How to Grow Start to Finish Part 5: Late Flower Weekly


Now is the magic time! You’ve been so diligent with your plants, keeping them growing and healthy throughout the veg and early flower stages, and now you can really see all that labor pay off!

Late flower is generally through weeks 5 – 8 after the flip. Some strains may go 9 or 10 weeks, and sativas may even go as long 12 weeks. For the purposes of this blog, we’ll concentrate on the most common ideal. And the best way to go through this phase is by looking at what you can do for each week.



Bright lights, big colas

If you are using the Electric Sky grow lights, you’ll see that the dimmer has different settings for different skill levels. Now is the time to turn up your lights to the highest setting for your skill level. Drop the lights down, too so that you are giving your plants the most light possible.

If you’re not using a scrog net, you can also rearrange your plants now so the the biggest  colas are centered under the bright lights. Let them soak up as much light as they can.

During this week and next, you can still feed your plants’ soil, too. A nice tea would work well here, and insect frass will spur on the plants to really work on their flowers.


2. WEEK 6 – ALL OUT 

Push it!

This week is when you will really build your yields. Keep the lights bright and push the soil amendments as hard as you can. Watch the flowers for any sign of burning at the tips, and as long as they continue to grow healthily, keep pouring on the teas. Experience, especially repeated experience with a certain strain, will teach you best how much your plants need to really bulk up those colas.

We recommend you repeat the strains you grow. New things are always fun, but every strain will grow differently, and the more you work with a particular strain, the more you can dial in what it needs. Listen to your plants: they will tell you constantly what they want.



Netflix and chill!

Your plants are now your favorite streaming service. With just two weeks left to go, take a week to back off and watch the glory. You may want to raise your lights up a little. It’s also time to stop the soil amendments and tea feeding. You don’t want to overdo it at the end!



Save the flowers!

You’re in the home stretch now! You should be seeing a thick canopy full of beautiful buds glistening with trichomes. In this final week, you want to preserve that yield as it matures to its fullness.

Raise your lights up and dim them down a bit. It’s good to lower the temperature in the environment, too. This week is all about going out in style and grace.

If you’re not seeing the yield you hoped for now, then you can take the lessons you learned into your next grow. This is not the time to try pushing your plants for greater yields. You definitely don’t want to stress them out or burn them now.


You made it! You have grown your plants all the way from little seeds to luscious flower jungle! Congratulations! Now, there’s only one thing left to do…

Are you ready for harvest? Make sure you’re schedule is clear and that you’ve clicked here to learn the basics.

5 thoughts on “How to Grow Start to Finish Part 5: Late Flower Weekly

  1. Joe Reply

    If you don’t know what week to stop feeding and flush, what should you be looking for to start this step without starting it too late?

  2. Alix Reply

    Awesome videos! Loved watching the creator showing us a how to video to succeed in growing! Helped me lots! Keep it going! Second to none! I own 4 of your lights and never looking back! Sincerely Alix Santiago

  3. Robert Schmidt Reply

    Excellent job, this really helped me understand the life cycle of plants.Answers a ton of questions and had thoughts how they finish,but it this is great info to pass on ,you guys are #1 in products and education.
    Thanks for sharing with me,Rob.

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