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  • New Version! Now Contains Billions of Beneficial Fungi and Bacteria
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  • Easy To Use – Mix Into Soil Then Just Water
  • Works for Vegetative and Flowering Growth
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  • 120 Day Satisfaction or 100% Money Back
  • Plants Trees in US National Forests through National Forest Foundation

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Earth Dust is our all-natural plant nutrient designed for indoor and outdoor flowering plant growers. You can grow easily by “just adding water” to your soil for the entire growth cycle. It creates a “living soil” so your plants thrive from seedling all the way through flower and harvest. Earth Dust represents an organic dry amendment method of gardening, it’s made of a natural powder of ingredients.

Because you only need to water your soil with Earth Dust, you can concentrate on caring for your plants and getting a healthy crop “on autopilot”. Now you can grow without spending hours of your life mixing chemical nutrients, and you can do it naturally. What’s more, is you will enjoy the cleanest, most aromatic, and flavorful harvest you’ve ever experienced when a plant grows in a rich, organic web of living soil.

Product Highlights

  • All-Natural Ingredients – Mostly plant based – Safe around children and pets.
  • Packaged in kraft paper bags that are recyclable and compostable.
  • Easy to Use – Just mix the powder into soil 3 separate times – then water only.
  • Packed full of rich microbe food & contains billions of beneficial fungi and bacteria! Creates a resilient, living soil that defends against pests and diseases.
  • Rich in trace minerals and nutrients for full plant expression. Sourced from rock dust, sea-farmed kelp, and land-grown crops.
  • Soil Conditioners help balance pH and make nutrients more available in the soil. Achieved with ingredients like bat guano, worm castings, limestone, molasses, and humic acid.
  • The correct balance of N-P-K nutrients for each stage of growth:
    • Earth Dust Base (3-1-2) contains key nutrients for sustained vegetative growth. High nitrogen (N), Low Phosphorous (P), and Medium Potassium (K).
    • Earth Dust Boost (2-3-6) contains accelerated-release nutrients for powerful flowering growth. Low nitrogen (N), Medium Phosphorous (P), and High Potassium (K).
  • Re-use soil harvest after harvest by simply adding more Earth Dust Base to begin again. Create your own living soil that gets better every time it’s used.
  • Go organic, save time, and get predictable, healthy harvests.

Video Overview


Here’s How You Can Grow Without All the Hassle And Do It Naturally

Have you ever strolled around the aisles of a hydro shop or browsed an online store looking for nutrients? The options are endless, and almost all of them represent a science experiment waiting to happen.

A little bit of Bottle A & B, and maybe Bottle C & D, some pH up, some pH down, and by the end of it, you’re not sure what you’re doing to your plants.

What if you choose the wrong nutrient line and end up wasting a lot of time? And, what if it takes considerable energy for you to get the nutrient solution “just right” with every plant feeding?

All you want to do is grow healthy plants and get a predictable, high-quality harvest grow after grow.

Yes, and you want to spend the most time caring and enjoying your garden.

I myself went on this journey of discovery. Through trial and error, and dozens of nutrient lines later, I finally found “the method” that I’m going to share with you today. It’s natural. It’s easy. And above all, it saves you time, energy and money.

But first, let’s go over how traditional, synthetic nutrients work.

Why Do Traditional Nutrients Need To Be Measured, Mixed, and Adjusted Every Single Week?

Traditional nutrients that you mix into a solution are only designed to last a few days up to a single week. This is why you will see a “feeding chart” with exact ratios of nutrients that change every week.

What traditional nutrients do is they “force feed” the plant directly, bypassing how nature works.

This means your plants have no choice of what nutrients they absorb, so you have to be very careful with the amount of nutrients that you are exposing to your plants.

Too much, and you’ll end up with nutrient burn scarring the leaves of your plants. Too little, and your plant won’t have everything it needs for healthy growth, leading to deficiencies that need to be corrected.

It takes time and practice to learn and fine-tune a nutrient schedule without making a mistake. Additionally, if you want to try a different nutrient line, the learning curve starts all over again.

What’s more, is that you also have to be aware of the pH of your water, since synthetic nutrients can’t be used by your plants if these readings are incorrect. pH adjustment can take 20 minutes to ensure your nutrient solution is stable. This means more work and responsibility for you, the grower.

And since these “salt based” synthetic nutrients don’t taste very good when consumed, you’ll need to “flush out” your soil before harvest. This is so that your plant uses these byproducts up, so that you aren’t the one being exposed to them.

If you’re a beginning gardener, or even an expert, this entire process can be frustrating. And, it eats up a a lot of your time whenever you feed your plants — what if you’re having a busy day?

How Organic Gardening Means Less Work For You

Think of an outdoor garden.

Do you see your neighbor filling up large vats of water, mixing in nutrients, dipping scientific instruments measuring the pH, then dumping all of that into his garden?


Why? Because nature takes care of it.

Plants are designed to operate in a living soil. Millions of microbes (fungi and bacteria) in the soil are at work.

They break down the nutrients in the soil, and they deliver them to your plant’s roots. Your plant also benefits these micro-organisms in a symbiotic relationship. This area of balance between the soil, microbes, and roots is called “the rhizosphere”.

All of these organisms are intelligently communicating and sharing information and nutrients with each other — keeping everyone alive and happy. Nature’s balance.

What does this mean for you?

If you get your soil right, then and all you need to do is water! Mother nature takes care of the rest, just like the outdoors.

And this is why I’m writing to you and people like you about Earth Dust. It’s a nutrient solution that takes advantage of this natural process in the soil to give you, the grower, a simple method to feeding your plants.

Tell anyone that you just need to add water to your soil, and also that you can re-use your soil, they’ll say that’s impossible, but once you understand that all we need to do is to bring nature back into your personal garden it all begins to make sense…

Earth Dust As A Natural Soil Amendment and Fertilizer

We created Earth Dust with simplicity and ease of use in mind. One thing to use, and nothing else.

Earth Dust contains just the right amount of plant nutrients, soil conditioners, and microbe food to treat your soil and set the stage for healthy growth on “autopilot”.

How does it work?

Think of it as a type of dried-up compost you add to your soil. It’s derived from all sorts of earth-based material, sourced from land plants, sea plants, animals, and rock dust.

All of these ingredients work together to keep your plants happy and your soil full of life.

Earth Dust not only contains rich nutrients for your plants, but also a large amount of organic material. These ingredients slowly break down and become new and fresh soil, replicating what happens in nature.

As this happens, all you need to do is keep the soil “alive” by adding water, then the microbes do the rest, feeding your plants and keeping them happy and healthy.

What’s In it?

Instead of dyes, chemicals, manures, additives, and other stuff you might want to wear protective gloves when handling, Earth Dust contains all natural ingredients derived from the Earth in a coarse powder form.

Plant Nutrient Ingredients: Organic Wheat middlings, Organic Alfalfa meal, Organic Steamed bone meal, Organic Soybean meal, Organic Potassium sulfate, Distillers grains, Fish Meal, Organic Bat Guano, Insect Frass

Soil Conditioning Ingredients: Organic Bat Guano, Organic Limestone, Organic Worm Castings, Humic Acid, Dried Molasses, Insect Frass

Trace Mineral Ingredients: AZOMITE, Organic Limestone, Organic Kelp Meal, Fish Meal, Organic Steamed Bone Meal

Microbe Food Ingredients: Organic Wheat Middlings, Distillers Grains, Organic Worm Castings, Dried Molasses, Organic Soybean Meal

Billions of Microbes (Fungi & Bacteria) from Micraculture’s Plant Probiotics:

Bacteria – Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus subtilis

Fungi – Glomus aggregatum, Glomus mosseae, Glomus intraradices, Glomus etunicatum

Is Earth Dust Really That Easy to Use?

Sure is! Nature is doing the hard work for you.

Because you’re feeding the soil and treating it with an organic-based dry amendment, the soil is acting as a buffer to deliver the right amount of nutrients to your plants.

The microbes balance the pH of the soil for proper uptake of minerals and food that your plant needs.

All that’s needed is an organic potting soil found at any garden center to act as a home for the living microbes and a place for nature to thrive.

To use Earth Dust, simply follow these steps:

  • Vegetative Growth (1 Feeding)
    • To start your grow, mix in 3-5 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Base.
    • For best results, keep the soil moist and let sit for 2-4 weeks to “cook” and let the microbes get to work.
    • Just add water until 1 week before flower.
  • Flowering Growth (2 Feedings)
    • 1 Week before flower, “Top Dress” by sprinkling 1-3 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Boost and gently working into the top inch of soil.
    • 30 Days later, “Top Dress” again by sprinkling 2-4 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Boost.

As you can see, all that is needed are 3 separate feedings, and the rest of the time, water.

The best part is that when you’re done with your grow, you can keep the soil moist to keep it alive. When you’re ready for your next grow, re-use the soil by adding Earth Dust Base and begin the whole cycle over again.

This not only saves you money, but it also saves you the time it would take to empty out your old soil, dispose it, then go to the store, and carry back new soil home.

Now with Earth Dust, you can simply “keep it going” in your same soil for years to come — just as you would in an outdoor vegetable garden.

Our “Full Grow” Guarantee

Earth Dust comes with a full 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You will see for yourself the amazing growth by simply watering your soil with Earth Dust. Your plants in return will give you great yields harvest after harvest.

If you aren’t delighted with your harvest after 120 days, we will give you a 100% refund on the spot.

This is the “Full Grow” Guarantee. No strings attached.

In fact, we are so confident that Earth Dust will transform your growing experience by adding simplicity back into your garden that we won’t even ask for the nutrients back!

Is Earth Dust for You?

If you’re a pro grower who likes to obsess over nutrient schedules and spending time fine-tuning the perfect nutrient concoction, then Earth Dust may not be for you.

If you’re looking to adopt a method of growing that will add time back into your life, make growing easy, and doing all that naturally, Earth Dust will give you these things.

Not only that, but when your plants exist in a natural, organic growing environment, they’ll respond by providing you with the cleanest, most aromatic, flavorful product you’ve ever experienced. Obtaining the highest quality product for yourself is probably the reason you decided to “grow your own”…

Feel as we do about the promise of easy, organic growing? Then you will want to find out without delay if Earth Dust can do for you what it is doing for hundreds of growers.

So scroll up, select how much Earth Dust you need, and we will get your nutrients in the mail right away.

Can’t decide? 1x bag of Base and 1x bag of Boost will last you several grows from seed to flower.

If you’re a new grower, this is your chance to experience an easy first grow. If you’re an old pro looking for a change, this is the time to make your next grow easier.

Here’s what you and I both know, in a few grows, you’ll surely arrive. The question is, where? That’s your decision to make right now. You get to decide whether you want to grow traditionally, or the simple organic way. You get to choose where you arrive.

FAQ / Usage Guidelines

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To use Earth Dust, simply follow these steps:

  • Vegetative Growth (1 Feeding)
    • To start your grow, mix in 3-5 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Base.
    • For best results, keep the soil moist and let sit for 2-4 weeks to “cook” and let the microbes get to work.
    • Just add water until 1 week before flower.
  • Flowering Growth (2 Feedings)
    • 1 Week before flower, “Top Dress” by sprinkling 1-3 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Boost and gently working into the top inch of soil.
    • 30 Days later, “Top Dress” again by sprinkling 2-4 Tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Boost.

All that is needed are 3 separate feedings, and the rest of the time, water.

What Kind of Soil to Use?

It’s recommended to use a soil with some organic compounds in the soil, so that there is some “breakdown” activity and plant matter to keep your soil alive.  This type of activity makes the plant-based ingredients of Earth Dust available to your plants.

We recommend “Black Gold Natural and Organic Potting Soil” as a widely available soil to start.

If you can’t find that or you want to try something else, look for “aged forest products”, and/or “compost” in a high quality potting soil mix from your garden or hydro store.  There should be some peat moss / coco coir, and perlite in the mix for a well-draining soil.  Good brands include Fox Farms [Coco Loco, Happy Frog, Ocean Forest], Royal Gold [Mendo Mix, Basement Mix, King’s Mix], Roots Organic Potting Soil [All Mixes] and others.  Make sure the soil mix has either no added nutrients/amendments, or is lightly amended or “charged” for 1-2 weeks of growth.  If the soil is heavily amended, only use 2 Tablespoons of Earth Dust Base to start.

If you want to use 100% coco, please note this is a “soilless” medium that does not contain organic materials that break down. You may need to pay closer attention to water pH (aim for 5.8-6.5 pH) and start your soil by mixing in 3-5 tablespoons per gallon of Earth Dust Base and 1 tablespoon per gallon of Earth Dust Boost.

What Kind of Water to Use?

For optimal results, it’s recommended to use carbon filtered water from your tap.  It’s OK to use straight tap water, but it’s best to have some sort of filtration to remove particles and chemicals from your water.  Almost all city water contains chlorine and chloramine  — detrimental to the microbes in the soil.

You don’t need to pH adjust your water, especially if you carbon filter your water.  If you do pH your water, the chemicals can build up in the soil, so use them sparingly and only for a slight adjustment so that your water is below ~7.0 pH.  If you’d like to try pH correction, use organic crystals or liquid. Look for Citric acid or Potassium bicarbonate.

If you’re concerned about your water source, invest in filtration first.  If you run into problems, then consider pHing your water.

How Much Water to Use?

Your soil will perform at the best if it is kept moist so that it can stay “alive”.  Small, frequent waterings with no run-off are recommended.  You don’t need to flush your soil with Earth Dust, in fact, it’s recommended to water so that little to no “run off” (water exiting the bottom of your pot) occurs. Growers get great success with automatic “drip” feeding systems with a pump, or using Blumat carrots so that the soil maintains a consistent moisture level.


Can Earth Dust Be Used to Make a Nutrient Tea?

Yes!  Use Base during veg, and Boost if your plants are looking hungry in flower.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start with 1/4-1/8 of the nutrients you’d normally be using for your amendment feeding.  1-2 Tablespoons per plant is a good start.
    Fill a bucket or jug with water.
  2. Make sure you’re not creating the solution stronger than 1 cup or 16 tablespoons of nutrients per 1 gallon of water.  Other than that, the amount of water does not matter very much.  If you’re not sure what to do, mix about 2-4 tablespoons per gallon of water, just enough so you can easily split the water between all of your plants.
  3. Mix your nutrients into a bucket or jug of water.
  4. Shake or stir.
  5. Let sit for 24 hours.  If you can remember, keep shaking or stirring every few hours.  If you have an air stone, even better.
  6. Your nutrient solution is ready!
  7. Water your plants with the solution.  If it wasn’t enough for a normal watering, add some regular water afterwards.

Can I Recycle My Soil with  Earth Dust?

Absolutely. Your soil can be used over and over again with Earth Dust and gets better over time since the microbe community will mature and develop.  Simply remove the root ball from your previous plant, break up the soil with a hand trowel, add 2-4 tablespoons per gallon of soil of Earth Dust Base, and let “cook” for 2-4 weeks.  Your soil is ready for another grow!







Countains Billions of Microbes (Fungi & Bacteria) from Micraculture’s Plant Probiotics:

Bacteria – Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus subtilis

Fungi – Glomus aggregatum, Glomus mosseae, Glomus intraradices, Glomus etunicatum


Four pounds of Earth Dust is approximately 13-16 cups of fertilizer.  Each cup of fertilizer contains 16 tablespoons.  8 ~ 13 tablespoons of fertilizer are needed per gallon of soil for each full grow, spread over 3 feedings, depending on your plant’s needs.


Earth Dust Safety Data Sheet


109 reviews for Earth Dust All-Natural Plant Nutrients

  1. Jase (verified owner)

    Using the earth dust is so easy I suggest to cook soil indoors to avoid pest.. all I do is water with a hose filter … , plants are healthy and this is my best grow yet… jus got there electric skyes180v2 . Customer service is on point .. mahalo nui loa!

  2. Mike Shuman (verified owner)

    Most plants seem to be ok, but with using straight ro water still having a couple plants with magnesium deficiency and or iron. Started using Calmag with my water. Jury still out with me.

    • greensunshine

      Hi Mike, Good feedback. Yes with some soils and RO water, adding Calmag might be necessary since RO strips all minerals out. After your first grow and you re-use your soil, more amendments (and minerals) will be left over for the next grow, balancing it out.

  3. Jon stock (verified owner)

    Great product. 5 weeks into flower and they started to fade early. Just need to increase the recommended dosage especially for bushy Indica variety. Don’t skip on the dosage for the final flower feed. Also as you reuse this amended soil it should get better every time.

    • greensunshine

      Hi John glad to hear it. If you’re thee type that literally wants to do “nothing but water” we have a method called Dan’s La-Z-Man and you can check that out here:

      Scroll all the way down to the “Bonus” section. We have been testing it for a while and been really liking it.

  4. William (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the time I’ve saved not mixing bottles. I mixed with fox farm ocean forest and it was a bit hot using 4 per gallon, but I would say just right as the leaf tips burnt just a bit. To me that means it’s just right. The only problem I had was I for got the final feeding in bloom. They are still happy girls and I got a beautiful fade. I’m about a week from harvest so I will update on quality. I would love one of the sunshine lights next. One day I’ll be able to budget it. Thank you Dan the man!!

  5. Floyd J Fulton (verified owner)

    First time using earth dust and just started cooking my soil three days ago. I decided to check the soil to make sure it was still moist and noticed white fungus growing on the top of my soil. Does that mean I over watered the soil and I’m growing mold or is that a good thing?

    • greensunshine

      Hi Floyd, That’s a good thing. “Mold” is the name we give to “Fungus” growing on things we want to eat. In the soil, it’s how organic compounds get broken down into nutrients for the plants.

      Each microscopic “strand” that makes up the “fungal fuzz” on the top of your soil creates a network, and so you’re observing a natural phenomenon which is excellent for soil health. The fuzz will eventually subside on the top of the soil once the fresh material begins to break down.

  6. Cfarm (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t give anything other than 5 stars. Just got my 2nd shipment of base and boost. My plants absolutely love these nutrients and i will never switch to any other line. Explosive growth after the first few initial weeks of germination. Yes. Fungus knats are a battle. But ill take that battle to never have to ph my water again and measure out synthetic nutrients. Waste of time when you have nutrients like this that make life sooooo easy. Definitely order this product and try it if your skeptical. I will suggest ordering this to anyone who asked me what nutrients to order. Plus A+ customer service. They answer your emails in a timely manner and give advice if you need it.

  7. Ogfrostybudz (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff plants are very vigorous all through grow and no PH problems will recommend….

  8. Kurosh (verified owner)

    So my first experience with Earth Dust has been nothing short of amazing.
    I set up two, 2×4 tents with Roots Organics Original Soil and Earth Dust.
    Six, three gallon pots per tent, with a six week veg time, worked perfect.
    One with Purple Haze, and one with Blue Dream. I wasn’t expecting them to do as well as bottled nutrients. But I was more than stoked with the results.
    I’m officially off the bottle. Big thanks.

  9. Greg Ratcliff (verified owner)

    Quick shipping. Great products. Plants take off with this stuff. Just added boost 5 days ago. Bud sites are forming all over plants

  10. Yancey Williams (verified owner)

    I’ve used the dust twice and I love it it’s so much easier when it’s your first time growing but now on this second grow I’m extremely ahead and I would recommend the dust to anyone

  11. Ziggy (verified owner)

    I have been using Earth Dust for my last 3 grows with the same soil and it just keeps getting better and better.
    I’ve been growing since the 80s and I have some of the most vigorous growth I’ve ever seen with using Earth Dust and my 2 ES300’s.
    My only complaint is that I have never had fungus knats but I’ve been able to keep them at bay with yellow sticky traps and neem oil. I guess this is one of the drawbacks to using a living soil but it’s a small inconvenience compared to constantly mixing nutrients.
    Thank you Dan for making my grow the best it’s ever been.

  12. Max W (verified owner)

    Just fed my 3 week old autos in 3 gallons 9tbsp and within 3 days they have doubled in size. I have used dry amendments in the past but this makes it even easier for an affordable price. We are using this exclusively with compost teas this season. Will post a link later to our grow diary showing the results

  13. Clay M (verified owner)

    My plants absolutely LOVE Earth Dust when I amend my medium and I produce terrific yields! The only downfall is EVERY time I amend with Earth Dust I end up with bugs! I order 10 million beneficial nematodes to rid my garden of the unwanted pests. I should proactively treat I suppose but there aren’t any bugs until a week to couple weeks after amending like clockwork. I’ve sterilized my grow environments and never open my tents without having showered and changed in clean clothes every time. The product works beautifully for all its intents and purposes though. I’ll continue to order the nematodes though I wish I didn’t have to because Earth Dust is what my plants love and thrive on. (Just recently after amending i’ve had grass blades start appearing at the top of my soil so that has been interesting.)

    • greensunshine

      Hi Clay! Great to hear your excellent results with Earth Dust. Yes the one challenge with any organic soil is fungus gnats, since a living soil is full of microbial life that they like.

      Sometimes loosening the top layer of soil and then amending can exaserbate that problem. Note that fungus gnats are usually environment driven and soil driven, meaning the eggs remain dormant in the soil, or adults find their way into your environment. We’ve found that once you deal with the problem in your soil, you can re-use the soil and it’s not really a problem moving forward. You or anyone reading this may want to try these two pro-active steps:

      #1) Neem oil spray to top layer of soil — this will kill any larvae and prevent the fungus gnats from reproducing
      #2) Yellow sticky traps — this will help you determine how many adults there are and also knock down the adult population. We like cutting smaller squares of sticky traps and putting them on the tops of the soil.

      Good luck!

  14. Hunter Williams (verified owner)

    Bags came 3 days after ordering! Incredible shipping speed. Decided to use your guys’ nutrients to keep it organic for my first grow. Bags came unopened, sealed well. Great job guys. I’ll update soon with how the ladies like them 🙂


  15. Cody Farmer (verified owner)

    Just wow!!!! Amazing customer service. Will never order my nutrients anywhere else. Can not wait to get my hands on one of there lights! Very awesome company. Highly impressed

  16. Cody Farmer (verified owner)

    Was very satisfied with customer service. They answered all my emails quickly. I was super excited to get these nutrients today. Only issue I had is the base nutrients bag wasn’t threaded all the way at the top and the bag was open and spilled in the shipping box. Wasn’t a lot. Maybe 8 tablespoons

    • greensunshine

      Thanks for letting us know Cody! We’ve adjusted your order to compensate =)

  17. Armando (verified owner)

    Literally follow the instructions and you cant go wrong i love this product as a first time grower it made everything super easy and my buds are looking waaaay better than i thought recommend this to any new or advanced grower the plants love it is all i know

  18. Barry Whisenant (verified owner)

    This is a very good product plant’s will love you back

  19. Trevor

    was previously using a liquid organic food that i had to premix every morning to feed. Then upon pulling the roots after harvest I always had a salt build up. Now I ph my water and let the ladies drink. The roots never looked better. The leafs stay way greener, and the trich count exploded way earlier and just kept stacking on. My yield has also improved, bigger stalks and a cleaner feed way = Bigger Buds. I am very impressed and hooked. Plus cooking my soil now and what a money saver. I add some rice hauls and the food, water and mix. I am on my second round of reusing soil and they are still thriving (round 3 & 4 are cooking now). A big thanks to you guys/gals.

  20. Ryan Peyton (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Does wonders for my plants and also a great product to use for compost teas. I usually add organic honey or organic molasses as a catalyst which does the trick. Been in contact with the gentlemen who own the company and they have been very helpful and love giving advice. I enjoy getting the occasionally email with tips and tricks to use their products. Cheers!

  21. DblTuff Devine (verified owner)

    Great product Dan, Thank You Sir. I purchase the es180 V2 and the Earth Dust all natural plant nutrients system. I have been involved with several individuals growing medical marijuana for themselves. It’s a beginner’s dream to work with. I personally grow Autoflower in a 3 × 2 space and it works wonderfully. I have found with Autos that using about half of the recommended dose works great. It is so nice that in the hustle and bustle of this world today that there’s a product that makes growing medicine quite a bit easier and worry-free. I am on about my third run using the Earth dust nutrient system and I couldn’t be more pleased. Once again Thank yYou Sir.

  22. Glenn Johnson (verified owner)

    So my story is Simple I have 2 grows one is the closet and 1 is tent. I can grow 5 to 6 in each. I have always used bottled nutrients And most of the time I have good grows But no matter The Strain There’s always those couple of plants That can’t stay in tune And that’s what happened in my last grow Right before flower. So I got an idea instead of using the bottled nutrients for flower why don’t I try green Sun shines boost to flower these plants. I mixed in the recommended dosage to the top soil and
    In 2 weeks I could see the difference in the plants. The deficiencies In the troubling 2 were cleared up. I waited 30 days and repeated the process Along with the 2 ES 300’s I Have in the closet It wasn’t awesome gro. In fact I had to order another bag of boost for my next grow Because I had used it in the other 2 grows…lol Thank you green sunshine company I will be ordering 2 more ES 300 lights from you soon

  23. Joey (verified owner)

    Excellent amendment very easy to use thank you the green sunshine company for a great product.

  24. Mike Mathis (verified owner)

    On 2nd grow with earth dust and electric sky 300 and am very impressed. Got about 1 month to go till harvest and have 0 problems no deficiencies! If you are messing with liquid nutrients I urge you to give earth dust a try you will never go back! Also did not know you could make tea with this stuff, will try this for sure.

  25. Patsy L Falor

    Amazing results so far! Can’t wait to see buds! I’m sold on these products!

  26. G.I.JOSE

    Hi just wanted to say that this is the first time I have used dry amendments, I am currently doing my first grow with the Earth Dust product. I am totally excited to see what the amendments can do. My order came earlier than estimated which was awesome! While “cooking” the Earth Dust I noticed the “white fur”, as I said before I have never used dry amendments so I got concerned and called the customer service line to inquire if I did anything wrong. The representative that assisted me was very friendly and helpful! He gave me a little education on what to expect and how exactly the mycorrhizal fungi (white fur) will help my grow. I do have a You Tube channel reviewing my current grow using the Earth Dust amendments. Watch “G.I.JOSE” on You Tube I would like to say y’all are doing a great job and I am happy to share my results using Earth Dust and The Green Sunshine Company.

  27. Don Stanton (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Earth Dust for a few months now. I had some deficiencies throughout my grows, especially late veg and mid-flower. I use to use just the minimum suggested dosage, 1-2 tablespoons per gallon, but my girls were always hungry. I now have been getting much better results using 3 tablespoons per gallon of soil, and a tea every other week. I’m going to keep buying Earth Dust, it’s a great product and very easy to use.

    • greensunshine

      Thanks for your feedback Don — we’ve actually changed up our recommendations to the higher dosage. We learned that growers tried to use the least possible amount of nutrients so we’ve increased the ranges from 2-4 TBSP of Base (key for mixing in the soil) and 1-3 TBSP of Boost. Glad you’re happy!

  28. Carlos Gonzales (verified owner)

    I have my earth dust cooking in my soil…would this stuff be ok for seedling? Like after I pop my seeds…pit them directly in the soil with the best amendments?

    • greensunshine

      Hi Carlos — Good question. Yes it’s OK for seedlings. After you pop your seeds, have them grow in plain soil in a coco cup for a bit, then transplant to your main pot, or place directly in the main pot soil.

  29. david (verified owner)

    Just received and gotta say, really quick delivery. Cant wait to post my experience with these products…

  30. Jerrod (verified owner)

    Just recently started to use this mix. I found mold on the top of the soil. But I’m also using a new soil so I don’t know which it’s from. Has anyone else had this problem or is this the living soil coming to life ha.

    • davidm (verified owner)

      Hey Jerrod,
      That white fuzzy stuff on top of your soil is mycorrhizal fungi. This is actually good for you plants and help deliver nutrients.

  31. james

    been using base and boost since march. what iv noticed is, some of the plants get more hungry for P/K in flower so you might have to add some potassium and phosphorus to make them happy. I also use more then 1-2 Table spoons per gal pot since noticing the potassium deficiency. They are happy and healthy now.

    • greensunshine

      Hi James, Thanks for the feedback. We’ve recently changed our recommendations to 1-3 Tablespoons per gallon of soil since some plants can get much more hungry in flower. You can also make a “quick tea” by adding 1-2 tablespoons per plant in a bucket of water, stirring, then letting sit overnight. Applying the tea can help give a quick rush of nutrients to feed your hungriest plants. Another way to know if your plants have enough nutrients is watching for a small amount of tip burn. If you see none, you can give the plants a little more nutrients. We’re glad to hear you have happy and healthy plants!

  32. DenceDreams (verified owner)

    Been using Earth Dust for about 6 months. (2 grow cycles). First round went good but I didn’t use enough boost for Flower. My yield was kinda poor but that’s to be expected when trying something new. Timing is everything with dry amendments. It seems to be better to maybe overdo your amendments a little, and if you do run into deficiencies, a quick 24hr tea with Boost does the trick! So, with all that info…. my 2nd run…… GLORIOUS!!! Wow! I’m sold. Into my 3rd grow now and about to flip to Flower next week. This will be my 1st photo period grow and so far…. OMG! Been growing Autos up until now. Can’t wait to see the difference. Anyway, Happy Growing Friends and Thank You so much for all you do at the TGSC.

  33. nawlinz (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Earth Dust for about 5 months. I was one of the first to dive in. After about 2-3 grow cycles with multiple strains, this product is all I will use from here on. I use a tea every 2-3 weeks, whick I also add Earth Dust to as well. Super easy to use and I can reuse my soil. Win win!! Thanks GSC!

  34. Mich-organics (verified owner)

    I always test everything I buy before I will write a review. I love this product. High quality ingredients, makes growing much easier using this product over bottled nutrients. I put the Earth Dust as directed (maybe a little more) in my peat, coco, perlite mix. My test subjects were 1- Blue Dream and 1- Banana Kush. For 7 weeks I vegged only using aerated tap water PH’d to 6.5. Both the plants are amazing and look very healthy absolutely no issues. I’m now in week 3 of flower and just top dressed today with Boost. The plants looked so good I just decided to follow the instructions anyhow. Great Product will buy again.

  35. Frank Odom (verified owner)

    Great product.
    I have used many different lines of nutrients throughout the years.
    I will have to say the dry amendments are buy far easier / user friendly.
    Adding a compost tea ever so often is recommended. (During Flowering cycle.)
    How ever I would recommend this product to anyone.
    Great flower production as well.

    Great products guys
    Keep up the good work.
    From my stand point.

  36. ROCXY L LEMMON (verified owner)

    Works GREAT! I love the stuff and it does the job WELL!

  37. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great product plant’s looking real well.

  38. Joey (verified owner)

    I’m still fairly new to cultivating my own medicine, and as such, it’s been a learning process. Also, I believe in honest reviews to aid those in search of a certain product. So, honesty is what I’ll write.

    Started with bottled nutes as that’s what is most readily available when you start searching. Having found a dry amendment that’s available in the states, was a blessing! I’m no longer asking fellow gardeners what type of deficiencies or toxicities I’m dealing with. Amend soil before planting, top dress a week before flipping light cycle over, and once more when there’s about 5 weeks left to harvest. Super easy! I will say there seems to be some lacking of P and K during flower, but easily remedied by a compost tea every now and again. Using Urb in teas, and a watering with Recharge once in a while has kept the microbial life hard at work. Just starting my 3rd round using these amendments, and it’s been mostly smooth sailing! I feel there needs to be a little micro-managing when using these amendments, but any good gardener should be watching their crop daily, so noticing when they need something should be fairly easy! I’ll continue to use Earth Dust from here on out, and play with adding P and K to teas during mid-late flowering. All in all, great product!

    • greensunshine

      Hi Joey — Thanks so much for your feedback. Since your purchase, we’ve actually slightly altered our recommendations for using Earth Dust Base from 1-2 Tablespoons per gallon of soil to 2-4 Tablespoons per gallon of soil, since some growers did run into deficiencies by not using enough when amending their soil from the start, or were using the minimum recommended dose. We noticed that many were afraid to add the full amount recommended, fearing that it would burn plants, which is not the case with Base.

      We also have slightly adjusted our Earth Dust Base formula to include a significant proportion of Insect Frass, which is a gentle microbial stimulant, soil builder and food source for plants. This also creates a gentle nutrient mix allowing a higher amount to be added to the soil. This means the nutrition can sustain longer through flower.

      I hope this information was helpful to you and we appreciate your feedback, always working to improve our products for your growing success.

  39. Tyson Stephic (verified owner)

    The time you save not measuring chemicals everyday is worth the investment itself. My plants love the mix, growing at a great rate and size. It’s as simple as 1,2, and 3. That’s how many times you need to add the Earthdust product to your grow. Start with the base on the beginning, add the boost 1 week before changing your light cycle to 12 on 12 off and add one more time in 30 days! That’s it! sit back and watch your grow reach for the stars!

  40. Steve (verified owner)

    I’m on my second indoor grow. Each time I try 3 plants with a different method so I can learn what works best, while getting a decent yield with what I already know. My 3 plants with earth dust are beautiful, healthy and growing well. It’s definitely easier and much less work. As to size, it’s much smaller than my plants with Mills nutrients. About 1/3. That being said, the 3 plants I’m growing with Earth Dust I will be keeping for my wife who is battling cancer, because I know it’s a clean, organic, 100% natural plant method. If I were strictly growing for profit, it would be falling a bit short to be honest. My partner is growing with it, and loves it because he has limited time and doesn’t want to bother with all the mixing and measuring. His plants look phenomenal. This may not be a raving review, but it’s honest. I’m happy with the product, and it does a very nice job.

  41. Brownred (verified owner)

    I am still a beginner with 4/5 grows. Each grow was different with different nutrients. I have the ES300 and have had good success with it. I’ve had Earth Dust Base and Boost for a while and using it for the first time now. Plants are about a month old now. Seeds were started in Solo cup with Promix HP with a hefty pinch of Base then transplanted into a 1 gallon with 2 Teaspoons Base, compost, Happy Frog. The plants are the best looking I’ve had so far at this age, they are huge, healthy and look great. Will continue to use as directed through harvest.

  42. MAC (verified owner)

    Newbie’s daydream…I’m new to growing my own meds but Earth Dust made it easier! I ultimately used Earth Dust Bloom not only as primary but also a bottom fed tea. With OMRI endorsed Foxfarm Big Bloom only, I’m having the best potency and yield ever! Make the Earth Dust tea when in bloom and watch things happen!😃💭

  43. Keith (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the ease of using these products. Plants look wonderful! Ordered 4 bags and going to order more! Havent tried making a tea from this product. However my next run im going to try it. I like the diversity with that.

  44. Brendan (PlantDaddyHQ) (verified owner)

    Ok so I was an avid synthetic nutrient user for a while as well as purple LEDs from Amazon. I bought this companies LED products and was so impressed I had to try the nutrients when they came out. I am a big fan of how much time I got back through my day by not mixing nutrients all the time, that being said I had some struggles. I have never had any pest problems in the past but I had more fungus gnats living in my soil that I could count, I found out some great remedies for getting rid of them but then I ran into issues of my plants being nutrient deficient (possibly need to give them their second round of boost earlier than 30 days into flower) I went into crackdown mode and brewed up some tea overnight which the plants LOVED giving them a good bounce back. I think I will need to invest into some more bloom organic products in the future crops as my yield was 30-40% less (which I expected based on the high quality.) Overall love these products and I cant stop recommending them to current/future growers!

    • greensunshine

      Thanks for your feedback! Once you’re able to get fungus gnats under control, they’re pretty much gone for good. Recommend keeping yellow sticky traps around to monitor adult populations, and a spray bottle of neem oil to quickly mist on the top layer of the soil will control the larvae which prevent a new round of gnats to appear.

      As far as a deficiency, yes making a tea helps bounce the plants back in flower if the soil didn’t have enough nutrients to start. Re-using your soil creates more stable results down the road as the microbial life builds up, which help reduce deficiencies by breaking down the nutrients in the soil and feeding your plants. Here’s to growing organically in living soil!

  45. Juan Perez (verified owner)

    Iv been growing for lil over a year jump straight into organic ! Earth dust best dry top dress amendments ! Plants love it ! Amazing healthy plants ! Best part is no more PHing water and buying soil !

  46. Johnathan D Malbrugh (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this product it does exactly what they say it will do only been using for a week and I can see the difference u have a customer for life

  47. Headman (verified owner)

    This have been the best I have found. I do use Recharge “microbe tea” and 1-2 times during flower I will mix the Bloom to the tea half of normal you would use in soil. It out performed my Advanced and GH and other lines of bottled nutes by a long shot. I do use rain water also.

  48. Daunte

    I’ve been growing for a few years now, using all different types of nutrients. I started of using bottle nutrients because that’s what everyone said was best (smh). Way too much work for someone like me. Then I found dry amendments by watching YouTube videos, seemed to work a little better for me but I still couldn’t properly feed my plants. Then one of my friends bought a ES300 from The Green Sunshine co. and as a treat they sent him a free test pack of the Earth Dust! I was super happy because he grows hydro! Witch meant the Earth Dust was for me lol. I was just starting some new plants so it was perfect timing! Immediately I saw a difference in my plants, within the first week they had exploded and I literally wasn’t doing anything different from my previous grow. I was stoked!! I finally found what I had been looking for! No more wasting money on stuff I wasn’t sure was going to work! They offer a nice blend for veg and flower! Same simple application for both. I’m definitely using Earth Dust from now on, no need for anything else!! ???? Thank You Green Sunshine Co!

  49. Alan L Murphy (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Im new to organics and have always used bottled nutrients and started to run into issues with deficiencies and ph problems so i bought earth dust and mixed into my soil and my plants haven never been healthier. And for the price i am going to stick with earth dust for both indoor and outdoor growing… now if only i could afford an es300 lol id be in business!

  50. Eric Turner

    Been using this product for just about a full year now and it is an Excellent amendment and very easy to use , I mix it with my preferred soil and it keeps My plants very lush and green in veg then i hit them with the boost 2 weeks into flower and get beautiful solid BUds that taste amazing. I am so impressed with it that we will be using it exclusively in out annual Breeder cup this year. Thank to Geen Sunshine Company for another fantastic product at a great price

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