This will not be my last electric sky. Thanks dan.

  146. Stephen Schneider (verified owner)

    I love my es 180 and so do my girls they are blowing up with growth and I couldn’t be happier…except maybe on harvest day!!!

  147. Raheem D (verified owner)

    By far the best grow light that I’ve come across. The laws on growing changed this past October in Canada so each home can grow 4 plants. I got one es180 and have been amazed by its performance since I’ve had it going, but asides from this light being the best industrial or home growers light on the market…

  148. Bob Herndon (verified owner) the ES 180 is by far the best light I’ve used and I’ve used a lot of them if you want to see what they can do take a look at my grow page Dan is the man and I cant wait to get my hands on the ES 300

  149. Randy (verified owner)

    Wow, just Wow, Dan is the man. He sent me some stickers on request and support has been awesome. I got a es180 an yes I’m am kicking myself because I CANT stop imagining what the 300 would be doing right now. The garden is exploding like, nobody believes me until they see the photos. Great product, if you can shell out the 700 for the es300 do that. If you can’t the es180 will still blow your mind.

  150. Craig (verified owner)

    Amazing craftsmanship on this bad boy. Definitely changed my grow game positively????????. Very impressive with the performance and the results this light is getting for me. Thank you Green Sunshine Co. seriously considering getting another ????????.

  151. Mike Graham (verified owner)

    From the 1st second I opened the package I could tell that this was going to be a great light, the build quality was amazing very heavy which i love to see from a north american company. Every detail was thought out and executed, replacement of the LED’s later down the road and the heat sink is perfect. My vegetation grow what ultra fast and amazing stem diameter, flower bud outcome had terpenes off the charts. i would recommend both ES180 &ES300 to anyone that is interested in up-ping there grow game.

  152. Corey Snyder (verified owner)

    This is the perfect light for my 2×4 tent. I am running 2 tents side by side, one with es180 and other with 400 mh and the es is just blowing up the tent it’s in. All plants are 3 times larger then the other tent. All genetics are the same as are the nuitrent line. Only variable is the lighting. So so happy with my purchase.

  153. T Marsden (verified owner)

    Just move both of my ES180’s into my 4×4. Replacing two 180w cheap full spectrum LED’s. The difference is amazing. About the same as switching from CFL to cheap LED’s. I love the fact I don’t need special glasses. The last plants that I flowered under one ES180 were frosty and sticky all the way out on the fan leaves. I would recommend them to anyone.Thanks Dan can’t wait for the spectrum.

  154. Raheem Dussard (verified owner)

    I have only been using this like for about 4 days now and the amount of growth Ive seen is crazy. I have the Es 180 hanging about 30″ above my plants. it looked a bit high at first but i left it just to see what happened. My plants have been growing about a half inch to an inch each day & thats with no nutrients and just some regular Walmart soil. Not to mention this is my first ever grow so I am a complete rookie. Only thing I wish was that I had two of them. or two Es 300’s. You would never need another light ever again. But Im very satisfied

  155. Dave

    I have the es 180 and all i can say is wow.went to flower almost 2 weeks early. Ordering another very soon.

  156. Brian (verified owner)

    Dan and team have a great company going. I picked up an ES180 and unfortunately it was damaged by Fedex during shipping. Dan was very responsive and sent me out a new light ASAP! The customer service is on par with the quality of their product- excellent. Have the ES180 going in my veg tent now and plants couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to expanding my capabilities with more lights and support from Electric Sky!

  157. Bob (verified owner)

    I’ve used all different LED’s and COB’s/LED’s my ES 180 blows them away Ive never had a light with so much penetration and it saves on the power Bill if you’d like to see some results go to

  158. Daniel M Oros (verified owner)

    Cool temps, mucho light= happy plants! TLC

  159. Derek Anderson (verified owner)

    I have noticed great results and heat reduction in the month the 180 has been in use

  160. Dean (verified owner)

    I got the light quickly it looks great bright but you can still look at the light not recommend tho and my plants are really loving it. Over all a great buy and well worth the money

  161. Andrew

    Hands down the best light I have ever used. Mine is for a 2×4 tent that I was having height restrictions and air flow problems prior to using the ES180, which it couldnt be any better for. I was using the cheapo blurple amazon lights (mars I think) and they did the trick but wanted something not made in some foreign country where who knows who soldered the wiring, now I have found Electric Sky and will not go back. It has no fan so runs silent but does get pretty warm on top, a little too warm than I thought at first but that forced me to use more fans, and more fans help circulation which was my problem. Im all about stealth and keeping costs down, so running one silent 180 watt instead of 2 blurple 130ish watt lights is just great in my situation. Last but not least, it runs at true color, no more blurple lights for me, I havent said blurple so many times since I junked those stupid blurple things for the ES180. Cant wait to upgrade to bigger equipment so I can buy a couple ES300s.

  162. B-Dawg

    Man, this light is amazing and sucks at the same time! It’s really expensive, but the yield of my plants was really, really good. It’s definitely a heavy hitter! I got twice the yield compared to my 300w Viparspectra LED grow light.

  163. Div_grows (verified owner)

    This light was perfect for my grow space. Its form factor is amazing, if you have a fan in your space its basically self cooling. Also, with the 1watt LEDs spread out over 2ft, it spreads the intensity of the light more evenly over your canopy compared to a cob led which has a higher intensity right in the middle. And a lot less at the edges.

    This light also comes with lenses that focus basically all the light down directly to your plants. I also have a smaller HLG65 quantum board in my space that I need led glasses to work under. The lenses on the electric sky allow you to work on and see your plants without being blinded. And the lenses make for better light penetration and less light loss on the edges.

    -it has no fans
    -you can adjust the angle of the light easily
    -wideband spectrum with a lot of red for flowering
    -samsung diodes
    -almost white light color in grow space
    -more even spread with only 1 light

    I would highly recommend this light.

  164. rdkdan (verified owner)

    Six weeks in and I have to state, even as a relative newbie to LED growing, this is by far, the best way I could have spent my money, time and effort. The entire research and sales through into my hands hung and growing was effortless. Customer service has been absolutely among the best ever and Dan has answered some stupid questions of mine, gently and authoritatively while remaining hugely available.
    I enjoyed completely perfect shipping from The Green Sunshine Companies website and Amazon – you should check it out and inquire with any questions and get some astonishing info on the capabilities of Electric Sun in an unbiased and friendly manner – exceptional experience.
    Growth in soil with fabric, air pruning bags, has been phenomenal and totally as advertised – I even purchased another light! My 28″x28″x63″ tent is absolutely a youngsters dream and my new 28″x28″x48″ experiences full coverage and I am, so far at week six for the oldest plant, flabergasted to already be well into flower on some special numbers I ordered. I transferred three too young and they have stretched a good bit, but that was all me and they are still coming along, very well, with the two hardier seedlings being absolutely perfect and on their way to a record bumph!
    As with anything new, you will need to get used to these, but I am simply perfectly pleased with the high-performance aspects and future possibilities with this system. Price, warranty, and service with this exciting new super powerful, low wattage, wide-band LED technology – futureproof build…… It was a no-brainer for me.
    OH, by the way, I am totally biased as I have been provided with the best, SILENT, totally stylish WHITE/Green lighting system I could find, personally, with tons of useful info and supportive recommendations along the way with no dimming of that resource in the future. Do your homework and I think you will find it to all be true science, an exciting economy with no compromises and a boost to indoor agriculture at all levels. Aloha!!!

  165. Norm

    WoW, what a light, very well built, super bright and runs cool. On my 2nd grow still learning 🙂 Definitely will buy again!!

  166. David M. (verified owner)

    Using this light in my 2x4x7 tent and the results have been incredible. If your trying to decide where to spend your money than look no further. Possibly the best investment you can make. Amazing results and amazing yields!

  167. Buddy L.

    Recently bought the 180. Seedlings took off like race horses. Like the no fan design. Its the right light for my situation and will add more as i expand…

  168. S Courington (verified owner)

    I purchased the es180’s, 3 of them for my 4×4 tent and I connot believe the growth. I switched to flower earlier than I usually do and it’s a good thing because they BLEW UP in flower. My plants almost tripled in size. I have never seen growth like this. Thanks Dan, your lights are the best. Customer for life!!!

  169. Rob (verified owner)

    I have this light in a 2x4x5 tent with two autoflowers and they have grown so fast and large that no one believes me that they aren’t photoperiod plants. I’ll be getting another one in the near future.

  170. David G Pinchot (verified owner)

    I have the 2 of the ES180 in my veg room and the growth just explode under the lights. Must buy!!!!!

  171. Steven C

    I have 3 es180’s in a 4×4 tent and all I can say is WOW. I can’t believe the growth rates. I’ve been growing for over 20 years, the last 8 years indoors so as you can imagine I have had about every kind of light imaginable. Since I started growing with these lights I have put my m/h hps 1000 and kind k5 xl 1000 into storage. Nothing comes close to these lights. Besides the fast growth rates (knocked about 2 weeks off my flower time), my yields increased by around 20 percent, and the frost… OMG, the frost on my plants is amazing. In my honest opinion, these are the best lights on the market. Way to go Dan. You knocked it out of the park.

  172. Eric T.

    Fantastic lights i have the ES180 in one of my tents and it is doing an awesome job i could not be any happier lush green and very healthy plants is what this light will give you, i just flipped my plants to flower and i was able to do that a full week and half earlier than with my viparspectra PAR600 with the same exact strain.

  173. Tim Anderson

    Plants are happy, I’m happy. I will be ordering more.

  174. Juan Sandez

    I didn’t know at first if this was going to work, but I gave it shot. I am now 2 weeks ahead with the 6 plants I had under the electric sky 180 watt! I actually had 12 to begin with and split them into two rooms. The other 6 under the t 5 are about 3 to 4 times smaller. I can’t believe it.

  175. Silvia

    I would like to thank the green sunshine company for there hard work creating the es180. It is more than enough for my clones. They are growing faster than anything I have ever seen before. As far as led grow lights are concerned, the electric sky is the [email protected]#$ing best!

  176. Tom B.

    Wow I was blown away with in weeks of using the Electric Sky es180. I can’t believe how well my plants are growing. I am an amateur at best, but this makes it so much easier than other lights I have had. I just plug it in and feed the plant, and it works! The “Plants” in my 2 x 4 grow tent is very happy. The only problem I have is they are growing to big for the tent. I will be getting the 300 watt version as well. Just have to wait until this next crop is done 🙂 🙂 🙂

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