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  • New Version! Now Contains Billions of Beneficial Fungi and Bacteria
  • Grow 12+ Plants for $5 (or less) with 1x 4lb Bag of Base and 1x 4lb Bag of Boost
  • Easy To Use – Mix Into Soil Then Just Water
  • Works for Vegetative and Flowering Growth
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  • 120 Day Satisfaction or 100% Money Back
  • Plants Trees in US National Forests through National Forest Foundation

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Earth Dust is our all-natural plant nutrient designed for indoor and outdoor flowering plant growers. You can grow easily by “just adding water” to your soil for the entire growth cycle. It creates a “living soil” so your plants thrive from seedling all the way through flower and harvest. Earth Dust represents an organic dry amendment method of gardening, it’s made of a natural powder of ingredients.

Because you only need to water your soil with Earth Dust, you can concentrate on caring for your plants and getting a healthy crop “on autopilot”. Now you can grow without spending hours of your life mixing chemical nutrients, and you can do it naturally. What’s more, is you will enjoy the cleanest, most aromatic, and flavorful harvest you’ve ever experienced when a plant grows in a rich, organic web of living soil.

Product Highlights

  • All-Natural Ingredients – Mostly plant based – Safe around children and pets.
  • Packaged in kraft paper bags that are recyclable and compostable.
  • Easy to Use – Just mix the powder into soil 3 separate times – then water only.
  • Packed full of rich microbe food & contains billions of beneficial fungi and bacteria! Creates a resilient, living soil that defends against pests and diseases.
  • Rich in trace minerals and nutrients for full plant expression. Sourced from rock dust, sea-farmed kelp, and land-grown crops.
  • Soil Conditioners help balance pH and make nutrients more available in the soil. Achieved with ingredients like bat guano, worm castings, limestone, molasses, and humic acid.
  • The correct balance of N-P-K nutrients for each stage of growth:
    • Earth Dust Base (3-1-2) contains key nutrients for sustained vegetative growth. High nitrogen (N), Low Phosphorous (P), and Medium Potassium (K).
    • Earth Dust Boost (2-3-6) contains accelerated-release nutrients for powerful flowering growth. Low nitrogen (N), Medium Phosphorous (P), and High Potassium (K).
  • Re-use soil harvest after harvest by simply adding more Earth Dust Base to begin again. Create your own living soil that gets better every time it’s used.
  • Go organic, save time, and get predictable, healthy harvests.

Video Overview


Here’s How You Can Grow Without All the Hassle And Do It Naturally

Have you ever strolled around the aisles of a hydro shop or browsed an online store looking for nutrients? The options are endless, and almost all of them represent a science experiment waiting to happen.

A little bit of Bottle A & B, and maybe Bottle C & D, some pH up, some pH down, and by the end of it, you’re not sure what you’re doing to your plants.

What if you choose the wrong nutrient line and end up wasting a lot of time? And, what if it takes considerable energy for you to get the nutrient solution “just right” with every plant feeding?

All you want to do is grow healthy plants and get a predictable, high-quality harvest grow after grow.

Yes, and you want to spend the most time caring and enjoying your garden.

I myself went on this journey of discovery. Through trial and error, and dozens of nutrient lines later, I finally found “the method” that I’m going to share with you today. It’s natural. It’s easy. And above all, it saves you time, energy and money.

But first, let’s go over how traditional, synthetic nutrients work.

Why Do Traditional Nutrients Need To Be Measured, Mixed, and Adjusted Every Single Week?

Traditional nutrients that you mix into a solution are only designed to last a few days up to a single week. This is why you will see a “feeding chart” with exact ratios of nutrients that change every week.

What traditional nutrients do is they “force feed” the plant directly, bypassing how nature works.

This means your plants have no choice of what nutrients they absorb, so you have to be very careful with the amount of nutrients that you are exposing to your plants.

Too much, and you’ll end up with nutrient burn scarring the leaves of your plants. Too little, and your plant won’t have everything it needs for healthy growth, leading to deficiencies that need to be corrected.

It takes time and practice to learn and fine-tune a nutrient schedule without making a mistake. Additionally, if you want to try a different nutrient line, the learning curve starts all over again.

What’s more, is that you also have to be aware of the pH of your water, since synthetic nutrients can’t be used by your plants if these readings are incorrect. pH adjustment can take 20 minutes to ensure your nutrient solution is stable. This means more work and responsibility for you, the grower.

And since these “salt based” synthetic nutrients don’t taste very good when consumed, you’ll need to “flush out” your soil before harvest. This is so that your plant uses these byproducts up, so that you aren’t the one being exposed to them.

If you’re a beginning gardener, or even an expert, this entire process can be frustrating. And, it eats up a a lot of your time whenever you feed your plants — what if you’re having a busy day?

How Organic Gardening Means Less Work For You

Think of an outdoor garden.

Do you see your neighbor filling up large vats of water, mixing in nutrients, dipping scientific instruments measuring the pH, then dumping all of that into his garden?


Why? Because nature takes care of it.

Plants are designed to operate in a living soil. Millions of microbes (fungi and bacteria) in the soil are at work.

They break down the nutrients in the soil, and they deliver them to your plant’s roots. Your plant also benefits these micro-organisms in a symbiotic relationship. This area of balance between the soil, microbes, and roots is called “the rhizosphere”.

All of these organisms are intelligently communicating and sharing information and nutrients with each other — keeping everyone alive and happy. Nature’s balance.

What does this mean for you?

If you get your soil right, then and all you need to do is water! Mother nature takes care of the rest, just like the outdoors.

And this is why I’m writing to you and people like you about Earth Dust. It’s a nutrient solution that takes advantage of this natural process in the soil to give you, the grower, a simple method to feeding your plants.

Tell anyone that you just need to add water to your soil, and also that you can re-use your soil, they’ll say that’s impossible, but once you understand that all we need to do is to bring nature back into your personal garden it all begins to make sense…

Earth Dust As A Natural Soil Amendment and Fertilizer

We created Earth Dust with simplicity and ease of use in mind. One thing to use, and nothing else.

Earth Dust contains just the right amount of plant nutrients, soil conditioners, and microbe food to treat your soil and set the stage for healthy growth on “autopilot”.

How does it work?

Think of it as a type of dried-up compost you add to your soil. It’s derived from all sorts of earth-based material, sourced from land plants, sea plants, animals, and rock dust.

All of these ingredients work together to keep your plants happy and your soil full of life.

Earth Dust not only contains rich nutrients for your plants, but also a large amount of organic material. These ingredients slowly break down and become new and fresh soil, replicating what happens in nature.

As this happens, all you need to do is keep the soil “alive” by adding water, then the microbes do the rest, feeding your plants and keeping them happy and healthy.

What’s In it?

Instead of dyes, chemicals, manures, additives, and other stuff you might want to wear protective gloves when handling, Earth Dust contains all natural ingredients derived from the Earth in a coarse powder form.

Plant Nutrient Ingredients: Organic Wheat middlings, Organic Alfalfa meal, Organic Steamed bone meal, Organic Soybean meal, Organic Potassium sulfate, Distillers grains, Fish Meal, Organic Bat Guano, Insect Frass

Soil Conditioning Ingredients: Organic Bat Guano, Organic Limestone, Organic Worm Castings, Humic Acid, Dried Molasses, Insect Frass

Trace Mineral Ingredients: AZOMITE, Organic Limestone, Organic Kelp Meal, Fish Meal, Organic Steamed Bone Meal

Microbe Food Ingredients: Organic Wheat Middlings, Distillers Grains, Organic Worm Castings, Dried Molasses, Organic Soybean Meal

Billions of Microbes (Fungi & Bacteria) from Micraculture’s Plant Probiotics:

Bacteria – Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus subtilis

Fungi – Glomus aggregatum, Glomus mosseae, Glomus intraradices, Glomus etunicatum

Is Earth Dust Really That Easy to Use?

Sure is! Nature is doing the hard work for you.

Because you’re feeding the soil and treating it with an organic-based dry amendment, the soil is acting as a buffer to deliver the right amount of nutrients to your plants.

The microbes balance the pH of the soil for proper uptake of minerals and food that your plant needs.

All that’s needed is an organic potting soil found at any garden center to act as a home for the living microbes and a place for nature to thrive.

To use Earth Dust, simply follow these steps:

  • Vegetative Growth (1 Feeding)
    • To start your grow, mix in 3-5 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Base.
    • For best results, keep the soil moist and let sit for 2-4 weeks to “cook” and let the microbes get to work.
    • Just add water until 1 week before flower.
  • Flowering Growth (2 Feedings)
    • 1 Week before flower, “Top Dress” by sprinkling 1-3 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Boost and gently working into the top inch of soil.
    • 30 Days later, “Top Dress” again by sprinkling 2-4 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Boost.

As you can see, all that is needed are 3 separate feedings, and the rest of the time, water.

The best part is that when you’re done with your grow, you can keep the soil moist to keep it alive. When you’re ready for your next grow, re-use the soil by adding Earth Dust Base and begin the whole cycle over again.

This not only saves you money, but it also saves you the time it would take to empty out your old soil, dispose it, then go to the store, and carry back new soil home.

Now with Earth Dust, you can simply “keep it going” in your same soil for years to come — just as you would in an outdoor vegetable garden.

Our “Full Grow” Guarantee

Earth Dust comes with a full 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You will see for yourself the amazing growth by simply watering your soil with Earth Dust. Your plants in return will give you great yields harvest after harvest.

If you aren’t delighted with your harvest after 120 days, we will give you a 100% refund on the spot.

This is the “Full Grow” Guarantee. No strings attached.

In fact, we are so confident that Earth Dust will transform your growing experience by adding simplicity back into your garden that we won’t even ask for the nutrients back!

Is Earth Dust for You?

If you’re a pro grower who likes to obsess over nutrient schedules and spending time fine-tuning the perfect nutrient concoction, then Earth Dust may not be for you.

If you’re looking to adopt a method of growing that will add time back into your life, make growing easy, and doing all that naturally, Earth Dust will give you these things.

Not only that, but when your plants exist in a natural, organic growing environment, they’ll respond by providing you with the cleanest, most aromatic, flavorful product you’ve ever experienced. Obtaining the highest quality product for yourself is probably the reason you decided to “grow your own”…

Feel as we do about the promise of easy, organic growing? Then you will want to find out without delay if Earth Dust can do for you what it is doing for hundreds of growers.

So scroll up, select how much Earth Dust you need, and we will get your nutrients in the mail right away.

Can’t decide? 1x bag of Base and 1x bag of Boost will last you several grows from seed to flower.

If you’re a new grower, this is your chance to experience an easy first grow. If you’re an old pro looking for a change, this is the time to make your next grow easier.

Here’s what you and I both know, in a few grows, you’ll surely arrive. The question is, where? That’s your decision to make right now. You get to decide whether you want to grow traditionally, or the simple organic way. You get to choose where you arrive.

FAQ / Usage Guidelines

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To use Earth Dust, simply follow these steps:

  • Vegetative Growth (1 Feeding)
    • To start your grow, mix in 3-5 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Base.
    • For best results, keep the soil moist and let sit for 2-4 weeks to “cook” and let the microbes get to work.
    • Just add water until 1 week before flower.
  • Flowering Growth (2 Feedings)
    • 1 Week before flower, “Top Dress” by sprinkling 1-3 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Boost and gently working into the top inch of soil.
    • 30 Days later, “Top Dress” again by sprinkling 2-4 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Boost.

All that is needed are 3 separate feedings, and the rest of the time, water.

What Kind of Soil to Use?

It’s recommended to use a soil with some organic compounds in the soil, so that there is some “breakdown” activity and plant matter to keep your soil alive.  This type of activity makes the plant-based ingredients of Earth Dust available to your plants.

We recommend “Black Gold Natural and Organic Potting Soil” as a widely available soil to start.

If you can’t find that or you want to try something else, look for “aged forest products”, and/or “compost” in a high quality potting soil mix from your garden or hydro store.  There should be some peat moss / coco coir, and perlite in the mix for a well-draining soil.  Good brands include Fox Farms [Coco Loco, Happy Frog, Ocean Forest], Royal Gold [Mendo Mix, Basement Mix, King’s Mix], Roots Organic Potting Soil [All Mixes] and others.  Make sure the soil mix has either no added nutrients/amendments, or is lightly amended or “charged” for 1-2 weeks of growth.  If the soil is heavily amended, only use 2 Tablespoons of Earth Dust Base to start.

If you want to use 100% coco, please note this is a “soilless” medium that does not contain organic materials that break down. You may need to pay closer attention to water pH (aim for 5.8-6.5 pH) and start your soil by mixing in 3-5 tablespoons per gallon of Earth Dust Base and 1 tablespoon per gallon of Earth Dust Boost.

What Kind of Water to Use?

For optimal results, it’s recommended to use carbon filtered water from your tap.  It’s OK to use straight tap water, but it’s best to have some sort of filtration to remove particles and chemicals from your water.  Almost all city water contains chlorine and chloramine  — detrimental to the microbes in the soil.

You don’t need to pH adjust your water, especially if you carbon filter your water.  If you do pH your water, the chemicals can build up in the soil, so use them sparingly and only for a slight adjustment so that your water is below ~7.0 pH.  If you’d like to try pH correction, use organic crystals or liquid. Look for Citric acid or Potassium bicarbonate.

If you’re concerned about your water source, invest in filtration first.  If you run into problems, then consider pHing your water.

How Much Water to Use?

Your soil will perform at the best if it is kept moist so that it can stay “alive”.  Small, frequent waterings with no run-off are recommended.  You don’t need to flush your soil with Earth Dust, in fact, it’s recommended to water so that little to no “run off” (water exiting the bottom of your pot) occurs. Growers get great success with automatic “drip” feeding systems with a pump, or using Blumat carrots so that the soil maintains a consistent moisture level.


Can Earth Dust Be Used to Make a Nutrient Tea?

Yes!  Use Base during veg, and Boost if your plants are looking hungry in flower.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start with 1/4-1/8 of the nutrients you’d normally be using for your amendment feeding.  1-2 Tablespoons per plant is a good start.
    Fill a bucket or jug with water.
  2. Make sure you’re not creating the solution stronger than 1 cup or 16 tablespoons of nutrients per 1 gallon of water.  Other than that, the amount of water does not matter very much.  If you’re not sure what to do, mix about 2-4 tablespoons per gallon of water, just enough so you can easily split the water between all of your plants.
  3. Mix your nutrients into a bucket or jug of water.
  4. Shake or stir.
  5. Let sit for 24 hours.  If you can remember, keep shaking or stirring every few hours.  If you have an air stone, even better.
  6. Your nutrient solution is ready!
  7. Water your plants with the solution.  If it wasn’t enough for a normal watering, add some regular water afterwards.

Can I Recycle My Soil with  Earth Dust?

Absolutely. Your soil can be used over and over again with Earth Dust and gets better over time since the microbe community will mature and develop.  Simply remove the root ball from your previous plant, break up the soil with a hand trowel, add 2-4 tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Base, and let “cook” for 2-4 weeks.  Your soil is ready for another grow!







Countains Billions of Microbes (Fungi & Bacteria) from Micraculture’s Plant Probiotics:

Bacteria – Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus subtilis

Fungi – Glomus aggregatum, Glomus mosseae, Glomus intraradices, Glomus etunicatum


Four pounds of Earth Dust is approximately 13-16 cups of fertilizer.  Each cup of fertilizer contains 16 tablespoons.  8 ~ 13 tablespoons of fertilizer are needed per gallon of soil for each full grow, spread over 3 feedings, depending on your plant’s needs.


Earth Dust Safety Data Sheet


109 reviews for Earth Dust All-Natural Plant Nutrients

  1. matthew crandall (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff right here!!! Second grow and I’m loving the dust!!! Just switched to flower 2 weeks ago, and all ready I can see the difference from my first legit grow. Will update when grow is complete. Much love, and good vibes to you all.

  2. Mark Ramsey (verified owner)

    Background: 3 decades growing cannabis-organic , hydroponic , synthetic , indoor,greenhouse(current Earth Dust grow) , outdoor, etc . expect and get outstanding harvest 90%
    Summary: !Earth Dust is awesome , specifically quality of growth and ease of growing. Prepped media (peat-moss based ), according to directions for 2wks , planted directly into media and watered, after 3wks top-dressed with Boost(this is an auto grow with finishing times between 8-10 wks) continued to water. in three decades one of the best grows , huge plants , prodigious flowers will post images if that becomes an option
    Oh yea !COST, i didn’t mention this earlier because as a ganja farmer my primary interest is always QUALITY , that being said this is by a wide margin my most economical grow and yes my first concern is still QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY, !saved hundreds of dollars
    Final comments: ! KUDOS , I now recommend Earth Dust for all novice and experienced growers

  3. Davin (verified owner)

    Enjoyed using this product as a first time organic grower. Ordered more as I’m learning new tricks to the game. Great quality, pretty good prices.

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    So far so good. Best grow I’ve had yet. Waiting on final results before giving a 5 star review. I use recharge and mammoth P, along w plenty of worm castings, and some teas. Overall things are lush and green. I do have extremely high ph water so was recommended by the company to use an organic ph down (Hades down). Staff has been GREAT and prompt to reply and answer all my questions. GSC definitely gets a 5 star review

  5. Zachary Matthew Sturgeon (verified owner)

    I really like the simplicity of this only on my 3rd grow i have harvested i set of autos from bottle nutes and one set of autos using NLS…my third grow is seven photoperiods with earth dust and 5 autos with earthdust …my only issue is with all plants in earth dust i had magnesium deficiency which really stunted the autos but the photos were caught in time …the photos are 6 days into flower and so far so good…I think i still will use earth dust still in my 120 day guarantee but i wouldn’t want a refund.and still give 5 stars.. its still a [email protected] good product and I would recommend it

  6. Mike White (verified owner)

    I am only half halfway through the outdoor season so I can’t fully testify except for this far. Being my first run with earth dust Ive only used it on one plant and believe me the medium I’m using can’t get any more plain with zero nutrition. I mixed clean topsoil with peat and some perlite. The only thing I use other then earth dust is recharge once every two weeks. Right now my “plant” is 5 feet across and almost 5 feet tall, she is green and healthy growing about 4 inches a week. I water straight from the garden hose no pH controllers. Veg has went so far without a single issue, no deficiencies and no sign of toxicity. Flower I believe will be the big test, but if it goes as well as veg this will be where earth dust becomes a staple in all my growing for all types of plants. Very happy as of now.

  7. Brian Booth

    I am glad to start out as a new grower going organic. I let the base cook for two weeks and then remixed it and let it cook for another two weeks. It’s 3 weeks in to early veg and my 5 gallon pot is almost all filled in. When I spray neem oil on the soil I have to lift up lower branches to reach the soil. Organic is better for your health and no chemical feeding schedule.

  8. joe (verified owner)

    3rd Grow, 18-6hrs, Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze, this time.
    Ocean Forest soil, organic grown, no nutrients, only Earth Dust.
    Seeds germinated in the soil, nothing special, it is just a ‘weed’ after all.
    One Green Sunshine ES300 at full power, in Flower light is at 14-18″ high – no light burning.

    I was surprised with the first couple of sets of leaves. For both plants the ‘individual’ leaflets were +1.5inches in width making the plants looking like Indica plants. Later sets of leaves were Sativa with narrow leaflets. Interesting differences…

    Presently in 3rd week of flower, 2nd Boost application yesterday, so far everything is doing well.

  9. Frederick burdette (verified owner)

    The best thing I’ve used for growing I’m on my first round of flower but dam my plants grew quick love it

  10. Kevin (verified owner)

    earth dust base and boost are truly amazing! following Dan’s direction on it’s use has produced EXCELLENT results in conjunction with the ES 180 grow light. the ease of growing with these products was truly amazing and I highly recommend them to anyone growing their own meds. The Green Sunshine Company is the absolute leader in customer service in the entire industry!

  11. Alexis D (verified owner)

    It works, plain & simple. This product really simplified the growing process for me. Im a first time indoor grower and im seeing results. Recently flipped to flowering light cycle & added the boost . Lets see how the flowers bloom! Happy Customer, thanks Dan!

  12. Bob jones (verified owner)

    I have had a great time using earth dust I only used it for two small autos but they are turning out with trics and some good yield it’s been easy and very fun on my first run and I can’t thank green sunshine enough

  13. Neeks (verified owner)

    You guys!!!!!!

    This is literally the best grow/flower food I have ever fed to my plants!! My flowers are so fat and juicy!! I cannot wait to harvest! I have 2 weeks until harvest! Thank you! GREEN SUNSHINE COMPANY!

  14. Brian Cole (verified owner)

    I wanted to grow sustainably and organically because I realized growing is actually easier if you rely on nature to do what is necessary. Mixing nutrients was not the answer. I have been using Earth Dust for about one year and it has been perfect! The color of the leaves improved immediately after repotting plants in the soil. It’s very easy to get the right nutrients to the plant. The only effort is working the earth dust into the soil which sure beats thinking about NPK levels every time I water. I reuse the soil every time, and have had no problems in 2 or 3 rotations. I have started using deionized water, rain water, or dehumidifier water which are all pure so that there is no mineral buildup in the soil from the tap water.

    Customer Service: I ordered a 4 bags of Earth Dust Base, but they accidentally sent 2 bags of Boost instead of the Base. When I emailed them, I had a response the next morning saying that they would send 2 bags of Base as soon as possible. This company is on point on their customer service and product, and that’s why I only use ES300 lights and Earth Dust.

  15. Rich

    I’m a new grower, so this whole task has been a bit daunting. With all of the info out there, I wanted a method that was simple, repeatable, and clean. I believe I found that with Earth Dust. I’m four weeks in and have done nothing but water my plants after amending the soil with Earth Dust. The new grower groups I’m a part of have all said my plants look amazing and are growing well and fast. I will be sticking with Earth Dust for a long time.

  16. Mike Stephens (verified owner)

    Stunning results. From jazz cabbage to your household plants, it really is amazing. There are videos that cover all phases of use that answer virtually all your questions. It can amend large batches of soil or you can control single pots at a time. Mixes in as top dressing or can be applied as tea. Super simple, very effective. Like their lights, Earth Dust reveals itself to have a deeper level of understanding the possibilities of outcomes for the gardener the more it is used. Thank you Green Sunshine Company!

  17. Mark Mortimer (verified owner)

    Well it’s been one round with Earth Dust at least one plant harvested three more to go. The process of growing with Earth dust is very easy no nutes to measure just water and go.

    I do Ph my water even using Earth Dust, I pull my water from my tap from a well ( not city water ) thru the boogie blue filter into buckets with air stones and a heater my unadjusted ph is 7.2-7.4.

    As my last post was after I revived my Earth Dust I said I harvested one plant that was my Zkittlez (from )

    I will say the quality of this bud grown with Earth Dust is better then anything else I’ve grown ( I use to use Fox farms dirty dozen with all the additions) wow that was work

    The frostyniss of the bud was crazy

    The Earth dust was so easy to use that my current grow is much bigger with more plants.

    I’m getting way better quality.

    Well I’m done raving about this product if you are thinking of trying it I will say you won’t be disappointed

    Now for the issues. I want to include them here not to diss on the product but to let people know it’s not just drop a seed and go .
    The first thing I noticed was
    the knats not sure where they came from ( never had the issue using the other nutes) but follow Dan’s pest management video and you’ll be good
    The second thing I noticed is late grow Ca or Mg deficiencies. Not sure if I should amend my soil with anything ????
    I’ll figure it out.

    So in conclusion (if you made it this far). Again I say get this product
    follow the instructions
    Don’t reinvent the wheel ( don’t add things cause your use to it. ) let the product work

    On a personal note Thank you Dan for making this product.
    Marm Mortimer

  18. Dennis

    I’m a first time grower that has a tendency to overthink things. This tendency is in direct conflict with Earth Dust use. Thankfully, your staff and videos continue to provide me guidance and therapy :] thus preventing me killing the plants. A good product like Earth Dust is one thing but a good product with even better support from a knowledgeable company that produces and uses their product is at another level that stands out in todays world. I look forward to the continued support, my increase in experienced based growing knowledge, and finally enjoying the harvest. I will continue to use Earth Dust in future grows.

  19. Brian Lee (verified owner)

    My first harvest with Earthdust is hanging now and will be in jars in a couple of weeks. I had been mixing my own soil prior. What an incredible improvement in this crop in yield and quality. Never burned a plant and no deficiencies throughout the grow cycle. Super easy too. I grew Gorilla Cookies Auto from Fastbuds under 2 Electric Sky 300 V2s. Incredible bud, about as good as autoflowers get. I will be using Earthdust from now on.

  20. Robs World (verified owner)

    I have had great results I’m my garden plants love it and just water and kick back. Also great as a tea

  21. A (verified owner)

    Both are fire… I will never need to buy more soil…. Abuse and reuse…

  22. Eddie S

    I’ve been using The Earth Dust Product for over a month. Great results for my garden. I’ve used in the past Products from BuildaSoil and Mr Green B’s from the Soil King. Your product ranks up their with theirs and cost less. Thanks

  23. Mark Mortimer (verified owner)

    Well I just received my Earth Dust today and started the “cooking “ process
    The I have grown with the use of fox farms dirty dozen in the past looking for a way to reuse my soil. I understand the current go with fox farms the soil is no good .
    I’m excited to see the results with your product
    I will be growing
    Blue dream
    White banner
    I will be updating this review board at the flower light switch stage so please check back here in 6 weeks

  24. Jeremy B. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my product. They make it very easy to let you focus on other things instead of mixing. The terps make it worth it! I was hesitant at first but with a little knowledge you are saving in long run and creating great medicine….

  25. Mark (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about earth dust. I started in hydro, what a mistake. Did the dance, fought the nutes and ph on and on. Never went smooth but always had good medicine.
    Just placed my second order. This stuff is amazing. Its soooo easy, makes you think you know what you’re doing.
    beautiful, tasty, dense buds, yessss

  26. Jeremy (verified owner)

    As a single father who works 50 hours a week and has no time to sit and mix up nutrients Earth Dust has giving me more time to spend doing dad things. The ease and the results you get from Earth Dust has blown my mind. I use to spend hundreds of dollars and hours mixing up nutrients making sure everything is dialed in correctly to still only have issues. My last two grows have nothing more then just some good ole Earth Dust and some good water no struggle with ph up and down just water give the girls a little love and a good environment and they reward you with the best smelling and the tastiest flower you can imagine. Dan and the crew at Green Sunshine are always there to help even if you come across any issues with there products or just have a question they are always quick to give you an answer. Keep up the good work guy you definitely got a customer for life.

  27. Dream

    New to Growing, but Earth Dust is amazing, literally all you have to do is Water

  28. Kimberly T. (verified owner)

    This was my first Harvest and I am more then satisfied with the results. I only had to add Cal-mag and fish kelp fertilizer during the last 3 weeks of flower. I was able to get 4.7 Oz. From 6 bag seed plants! My flowers are so frosty they look like they were dipped in sugar. I can’t wait to start my next grow. Saving up my $ for one of these Amazing Lights! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks. But I do highly recommend that you try Earth dust and see for yourself.

  29. Travis carter (verified owner)

    I just chopped my first cannabis plant entirely grown using base and boost..but ive had humidity issues and p.m…so my yeild wasnt good…but im still getting used to the electric sky lights..they are much more powerful than my Chinese blurple lights.i do love the simplicity of the the a it ok to use brita filter water???i dont have the plumbing connection for the filter suggested in video..thanks and thanks again for the sun glasses and bovida packs..2 things i never would have bought and now will buy em when needed..happy hollidays to you and yours.

    • greensunshine

      Hi Travis. Glad you got to a successful harvest! That is what matters. Yes if you have a brita water filter that is excellent. Make sure to keep your filters fresh and if you think you need more water capacity think about a bigger solution.

  30. John Anderson (verified owner)

    What can I say but I absolutely love earth dust! I have had 3 harvests since purchasing my first order and the quality is outstanding and so much easier than trying to get the right ratio of down to earth amendments to make my living soil and in the long run a lot cheaper.

  31. janderson2902

    What can I say but I absolutely love earth dust! I have had 3 harvests since purchasing my first order and the quality is outstanding and so much easier than trying to get the right ratio of down to earth amendments to make my living soil and in the long run a lot cheaper.

  32. Christopher Bryant (verified owner)

    First time growing medically and wanted something easy to use and have good results. This product was all that and more, the support I got from the green sunshine company was amazing as well. I will be a return customer for sure highly recommend this product.

  33. Dustin Diamond (verified owner)

    My first ever dry nute run using green sunshine has been a massive success. Im currently running auto period plants snd simply using a top dressing every 3 weeks has been a massive difference in my garden. Hope to add this nutrient line to my photo periods soon. Thanks green sunshine!!!!

  34. Kevin (verified owner)

    hi again I wanted to come back and give an earth dust update. As I had said before this stuff is amazing It took nearly three weeks off of veg and one week from flower. I did make up some boost tea about week 6 of flower they never stopped growing I just wanted to give em a boost (pun intended) I wish we could add a few pictures because I can’t express in words the quality of my crop. Thank you guys/gals you’ve earned this guy’s return business

  35. Dustin Phelps (verified owner)

    Tried to switch to Earth Dust boost at the beginning of flower when I was running low on fertilizer. Had alot of early yellowing & my yeild was lacking it’s usual size. But the next run that was vegged with the Earth Dust Base improved every part of the harvest. I’ve added Alaskan fish emulsion, Rev humic acid, blackstrap molasses to the regimen. But it’s so nice only having to mix that up once a month instead of 2-3x a week. It has saved me a ton of time. Doubtful I ever switch again. Absolutely love it

  36. Ed McLendon (verified owner)

    Earth dust is exactly what I was missing! Thanks for the wonderful easy to apply product! I enjoyed learning how to improve the microbial life in my potting soil. My plants have never looked healthier!

  37. Josh clark

    I added 5 tables of base a week ago and I need to flip them to flower sooner than what I thought. Could I go ahead and add the boost even tho I added the base a week ago and flip to flower

  38. Khadija Cosby

    I’m a first time gardener, can I use Earth Dust when planting my new fruit trees in containers?

    • davidm (verified owner)

      Absolutely! You can use Earth Dust for many varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers!

  39. Randi Baker (verified owner)

    I got my earth dust after I started growing, so I used the tea method, I plan on using as directed next grow.
    Now that you know that, please know that whatever stage grower or if you just enjoy growing, this product is wonderful. It works so well that we had a bit of a catastrophe, the plants are too big (way to big)! Don’t think I’m nuts but this group of plants is happier, greener, healthier and easier to care for.

  40. Harvey McGlashan (verified owner)

    Just mixed mine up (both) in 20 gal pots. 2 yesterday. 2 today. Running 1 cindy 99,…3 peyote cookies….and 2 trainwreck. Data will come soon

  41. JR (verified owner)

    Thanks to Earth Dust, my plants look, smell, and taste wonderful. I can not wait to see how my reused soil will perform the next cycle.

  42. Steve (verified owner)

    Dan said it right easy I love it I will use it from now on with Earth Dust and the V 2 lights you are good to go with big yeilds

  43. Vincent Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Got Bottled nutes?? Throw them away! With earth dust it makes growing fun again. Growing is fun but not when you are eating through time mixing bottles and then have to ph the water. With earth dust I mixed the base with soil for the first month fed my plants straight filtered water only. Week before flowering topped with boost. That’s it! Time saving with save you money money. Its organic too! 5 stars will be ordering again soon.

  44. Kevin Banning (verified owner)

    Hello everyone… if you are looking to take off 2-3 weeks of veg time this product (Earth Dust) is for you. 32 days from potting my sprouts (seeds with tails) and I’m adding boost today. This is my 1st go with Dust and I used my previous grows Happy Frog soil. All I’ve done is added 20 tbsp base per 5 gal fabric pot and watered with hose filtered water. My girls are further along than when I’ve veged for 8 weeks and it’s been 32 days, I’m adding boost today which means I have to wait a week to switch to flower or I would switch light schedule today. I’m actually a little nervous that I waited to long to switch because of head space and I have 7′ height because I’m not in stretch and I’m getting 1/2-1 inch of growth every day with 8 head manifold. Thanks Dan and crew I’ll update this at the end of my grow.

  45. Joe (verified owner)

    I am a new grower nearing the end of my second grow with 2 autoflowers under an ES 300 and 2 autoflowers in the back yard. I started with an organic soil that was supposed to feed the plants for around a month. At 30 days I began adding a weekly Earth Dust Boost tea per Dan’s recipe. Plants all look healthy with just a bit of burn on the leaf tips. Flowers are filling out and have a nice covering of trichomes. I am using a garden hose water filter and not testing the ph levels. I appreciate that there has been little work involved with this approach.

  46. Burt

    I had some ph issues after using boost but overall still a good product at a great value. Easier to measure by weight! Base worked out awesome. I will use in my raised bed set up.

    • greensunshine

      Thanks for the feedback Burt! If you’re running into any issues with Boost, your base soil could be a little hot. This can be fixed by re-using it, or starting with a lesser-amended soil. Additionally water filtration really helps remove any pH problems, due to allowing the microbes to thrive and take care of that for you.

  47. Steve (verified owner)

    This is the first time that I’ve used the nutrients. It has been easier than the liquid ones, but even at full recommended strength, I had deficiencies. I am in mid flower and I just mixed the nutrient tea. We’ll see how it goes. I plan to use it again on the next run, I’m just going to plan the use of the tea.

    • greensunshine

      Hey Steve! Thanks for your feedback, if you’d like to send us a message at [email protected] with a picture we would be happy to help to dial in your setup, since everyone’s situation is different.

  48. Michael Sheehan (verified owner)

    Yes, recycling ,rejuvenate,and use your dirt again and again. I even use it in my tea,flowers grow exotically!! Thanks dan and ya all !! Best regards

  49. Marcos Flores (verified owner)

    This stuff has proven to be top notch amendments… My plants in soil are just so vibrant and extra lively. This year is one of my best so far. My crops are just giving and wont stop. My vegetables are looking so good and of course my BUDS ARE STACKING! The herbs are smelling and tasting better. Just want to say thanks to the green sunshine co. I have 2 electric skys 300 and with your amendments it all came together for me… Thanks for the great products. 😁

  50. Melani Naputi (verified owner)

    I wish I could add photos to my review. Using Earth Dust in this trial and the buds are amazing! I occasionally give compost tea for the strains that need a little bit more luster. There is nothing better than reusing your soil again and again. I will never spend $$ on a bag of soil again! I’ve recently started making my own compost and using dirt and woodchips around my home. Sprinkling Earth dust in my mixture seals the deal! Plants are happy, therefore I am happy. Great product 👌

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