#4 Connoisseur-level Yields – 4×4 Tent & 2x ES300

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1x AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 844 Grow Tent | 4′ x 4′ 

2x Electric Sky ES-300 V3 LED Grow Light 

1x Cloudline S6 Inline Duct Fan w/ Adjustable Speed Controller – 6 Inch 

1x Duct Carbon Filter, Australian Charcoal, 6-Inch 

1x 6 Inch Four-Layer Ducting – 8ft & 25ft Options / 8ft Ducting 

2x Air King 6 Inch 190 CFM 2-Speed Clip-On Fan 

4x 1-Gallon Fabric Pot w/Handles (1-Pack) Black 6H x 7D 

4x 5-Gallon Fabric Pots w/Handles (1-Pack) Black 10H x 12D 

5x 14″ Clear Plastic Saucers – Each 

1x 120V Single Outlet Mechanical Timer 

1x Complete Beginner’s Guide To Growing Indoors by Mr. Grow It 

1x Happy Hydro 60mm Teflon Trimming Scissors / Single 

2x Ratcheting Light & Equipment Hangers – 1 Pair 

1x SensorPush | Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor 

1x Earth Dust Dry Amendments Base and Boost

1 review for #4 Connoisseur-level Yields – 4×4 Tent & 2x ES300

  1. Joe Cereghino (verified owner)

    I purchased the connoisseur tent kit and completed my first tent grow at the end of May 2021. All 4 plants lived to a healthy finish and I was able to harvest, dry and cure some really nice flowers. The TGSC comprehensive start to finish “how to” videos were a huge help. Without them, I’m sure it would have been a giant cluster. In addition, I received some helpful and timely consultations from David and Matthew. Thanks for providing such great customer support.

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