Episode #4 – Attain Grow Mastery With Harley Smith

Are you interested in stepping up your grow game?  Study under an expert, called by some as the “Godfather of Hydroponics”, Harley Smith has over 25 years of experience finding breakthroughs that advance the community’s ability to enhance the quality and quantity of crops with knowledge.

Harley Smith









Episode #3 – Growing Easy With Nebula Haze

Learn insider home growing tips from one of the industry’s experts, Nebula Haze.  In this episode, we talk about how to grow at home, new techniques you can try, and quick tips to grow your best.


Nebula Haze



Check out Nebula’s Website: CLICK HERE




Episode #2 – Growing Inspiration with Epic Gardening

If you’re looking for inspiration to have more fun gardening this season or start growing more plants, this new podcast episode is for you. Our guest is Kevin Espiritu from Epic Gardening.


Kevin Epic Gardening Bio Photo
Kevin of Epic Gardening


Check out Kevin’s book here: Field Guide to Urban Gardening



Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew: Click here


Episode #1 – Soil, Microbes, & Micraculture

In this episode, join us as we explore the hidden life of microbes in soil.  We’ll learn how fungi and bacteria work together with plants.  Our guest is Dr. Sarah Pellkofer, PhD, founder of a company called Micraculture.


Dr. Sarah Pellkofer, PhD, Founder of Micraculture






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