Introducing Electric Sky Horizon

Your Next Commercial Grow Fixture, Built In North America

Ready to meet your solution for a large-scale commercial grow operation?  Settle for no less than industrial build-quality and premium components optimized for both vertical and single layer farming.  Best of all? It’s locally assembled and engineered,..


The Electric Sky Horizon is the answer to maximize the profits of your grow facility. Each fixture is modular for long-term reliability and ease of component replacement.  With a water resistant IP65 rating and full wide-band spectral output, this is a truly professional grow solution.


This investment will lower cost, maximize yield, and elevate the quality of your crops.  Gain a competitive advantage with a lighting fixture built with cutting-edge technology. When revenue is on the line, there should be no compromises made with your commercial LED lighting fixture…

Maximize the 3 Ways Lighting Can Make You Money in a Grow Operation

  • Yield – Plants demand the correct combination of light color and intensity to unlock the highest weight output for your grow operation. Our targeted wideband spectrum with UV+IR and high light output ensure plants grow to their full genetic potential.
  • Quality – When your harvest hits the marketplace, it is seen, smelled, and tasted.  What will set you apart from others?  Electric Sky Horizon contains the full UV+IR wavelengths because it maximizes terpenes (aroma) and potency. The intense light output creates dense product and bag appeal.
  • Profit (Reduce Cost) – Light degradation is the bane of any indoor grower’s existence.  Less light, less yields.  Electric Sky Horizon contains 5 protections against light degradation
    1. 90% output over 60,000 hours with the highest quality LEDs — the latest from the likes of Samsung and Osram
    2. No coating clarity degradation from sub-par LED coatings.  We use the highest quality glass lenses.
    3. Optimal thermal management with commercial-grade aluminum, wicking heat away from the LED light engines.
    4. Full IP65 Waterproof protection against Water, Sprays, and Dust.  Grow with confidence that your lighting fixture is robust, and not easily damaged.
    5. Easy-clean, transparent surface for full output from protected LED chips. Other fixtures with Bare LEDs are not able to be cleaned and are easily damaged…

Meet The Needs Of Every Grow Area from Veg to Flower


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