[3 Easy Tips] How to Fix your LED Spectrum for Flowering Plants

A quick picture of me with some of my plants… just one of my growth chambers.

Welcome!  My name is Dan, and I’m excited you’re here.

I study the science of photobiology and let me tell you, not many grow lights out there are giving your plants the colors they need… or want…

I can’t wait to share with you secrets about how plants are affected by color, how most grow lights on the market give out the wrong color, and what you can do about it without replacing your entire grow light system!

Today, we will fix the spectrum in your garden.  This means happier plants and bigger yields await…

Today is a good day to be you!

Use these tips to unlock better growth in your garden with a few simple steps — all under $100 and one is even free!  You’ve taken a solid step forward to fix your LED system’s spectrum.  Your plants will reward you!

By correcting the spectrum, you allow the plants to grow bigger and better.  Traditional LED lights starve your plants of required colors and wavelengths they expect in nature.

Sometimes the colors that common LED grow lights give out are all out of whack and your plants just “deal with it” … but aren’t growing to their full potential.

Just because your plants are staying alive and getting bigger… doesn’t mean they are thriving!  You may have bought these lights online, and of course they work, but have you experienced growth greatness?  Growing alone is hard enough as it is…why should we have to worry about light when all we are doing is trying to save power with LED?

The good news is, most of these fixes require only a small investment, and one is even free!

 After you read this, join in the conversation below and ask questions if you have any.  Feel free to post what grow light you have if you’re looking for specific advice.

I’m excited for you and your garden! Are you ready?  Let’s go.


All LED Owners – Temperature & Airflow Check!


Even though your LEDs might run nice and cool… you do need to keep those temperatures up in your grow tent to get maximum yields.

The High Pressure Sodium bulbs give out a spike of heat that plants actually love, so you’ll actually need to run your grow environment hotter than what you normally would with high pressure sodium.

This is good because letting your room get hotter means you need to use less energy cooling it!

Aim for eighty degrees, but 78-82 degrees is the sweet spot.

Because LED’s run nice and cool, it’s also important to get extra airflow over your plants, they breathe less without exposure to high heat – so be sure you have at least one clip fan blowing over the tops of your plants.


Attn: All Purple LED Light Owners With “Veg” And “Flower” Switches or Color Dials


Does your LED grow light have a “Veg” or “Flower” switch?  If so, stop turning off the  “Flower” or “Bloom” switch for veg …. unless you’re hoping to preserve a small plant in a nursery setting.

Depriving your plants of red light and dumping them with blue light will stunt their growth.  Just check out what happens to lettuce below in a scientific study when blue light % increased…

The reaction of lettuce when exposed to certain percentages of blue and green light.


They found that blue light actually stunted growth by reducing leaf size while also diminishing the rate of photosynthesis.  Crazy right?

What’s more, blue light is the color that causes the greatest stress and light burn.

If possible, run your LED light with both “Veg” and “Flower” turned on.  Back off the light to reduce the intensity, and your plants will thank you in return with vigorous growth!

If you have dimmable dials on your LEDs, during veg try keeping blue lower than what you normally would and observe the results…   Every photobiology study out there recommends Blue light to be lower than 30% for optimal results during vegetative growth for flowering plants.  If you could get that down to 15% it would be even better.

If you have Red/Blue/White switches, try your results with just “Red” and “White” turned on.  “White” actually has a lot of blue light, just enough to give what plants need so that they don’t “stretch”.

Interesting, huh?

Take a peek at your spectrum (more on that below) and use the information above to try to reduce the amount of blue, especially in your vegetative growth cycle because it will change how your plant grows and how big and fast the leaves expand.

Bigger leaves…faster growth…more harvest…

You will be blown away at the results.

During early flowering, when the leaf growth is slowing, turn on all of the channels at max power and let er’ rip.

Trust me…. I know it sounds like one of those statements on the back of a Microwavable Popcorn bag that says “Do not use your Microwave’s ‘Popcorn’ button” … but seriously… don’t use your grow light’s veg and bloom switches as they are intended.  You will end up with smaller yields.

Drop me a note below with a comment and click “Submit” with any questions and I will respond and help you “fix” your grow light’s settings! 


All Purple LED Light Owners


We’re trying to do two things with grow lights that have mostly red and blue in their spectrum…

  1. Blue Light Correction – This is the most important step to fix if your grow light has primarily blue light.  If you own a “ViparSpectra” this is definitely a step to take for you (this light is really meant for aquariums).  Try to find the manufacturer’s web page.  You’re looking for a spectrum graph.   You can also count the number of red and blue LEDs to get an idea. If there is an equal or higher amount of BLUE than RED, you’re going to want to fix that for all stages of growth.  We want blue light to be UNDER 30% and OVER 10% of the total spectrum.
  2. Full Spectrum Correction – Our goal here is to nourish plants with some full spectrum light (green/yellow) to help them thrive with more light information.  In addition, that should help your eyes out!  Adding white light will assist you in caring for your plants so you can see them in natural color.  A win-win!


My recommendation is to add a 50W Warm White LED Flood Light to your garden.  It’s about $35 with CREE LEDs, so you cannot go wrong.  Above all, it will snap most blue-heavy or red/blue spectrums into balance.  These flood lights are great to have around and I use them myself!  They are fantastic to use on their own for young seedlings and can easily be positioned into tight areas of your grow space.

Plus, the more light sources you have in your grow space, the better light penetration and spread you will have.  This means a bigger usable grow area and more growth deeper in your canopy.  What’s more, you can experiment with positioning these lights to the side and getting more angles of light sent towards your plant that will create bushier growth… Talk about an upgrade!

To start, find out how much your grow light pulls from the wall, not the advertised wattage.  For example, the Viparspectra 300W, while advertised at 300W actually pulls 136 Watts from the wall.  Be sure to find the right number.  You’ll have to search for it!

You’ll want to take Total Watts / 2 and shoot for that in your supplemental lighting.  So if Total Watts is 136, half that is about 70W.   We want about 70W of supplementary light.

If you have a ViparSpectra 300W, we’d want 1 or 2 50W Warm White LED Flood Lights for our light supplementation project.

What are you waiting for?  At such a low price to get started with just one, you can’t go wrong.



White And Purple LED Light Owners (The Best Solution)


Buy a low wattage HPS Light!  You will not regret it.  I work with production-level growers and if they are growing with LED, many of them are also supplementing with HPS bulbs.

The reason?  It works.

I know it seems counter-intuitive, but you will save MORE energy by getting GREATER YIELDS with the kind of yellow, red, and infra-red light that the HPS puts out.  Simply providing just a little bit of the colors that are missing in white or purple LED systems will unleash a huge amount of growth in your garden.

The quality and quantity of your harvest will increase for just a small investment…  It will snap your purple and white LEDs and turn them into a monster grow setup.

You will want to supplement your grow ideally with a 1:1 ratio of LED to HPS power.  Half HPS power is great as well.

For $70 and only 150 Watts of power, how can you go wrong?





What about Next-Gen LED Technology?

I never thought you’d ask!  If you’re waiting for the next big thing, you’ve come to the right place.

Now that you’re here and learning, check out how plants use light and watch the video article to learn even more!

Keep growing green my friends, and don’t forget to leave a comment below!


164 thoughts on “[3 Easy Tips] How to Fix your LED Spectrum for Flowering Plants

  1. Braden Bills Reply

    I want to try growing vegetables indoors, but I want to make sure that I do it right. It makes sense that getting the right LED growing lights would be important! I’ll be sure to get some that use the right spectrum.

  2. Joanne Morgan Reply

    I have 4 mars hydro 1200 watt lights are these good enough on there own if not what should i do thanks

  3. Michael Reply

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the great article. I think it’s what I’ve been looking for. I bought a Mars Hydro LED and it is driving me crazy, the tsw-2000. I’m trying to grow autos with it and I think it must have too much blue because I keep getting squat plants with too short internal spacing. I just ordered a 50W flood with 3.000K light, like you spoke of. What I don’t understand is how a blue light spectrum addition can correct a ‘blue heavy’ light? It seems like I would want a 6.000K light. Maybe HPS is the only way? Can you advise ?

  4. Benjamin T Crumedy Reply

    This answers a few questions I’m running 3 Ismile 1000 watt led that=105. full spectrum veg & bloom my ladies are in first stage of flower problem is they have outgrown the tent I’ve since bent & tied down branches and took them out of the tent they seem to be growing or making flowers really slow any advice????

  5. James Reply


    I’m a commercial Grower based in Oklahoma and I’m using the Electric Sky 300’s as my primary lighting source in many of my rooms. I have a couple that supplement with HPS – Holy Smokes; you weren’t kidding about this upgrade. I am curious about a singular detail though.

    I’m not the original Grower for this operation, the third, in fact. I have noticed a major spectrum difference between all of these systems. There seem to be two, possibly three different light spectrums present here. I see some lights are warmer than others; there may be a handful that are between the two, as well. Every light carries the same model number so I cannot determine if this has been an intentional spectrum shift, or if it’s simply a result of batches of LEDs from your suppliers. Care to shed some.. light!?😝😂

    Thanks for any information you can offer.

    Oh, by the way, the number and layout of red chips seems to be the same across the board. The only change looks to be the white chips; half are cool temp, the other half warm. Every light has the same white color temp, individually, so I could easily re-hang the cool systems in my veg rooms, warm in bloom. Thanks again.


  6. Garymuesch Reply

    I have a ppf 800 1 switch high n low which do I use 2 grow n which 2 flower

    • davidm Reply

      When using a light like that, it is best to just leave both switches on.

  7. tobias Reply

    Hi Dan,
    Great page with lots of good advice.
    I’ve just changed from HPS to LED with red white and blue dimmers. It also has UV and IR.
    I’ve never used led before and really need some advise if you don’t mind.
    I grow from seed for 4-5 weeks then move them to the main grow area. What combination of red/white/blue do I use from this point until harvest?

  8. John Reply

    Just wondering if a far red initiator puck would be of any good when using the ES300 v2 or v3. Some use it to assist with putting the plants to sleep is my understanding and it supposedly assists in initiating the flower cycle. Dan mentions this in his newest video with Mr. Grow it. I understand the ES300’s are much different than other lights in terms of spectrum and effect and before I purchased them I had also looked at these Far Red pucks or diodes. They would be easy to DIY and there are now a couple companies selling them.

  9. Dan Skroko Reply

    Orig Glue Auto. I have a MZVUL…100w 186 LED 3 Modes, Full Spectrum Grow Bulb $25 Amazon. I Put my Seedling under Blue light From CFL and it Immedietly Drooped …..Put CFL back on and MAGIC…Back to Perkyness. What can i do to Fix what I have? My Light will Not let me Use 2 Spectrums of Light….1 or the Other? Blue Veg or Red Bloom Buttons? What do I do? I am going with CFL until the Flowering Starts and Put in the led and Go to Boom?? Yes /No Thank you Dan

  10. James grant Reply

    I liked what I read and I am glad to have your opinion. I currently have a spider farmer 1000. Should I turn it down to vegetate at run it and 100% for flower? Is it the right light spectrum? and if not how do I change it.

    • davidm Reply

      Hey James, the spider farmer can be good budget grow light. However we’ve found that our light fills in a lot of the spectrum their light is missing for improved quality and yields!

  11. Kenny Reply

    Hi, I’m fairly new to this, after just using hps bulbs, I won’t to try leds, what would be the best all rou nd lighy to purchase, for a small I door garden, approximately 3 plants, do all leds have veg to bloom switches?, thanks and appreciate any help given, yours, ken

  12. Chris Reply

    Thank you for taking questions. My light is an Apelila 3000w / 576 LEDs / 320w power draw/ 372 full spectrum purple (25% blue) / 8 lime / 182 purple (2.5% blue) / 8 UVA. -Blue 12% – Green/yellow 20% -Red 57% -FRed 8% on Amazon for $136. I have a 3’x3’x6′ tent. I would like to add some cheap additional lighting, would adding 1 – 2 50 – 75w soft white LEDs throw my balance off to much.

  13. Chris Reply

    I am growing vegetables. My grow light has a veg switch (blue lights), bloom switch (red lights), or both switches on creating a purple light. What light color(s) should I use?

  14. Bavis Reply

    600w “blurple” LED, 5 weeks into flower. I’ve been running both switches to this point. I’m considering running just the deep red Bloom switch for the first hour of light and the last two hours each day. Then full spectrum for the other 9 hours. This is with the idea of transitioning to just running the bloom switch for the last week prior to harvest. Does this sound like a good idea?

  15. Fernando del Real Reply

    Hi! I am using norlma warm light leds, I was wondering, how do I know how much light do I need?

    Greetings from Mexico

  16. Mr Greenfinger Reply

    I have a viparspectra va1000 dimmable, my
    plants are 10 days old, still babies, but I’m having a big stretching problem, I followed the guide and I have them to 50% bloom and 75% veg, they’re growing well but they’re stretching a lot. Should I move the light closer? atm they’re about 13-16 inches away from the canopy and they’re still in the humidity box. Should I open the container?

  17. Moe Reply

    I am having some trouble. I have a 600w viparspectra WITHOUT bloom switch, which from what you wrote, is pretty unnecessary anyway. There is one plant and it appears to be getting light burn when I lower it the light. To have it on 100% intensity for bloom, I have actually had to raise the light and am already on a 12/12 schedule hoping to flower. Should I just keep gradually lowering while also turning down intensity? Should I be supplementing with a red light? Help!!! I am a beginner.

  18. dean Reply

    First time grower.
    1000 watt LED
    Pushing plants 12 /12 hrs for hair phase. Should I keep my VEG/ BLLOM lights on or just use my BLOOM lights?
    photo plants / Sog style

  19. Lilman Reply

    Hi, I would like to ask if its ok to use cfls for supplemental light when using led? If so, any tips

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Lilman yes if you have CFLs around the house the more the merrier, but CFL need to be close to the plant, so perhaps place them on the edges. Would not go out of my way to purchase these for grow lightning, however

  20. Keith Reply

    I have a Mars Hydro TS 3000w LED equivalent to 800w-1000w HPS, two 1500w Carambola red bloom LED’s I’m guessing run a couple hundred watts a piece and a 40w white led shop lights running vertical for side lighting. My question is with the Mars Hydro led. It has a dial to turn the intensity up and down. With it all the way up it is real bright and puts off a lot of white light and heat. Should I dial it down and lower the lights with this? Some times I afraid I’m not giving enough light when I actually could be giving to much. I’m not sure because my second grow is lagging and I think it’s because summer is here and the tent is warmer.

  21. Aubrey Swinson Reply

    Hello! I’m using 2 450 watt viparspectra and one 300 in the middle. Currently I have two plants in a 2x4x5 tent. Right now they are in their 6th week of flower. The issue I’m having is the temp goes to around 85F. I added a air duct for cooling from my ac vent but doesn’t seem to help. Should I keep the 450s on bloom only and use the 300 on max to keep the temp down? Thanks!

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Aubry 85 degrees is barely OK for LED. You might want to try getting a better airflow situation for your tent, and reduce the temperature of the room itself for the cooling. As long as your plants are happy, should be good to go!

  22. Brian Reply

    Hey! You’re super cute. Running in to an issue with the heat in my tent with both veg and bloom switches on. I have a 4×2 tent and am currently running an advertised 2000w and 1200w led. Thoughts?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Brian! Make sure you have adequate airflow. Go extra and get a fast fan and that will clear out your grow tent!

  23. steven f Reply

    hi mr greensunshine I’ve got a 2-600w viparspectra with veg and bloom switches, would you advise to keep switch off veg switch in veg as, ive added 200watt off warmwhite floodlights .and when in flower turn on veg switch ,i was running metal halide 400w but the temp was to hot ,

  24. visionrouge.net Reply

    Thanks for these tips.
    I’m working on a blooming flower video only.
    which color do you recommend for speeding up this part?
    The flower come out of a fridge every morning and I’m trying to get them open in 2/3 day time if possible.
    Do I still need a bit of Blue, or I should focus on Yellow and red only?

  25. Marc Pominville Reply

    Hello Mr greensunshine,

    I just bough a Growstar S600 ( months ) and many little flood light to help the blurple light to add more coverage and penetration also add more red with a 2700/3000k temps flood light .

    I am very happy to discover that I was not wrong with the blue spectrum.

    I already got a Par meter and I am building my spectrometer to pin-point the right amount of blue to my setup…

    My setup is for my seedling of citrus plant , it’s hard to found some specific data in regard of the culture of citrus like Par level quantity , do you have any suggestion where I can find that kind of info ….not the number which will great, but place like university or site that hold that kind of info.

    Thanks and it was a pleasure to read your page.

    Marc P.

  26. Chris hill Reply

    Hi there so I have 2 1200 wat kingled and a 1000wat led with a dial to turn the lights up and down now I’m just starting budding should I run both veg and bloom light and are the lights I have any good my plants are doing amazing in veg but ow it budding time and I want to know for sure lol thanks so much

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Chris, yes use both of the veg/bloom switches!

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Jerry, Those lights would certainly “get the job” done for seedlings, the lights themselves don’t look too powerful at 18W. I would use at least four if you wanted to cover a 4×4 area, definitely experiment. Not sure of their efficiency but if you have them try it out.

  27. MadeToLoveMagic Reply

    Hi, firstly thanks for a great article. i’m using a 1200 watt Viparspectra on my first grow and i was wondering what you’d suggest to supplement? Would a HPS light be better than a warm light LED floodlight for blue light correction? I know u said 1-1 ratio for HpS and LED but obs i’d then be running 3000w in a 4×8 space – would that be too much?! Would a 250watt HPS bulb be okay do u think? thanks 🙂

  28. MadeToLoveMagic Reply

    Hi, firstly thanks for a great article. i’m using a 1200 watt Viparspectra on my first grow and i was wondering what you’d suggest to supplement? Would a HPS light be better than a warm light LED floodlight for blue light correction? I know u said 1-1 ratio for HpS and LED but obs i’d then be running 3000w in a 4×8 space which seems a lot! Would a 250watt HPS bulb be okay do u think? thanks 🙂

  29. Rabbit Reply

    Do you know where to get lights with this optimum spectrum you speak of in one setup?

  30. Charles McKenzie Reply

    I’m wondering if a floodlight with 2700K warm white light, 1200 lumens, CRI > 85Ra would work as a grow light in the vegetative state? Reason I’m asking is because it also has color changing that syncs up with your cell phone to change the light color. Thanks.

  31. Jason Charles Reply

    Hello, I recently started growing hemp under a bestva 3000w led. My plants are autoflower and I want them to grow as big and as fast as possible. Should I be running my light on veg only? Or bloom and veg both? My light is about 24in above the plants

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Jason, I would turn both of the switches on and let it rip! Back off the light 1 foot and then turn on both of the switches, observe plant health and adjust height as necessary, good luck! -Dan

  32. Levon MacRae Reply

    Hi there. Great article and thanks for the info.
    I just have one question; I’m running a viparspectra 300w but I wasn’t clear if I should use the supplemental warm white led’s in veg stage or flower stage or both?
    If you could let me know that would be great.
    Many thanks 🙏

    • davidm Reply

      Hey Levon,

      Yes some white LED’s will help balance out the spectrum of that Viparspectra. I would use it in both veg and flower for best results.


  33. Eva Reply

    Hi there, wow so many great tips! Can we please ask a question? Our indoor plant growing device has three modes, full spectrum, Veg. and Flowering. We’re growing hot peppers. We understood that we start with full spectrum first, is that correct? Then what? At what stage switch to flowering? or Veg? or just stick to full spectrum?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      I’d stick to the full spectrum! =). You can add in the others when the plants are big.

  34. Cg Reply

    Hi, I’m growing legal cannabis and during the vegetative and early flowering phase (the 2 week “stretch” for cannabis plants) the goal is for plants with extremely short internodal distance and low, bushy growth. Currently, I’m running them under just the veg switch of my LED and I plan to continue until they begin to produce flowers, then I’ll switch to my 3000k full spectrum 600w actual draw quantum board LED. Do you think this is a good plan to produce plants with very tight internodal spacing by the time they begin to flower?

    • davidm Reply

      Yes the lack of red light will reduce the amount of stretch in the beginning phase of flower.

  35. Jeff Reply

    I ordered no name Chinese LED grow light listed as 800-1200w. 4 COB. Arrived 1200w. No idea of light spectrum. Switch turns on/off 2 COB’s.
    Do I assume half power is 600w?
    Plants seem to like two lights more than four. Currently have 5 autos growing mostly indoors.
    I know asking for help with this info is a lot. I’m dealing with a language barrier.

    • davidm Reply

      Hey Jeff,

      Is there a driver exposed that would show the actual wattage of the light? Or you could also use a meter to see how much power it is drawing while on. Having a better idea of total power will help you adjust as needed.

      Thanks, David

  36. John Reply

    I have a 3×4 room with a viparspectra par 600, with the intention of having a 30 in diameter plant to keep it within the specs for flowering. I’ve been running all the lights, red white and blue, the plant is growing very well but it seems to be a little too bushy. After reading your article I too turned off the blue light. Is this the right move for the light I have, or should I turn the blue back on and add more white like you mentioned in the article? I’ve always grown outdoors this is my first time indoors so any help would be helpful. Thank you

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi John, Turning the blue off will make the plant grow bigger, you can probably drop the light a little closer to the plant with the red and blue on and it will start to stretch out the way you like and get larger. Once you get close to flower, turn on all the colors and you’ll get a great finish.

  37. Deivid Reply

    Thank you for you response.

    Can you please explain me is that high peak in blue spectrum in Mars Hydro TSL2000W means that plants mostly can absorb blue light? Ratio for blue colour as you discribed to find in your post is only 2.2% in comparison with other colours. Most are green that gives that high peak in blue spectrum that’s how I understand it but is that mean that plants mostly get blue light photons from this light?
    Blue: 2.2% red: 19.5% green: 78.3%

    • davidm Reply

      This light uses a lot of white diodes for effieciency which tends to run a little blue. Adding some additional red and deep red will increase flower production.


  38. John Ballard Reply

    I have a 2000 Watt King LED when would I use the veg and bloom mode at the same time and also wanted to find out about misting the leaves with water is it okay or not

    • davidm Reply

      You are going to want to use both switches when in flower to get every watt you can from that light. As for misting my plants, I don’t find much benefit unless applying a solution for purpose.


  39. Ansel Wade Reply

    This is exactly the reason I purchased from The Green Sunshine Company – Here is the Owner helping non Green Sunshine folks work their their light issues and sharing knowledge freely …. Love the ES180, best grow I’ve ever had, thanks Dan!

  40. Andrew Reply

    Awsome read brother how do I sign up for emails when you come.out with new info. Also quick question so if i wana keep mother plants and dont want them growing crazy just veg would be appropriate yea?

  41. Justin Reply

    I really liked the read. But I just wanna ask, when flowering is it better to run both veg and bloom settings all the way up? I have mine set with veg down to a minimum before it turns of veg mode and bloom all the way up when i flower.

  42. Alan Reply

    Very comprehensive and informative… Thank You!!
    I had 2 separate single grows last year using a 600w Viperspectera in a 2×2 grow closet…. both plants vegged great, but the flowering was a bust.
    After reading your article, I installed 2 clip on work lights with 100w Sylvania LED soft white floods. I’m into day 18 of 12/12 light change, she vegged great, got alot of hairs coming on, hope I have success.

  43. andre brown Reply

    Hi Greensunshine, thanks for your awesome post.

    I’ve got a 2-600w viparspectra with veg and bloom switches, would you advise to keep both the blue”veg” and red”bloom” light spectrums during the veg and flowering stage ? my plants seem to be growing very nice so far and I have only been doing veg light for veg since early growth there about 20 inches now . this is my first time using led I have venom go and the temp is about 78. thanks so much also I’m going to get the light as well..

  44. Mike Reply

    Hi was hoping for quick advice. I have 2 Aglex 1200w cob led lights both with veg and bloom switches. I’m running in a 4×4 tent is that too much light with both running full power? Draws about 200 actual watts each from thd wall. First timd grower 4 weeks into autoflowers.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Definitely not too much light 🙂 . Could use more, actually.

  45. Jim Reply

    My gorella auto have been in 5 gal pots for 11 days they are 2 inch’s tall for the past week. I’m using a visparspec 900 hung at 36 inchs with both veg and bloom on. I’m I doing it right. ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED 😊

  46. Alan Reply

    Very Comprehensive and well written. I’m running a Viperspectra 600w non-dimmable in a 3×3 Vivosun tent. I’ve had 2 back to back disappointing single plant grows… could well be the lighting.
    Being on a fixed income, would adding a couple Sylvania 100w floods solve my issues?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Alan, yes getting a couple nice white LED lights would work, also our Electric Sky Lights are a great upgrade if you’re looking for new lighting altogether.

  47. JC Reply

    I read through this entire article (which I rarely do) and found it extremely useful! Thank you, but I do have a question. I started my flowers later this summer (after my normal flowers bloomed and died). Problem is that I am on the west side of my apartment building so I would only ever get 4-6 hours of strong sun. To supplement the lack of sun, I bought a 44 LED Plant Grow Light – 20W grow LED light not knowing anything at all. At first it was flourishing, now it seems to have stalled on the growth as the sun is less and less so I am relying on the LED grow light more and more. Unfortunately I read your article to late and was after already blasting it with RED/WHITE/BLUE (blue light in particular). After reading this article, I turned off the blue and only RED/WHITE. Is this a good move, should I expect it to grow better now that I turned off the blue? OR should I scrap the LED and get a more robust one? IDK, it seems to work but I want my flowers to finish growing as this was the largest one yet so I am really excited to see the bloom (indoors growing only now due to weather and seasons changing closer to winter).

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi JC — that grow light seems to put out a tiny amount of light, only 20 watts, so the stall in your growth is likely mostly due to the fact that the sun is no longer as strong! If you’re interested in a high quality light check out our shop page https://thegreensunshineco.com/shop/ for Electric Sky LEDs that we developed. If you’re looking for something a little more budget conscious, a standard warm white flood light found at a hardware store is just fine for keeping plants alive during the winter!

  48. Dustin Reply

    I have 2 Bestva 2000w reflector series full spectrum LED lights. They come with a bloom and veg switch but no way to actually control output per channel.

    I am running both in a 5×5 tent.

    Would you still suggest that I run a 3000k white LED flood light with this setup?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Yes, white LED or a low power HPS bulb is a great addition to Purple LEDs. The best addition would be one of our Electric Sky lights, even the small ES180 would help out immensely since it is about twice as efficient as the BESTVA lights per watt.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Trevor, Either would work, you can start with your 4000K and get good results!

  49. Moms Reply

    We had both veg and flower switches on and our babies are beautiful… however the leaves look like they might be burning? Would love your advice

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Moms — the purple kind of LED grow lights emit a lot of light in a small range of color, which can be stressful to the plant (think like a laser pointer). Blue light especially can cause this stress, so would recommend backing the light off a bit! That should help. -Dan

  50. Leah Reply

    I have inherited a Pro Grow LED 400 but the blue light (vegetation) doesn’t seem to want to turn on. The fan turns on however the lights don’t. The red flight for flowering turns on. Am I doing something incorrectly or do the blue lights burn out? Thanks for any help.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Leah — sounds like the light malfunctioned and went bad. Not a normal thing for those to burn out. 🙁

  51. Lee Davis Reply

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for keeping us informed with great feedback!
    I have two Bestva DC 2000w units in a 4×8 grow room and am just about to start my first grow.
    If I am understanding this correctly, I should use both VEG and BLOOM lights throughout the entire grow and adust the light ON times for the veg and bloom stages.
    18 on 6 off for veg and 12 on 12 off for bloom.
    Would my assumptions be correct?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Lee, yes that would work very well, experiment and see what works best for you with your light. Be sure to back them off pretty far for veg!

  52. Lee Reply

    Hi, I have 2 1000watt Giixers or so they advertise lol, i am in early bud stage and was reading to use both veg and bloom switches during this time, is that true ? And when should i turn off veg light? Just fyi , im bringing them inside to finish off due to weather and snoops, first time trying this

  53. Dave Mottershall Reply

    Hello there I’m a first time grower and just found your page and love it nice work!

    I have a question about a 1000w light with 2 seedlings and a Hindu Kush that had 6 weeks and was dying and I placed it under the lights and it came back, just wondering should I be using veg and bloom light option on these guys or just veg and for how long?

    Thank you in advance

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Dave, Either is fine, without knowing what light you have, it’s hard to say. Moving the light back to 36-48 inches away would be the best bet as you recover!

  54. Saxon Reply

    Hey thanks for putting together such an informative article! I’d just like to clarify something that you’d said about bringing the blue down with the viparspectra lights. I’m using x2 “1000w” Viparspectra’s in a 8 plant set up. The lights have a setting of 1-100 on both veg & bloom. What would you set those to be during flower as I understand the lights give off more blue light than red but during flowering red is the more important light. You’d said in the article to back off on the blue light with the viparspectra but didn’t clarify if that was only during veg or not, unless I missed something. I had the settings at veg 40/bloom100 during veg and the plants are thriving but now I’m flowering I’m hesitant in what I should do? Thanks!

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Saxon, in flowering the plants can take more total light. You can ramp up the blue in flower. Since you want to use more total light in flower, it’s fine, just look out for any bleaching and back the lights off if you see it.

  55. Foobar Reply

    Hi Greensunshine, thanks for your great post.

    I’ve got a 600w viparspectra with veg and bloom switches, would you advise to keep both the blue and red light spectrums during the flowering stage ?

    Thanks for your response.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Yes — definitely keep them both on during flowering!

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi jiggymeister, we can’t tell from its specifications what it does. Would recommend trying it both ways to see what you prefer, this light looks to have more white light which is good for all stages of growth, not completely purple like other LED grow lights.

  56. Keith Reply

    Dan I made the rookie mistake of only using the veg switch on during veg cycle and then turned off the veg and switched on flowering during the flowering stage; am I still OK? I’m on week 7 of flowering. Thank you

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Keith — Turn both of the switches on for the flowering stage next time 🙂 . You can experiment if with both switches for veg as well!

  57. Dee Reply

    Hi Dan, Thank you so much for your generosity… it’s super interesting. I am certainly going to get one of your lights, hopefully before the next grow. I need to finish this one first however – hence these 2 x questions. I have a tiny space – 60cm x 60cm and am running a Viparspectra 450 and on your advice have supplemented it with two warm LED floodlights. only 30W each unfortunately – due to space.
    I am growing automatics and therefore want to maximise vegetative growth before the flowering phase… is it better to have both veg and bloom on (with the 2 x floodlights on) and back off the lighting or switch off the veg to reduce the blue (run bloom + 2 x Flood) and reduce the height? Which one would promote more growth?

    And the same question for the flowering phase.
    It’s summer and it gets hot – too hot, even with good ventilation – which I have. I can’t imagine I can stay much under 84 F with all three – Flood, Veg & Bloom all on at the same time on a hot day. I guess the question is if I have to make a choice – should I run the flood lights or the Veg part of the VS450. Or should I run all three and run hot?
    One last question – is it stressful to the plants (in a bad way) to alternate the lighting depending on the heat of the day… on hot days switch off the Veg switch and on cooler days to run it – how important is consistency?
    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Dee — glad this helped you. Yes I would keep the floodlights on instead of the blue switch of the viparspectra. Plants like a consistent spectrum and actually begin to develop and adapt to a certain ratio of color, so it’s best to keep it consistent or else they’ll have a chance of getting stressed out. Find the right combination of light that is good for your heat level, and then you’re good to go!

  58. paul Shipley Reply

    Thanks for the great information, I am new to growing, 1st grow. My question is I have six swamp thing plants that are ready for the flower stage. I use two 1000 watt full spectrum iplantop lights. Just wanted to make sure I should use both veg and flower channels for flowering stage? Twelve hours on twelve hours off

  59. RandyB Reply

    Thank You GreenSunshine I thought I was doing something wrong and honestly this grow didnt turn out at all like I expected

  60. Randy Bingaman Reply

    I have a Timber Grow lights 4x100w cob led light the Cobs are Vero 29’s. This is in a 2’x4′ grow tent and the light coverage and power is awesome. My only problem is I followed all the guidelines on light height and after 3 or 4 weeks I had about 20 nodes and the plants were less than a foot tall and they were more bushy than anything I have ever saw. Some say this is good but I really need them to stretch a little more in Veg but they stayed tiny now they are about 2′ tall and every branches is a cola but the sizes of the colas arent huge because there are so many of them and alot of them cant get enough light because all of the branches. These are autoflower and my cobs are 3500k. What can I do to help them stretch more as seedlings

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Randy that’s a great question. A high intensity light will encourage plants to go smaller. In your case I would recommend to dim the lights down to 30% or lower during the seedling stage and they’ll stretch a bit more.

  61. Gerry C Reply

    Hi Dan thanks for your reply much appreciated, I did have a look at your shop before I would definitely call your LED’s an upgrade they look great!
    I have just purchased my LED’s recently so going to give them a go plus add your White Light LED addition (my LED’s pull 186w avg from the wall so looking for a 90w/100w LED white light as per your calculations) my last question is should I also use the white light LED for the total duration of my grow or possibly shut it and the veg switch off for the last week to 10 days? Thanks again!

  62. Gerry C Reply

    Hi there thank you for all the great info I have changed my mind on what to get a few times while reading your article and comments so best thought to ask you directly. I am in Oz and using a Green Fingers 450w Full Spectrum LED for a grow space 82cm x 50cm x 160cm. Feel like the space could do with a bit more light. I have taken your suggestion and will put both Bloom and Veg switches on now aswel as raise the light. I am at week 2 of veg and my question is I was going to purchase a 130w Dual Spectrum CFL bulb just to add to the overall PAR levels, do you think this is a good idea or have you any other advice or recommendations. Thanks again and top work on your article truly very helpful.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Gerry glad you found value in it. I would go with a white LED rather than 130W dual spectrum. If you’re looking for a nicer upgrade check out our shop for our selection of Electric Sky LED lights as well. -Dan

  63. Jon Reply

    Hey so I have a 450 watt (I know it’s not actual) viparspectra and I’m probably going to buy the floodlights because of the price and I just have a small area with only 3 plants to cover. I was wondering would it be better to buy the 80 dollar ufo red spectrum lights or do you think the flood lights are a better option for comparable price. And p.s. I also have a cfl light(i think it’s just some light my dad has in the garage that’s pretty brights and puts off more heat than the led) should I keep that light in with the led lights or is it bad to mix them?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Jon, I would say the full spectrum white lights are your best bet!

  64. Dustin Reply

    Thank you for writing this article. I have learned quite a bit. Very interesting how plants work with the light spectrum, makes you wonder what can really grow.
    I have a Maxsisun 300 watt LED light with both bloom and veg dials on it. I’ve been using it with only the veg light on for 28 days.
    I’m starting a grow closet of marijuana here in Colorado Incase your wondering what I’m growing.
    I have now turned the bloom on to give it that pink light. 75% veg 100% bloom. About how far away from my plants should they be? 2 feet? That’s where they have been at. The lights don’t seem to produce heat even when I put my hand to it. But I don’t want to take any chances and burn them by having them right up on my plants. Again, Thank you!

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Dustin, thank you! I don’t know the distance you should use, but here’s a good solution where you can figure out the best height. Start at 3 feet once you ramp up the light. If the plants look healthy at your new higher intensity rating for a week or two, they can handle it, and slowly drop the light 1-3 inches every few days until you find the sweet spot. You’re not missing that much if the light is a little further away. Good luck. – Dan

  65. Julien Reply

    Hi I guess this is a stupid question but I was wondering can you put a red mica sheet in front of a LED light to change the spectrum? Would that work?

    Thank you

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Julien! Not a bad question at all. Some horticultural scientists back in the day did this exact thing to change the spectrum of lights. You’ll probably find the best results by introducing some other light sources, since the mica sheet would block some light. Dan

  66. Paul Reply

    Hi Dan,
    Thank you kindly for sharing your wealth knowledge and information with the world.

    Started my first grow, 5 sativa photos in a 4×4 grow tent, using two 900w Phlizon LEDs. Used your reccommendation to flip both veg and bloom switches and could see boost in growth intensity in the first 24 hours – thank you for the tip!

    My question is, always kept the lights 24 inches off the canopy with just the veg switch turned on. Now that both veg and bloom are on, i would like to follow your suggestion and “back the lights off” before getting signs of plant damage. Can you share some insight on distance between light and canopy when both veg and bloom switches are on? I would like to max-out yield without hurting the plants. Have no clue what distance to back the lights off to?

    Grateful for any insight you can provide.

    Thank you


    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Paul! As long as your plants look healthy, they are OK. Backing lights off to 3-4 feet is nothing to be bashful of, it’s best to keep them further away with the increased power. If they look happy, slowly adjust. That’s it! Glad you found this valuable – Dan

  67. Lisa Reply

    Hi, can you give a very enthusiastic new grower some clarification amongst the conflicting advice I’ve read online? Yesterday I took delivery if the WAKYME 12000 watt full spec grow canopy, 120 leds x 10 watt, with three fans, veg and growth buttons. I can’t find anywhere the true output but I think 10watt is very , very high? Manufacturers have told me to keep both veg and bloom running together during the flowering phase but that introducing red into the early part / veg cycle will force the plants to flower too early, thus stunting potential growth. What do you think about that? They also advise to keep the lights no closer than 24inches above the plants. Really? Won’t that make the seedlings stretch up and become leggy ? I currently have my first ever batch of plants grown from seed on the windowsill and at 8 weeks old they are 3 times taller than they should be., ridiculously leggy. Manufacturers say if I out them under the grow lights now , to use blue only as this will reboot them into growing thick and strong. Won’t that make them even more leggy? Confused behind confusion now lol. Can u help? Can leggy plants be saved. With lights? There’s over 50 of them all and they are all different heights so what should I do with them now I have lights?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Lisa, not sure what plants you’re growing, but red light won’t necessarily force plants into flowering “early”. Tomato and Pepper plants, for example create flowers as they grow during “vegetative growth” and this is normal. For photoperiod plants that sense day/night red light won’t make those plants go into flowering. The sun has plenty of red light in it, for example. There are some strange recommendations out there!

      If your plants are ridiculously leggy (again not sure what plants they are) no light will magically make them short again. Putting them under a normal light source with red and blue light will help them grow great again. You could try to use mostly blue light, that would encourage the plants to grow smaller.

      You may be best to take cuttings of your plants and start fresh under grow light, or just grow all of your plants out and hope for the best. I’d probably go the 2nd route and get creative training your plants. You can “cut down” the main stalk as long as there are healthy leaves left, as long as yourt plant is healthy it will grow back nice and bushy. do this after transitioning to your grow light for a couple weeks.

      Good luck! Dan

  68. Mark Reply

    Hi, dan I am using a Viparspectra 900 with the veg 1to 100 setting and bloom 1to 100 setting . What setting should I set it for the veg state? And what for the flowering state ?
    I have ordered your es300 for my grow tent but I am using the Viparspectra till it arrives to veg my clones. When it arrives I will move 2 in to my 2×4 grow tent with the es300 but will still be growing 2 outside of my tent with the Viparspectra 900 any advice would be much appreciated.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Mark, I’d probably keep both of the switches on for veg and back off the light a bit. If not could just run veg. Hope it helps!

  69. Scott Reply

    Thank you for getting back to me. I really appreciate your help. From your replies I should use the two viparspectra 600w lamps. For the 400watt which is the better option the HPS or the metal halide? As I cannot use both at the same time. I could use the metal halide for veg and HPS for flowering or use one for both cycles. Which is the best way to go? Do I need the 50W Warm White LED Flood Light and the HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm LED Grow Light Bulb as well? Please advise.
    Thank you

  70. Al Reply

    Thanks this has been informative. I’m starting to regret not reading as much before i bought an LED fixture. What do you think about a Growlite WBV-320L, I was under the impression that it would be good all the way through, but I’m starting to see that i was mistaken.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Al,

      It should have enough power to grow your plants all the way through. It is a cool white fixture, so your yield may not be the most it could be in flower, but it should prodice some higher quality end result!


  71. Scott Reply

    I was reading your posts before I received your reply. First let me say thank you for replying.I really appreciate your help. I went out and I purchased a 50W Warm White LED Flood Light and I also purchased the HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm LED Grow Light Bulb. i want the full spectrum for my room. I also have a 400watt HPS that I could put in the room. Like I said I want to complete the spectrum for best results. Now knowing what lights I have what lights should I use for best results?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Scott, I would use them all! That would create a nice growing environment for your plants.

  72. Scott Reply

    Hi Dan,
    I have two viparspectra 600w lamps in a 5′ x 5′ tent.My lights don’t have dimmer. This is my first go it this. I’ve had my plant under the lights for two weeks with not much growth? I only have the veg light on. I do have a 400watt metal halide should I incorporate that light in my tent or just put on the bloom light on as well as the veg light? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please advise.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Scott,

      Yes — I would turn both switches on and keep them high above your canopy. The Metal Halide would actually be a perfect supplemental light for a wide spectrum in your grow, even during flower. With a 5×5 tent you have plenty of room to experiment.

      Good luck!


  73. mark Reply

    Hi I have a greenfingers 1000w working great on both veg and bloom switch came home today and room is red instead of purple and I’m freaking out!

    will add a warm white bulb tomorrow just wondering if red only means blue chip or somethings wrong

  74. Gabe Reply

    Great info thank you.
    I have a maxisunn 300 watt dimmable grow light in a 4x4x7. Eventually I will buy another one. I just would like some feed back on this led light. Because I notice That the veg is a lot brighter then the bloom.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Gabe, couldn’t find much usable information about this light 🙁

  75. TheGuy Reply

    Hi there I just purchased an inivisible sun ish250, it’s the one with the older diodes not the latest ones and I was wondering if I was on the right track? I’m in a 3×3 and haven’t started because I’m not sure if I haven enough light to get the full cycle done? Any help would be awesome TIA

  76. ken allen Reply

    Thanks for offering help.
    i have 2 simulight 540 watt LED’s. model 9614G. they have 3 settings. and i have a 3′ x 5′ space.
    Are they a good light?
    Is it too much power?
    And how should i operate the veg, grow, bloom switches.
    any advice would be much appreciated.

  77. Frank Reply

    Thanks for a great article! I have 2 platinum LED 300’s. They draw 180 watts each, and have been doing pretty well on their own. I have a couple of CFL bulbs, previously used for sprouting, and I wonder if they would help even out my spectrum. One is 26w (=130w incandescent) at 6400k. The other is 60w (=250w+ Incandescent) at 5500k. Would either of these bulbs work, or would you recommend something else?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Frank! The CFLs probably won’t change that much since they’re a very “distributed” light source in your situation. The 2 platinum LEDs are probably fine, you may want to look for a “white” LED light source if you’re up for some experimentation.

  78. Matt Reply

    In regards to the flood lamp, do you suggest just keeping it on the floor or trying to hang it also? I have the same Viparspectra light and setup as Sillib does.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      You would want to hang it above your plants with Rope Ratchet hangers.

  79. Ideel Reply

    Hello Dan,

    Can you give some advice on the HG800? Hipargero COB + LEDS. The Spectrum for borh switches and for veg only seems quite balanced. Any feedback? Tent is 80x80x180cm.

    Best regards

  80. jason Reply

    hi dan , should i veg with veg and bloom both at 100? if the plant can handle it. or still lower the blue? i have 600watt vipaspectra timer controle series

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Play with both! Recommend experimenting with 50% veg / 100% bloom, maybe 75% / 75% for veg.

  81. jason Reply

    hi i have a vipaspectra 600 looking everywhere for this information. their is a veg and bloom chanel both adjustable from zero to 100. following your advice i went from 100 veg 20 bloom to 100 100. Is their such thing as to much light such as going 100 100. should i dile the blue down further and favour red?.. why does everyone else reccomend the opposite hope this fixes my yields 🙂

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Yes — In Veg you want more red, since that is your “growing power”. A higher proportion of red in veg will encourage the plants to grow faster in veg. In flower, they’ll appreciate both of the spectra turned all the way up. Cheers!

  82. Sillib Reply

    Thank you for the reply! Glad I was able to make a correction in the right direction. Cant wait to see how these girls flower out!

    Last question; Would you recommend taking the plastic part off the flood light that is meant to protect it from dirt and water? Would it make the light more intense?


    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      You can experiment with that. The lenses on the unit may help keep light stay in a more focused beam. Have fun!

  83. Sillib Reply

    Hi Dan,

    Didnt realize this article was so fresh, glad to see youre still active in the comments section!

    I have a viparspectra 600, and as you stated in the article, it really lacks a red spectrum. I purchased a ‘HIGROW 36W All Deep Red 660nm LED Grow Light Bulb’ to enhance the red spectrum. I am in a 3×2 tent.

    I went ahead and purchased the LED flood light as well, and am just curious what spectrum I should expect from the flood light.


    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Sillib,

      Cheers! You picked up the right stuff for a nice budget correction. The flood light is basic but gets the job done for a good price. It will really help round out the spectrum in your grow tent. I would recommend hanging all the lights as high as you can and close together to get the best spectrum uniformity.

      To your healthy plants

  84. wairo Reply

    great info
    i just start a 2 grow tent configuration ,
    1 4×4 with 600w HPS
    2 3×3 with 1500w COB blue light
    i wanted to veg on the 1500wCOB and move after to HPS 600w to flower , will this affect my plants ?
    also have more led lighs around to play with , 2000wled viparspectra and 1200w led,
    what can be a proper mix setup of lights ?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Wairo,

      Your plants will do fine with HPS in flower and 1500W COB in veg. I am not sure of spectrum, but you described it as blue. Would recommend placing some white in veg as well for less shock moving to HPS.

      For the extra LED lights, use them in flower with HPS for extra yield.


  85. Bob Daniels Reply

    How would you use a viparspectra 900 and 2 viparspectra 600 for a veg and flower room?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Bob!

      Unsure of what room size you’re working with, however I would definitely turn on both switches in veg and back the lights off for bigger plants with less blue light.

      Good luck!


  86. Scott Reply

    I’m so happy that I came across this article. I have 4 Advanced LED 200 XTE lights and 2 Advanced LED 100 ‘s in a 5×5 tent. I’m growing scrog style and though I’ve observed Advanced Led’s recommended miniumum distance of 24″ , most times being 26-30″ away, I’ve always had light burn issues, leaves brown and shriveled, and the top of my buds were white. The garden is in first week of flower now and I’ll follow your advice to dial both grow and bloom up to 100%-well, I may back off on the blue just a tad now that I know that’s the spectrum that responsible for burning. As I progress into flower should I dial down the blue back to <30% and leave the bloom dial at 100%?
    Temp wise, I keep the grow room in the upper 70's as it is, these lights have IR & UV diodes so when working under them it can be uncomfortably warm, and I've actually had a sunburn after one extended session.

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hi Scott,

      I’m glad you found value in the article. Blue and UV are the “strongest” wavelengths and can cause light burn. However, it is one of the lowest-needed colors for growth. It will harden leaves, make the leaves smaller, and make the plant shorter, which is good a good strategy for some species, but not for ones where we want the most yield and strongest “bush” type plants.

      I would experiment turning blue mostly off in veg and in flower if you think the plants can handle it, crank it up. Should have plenty of power in there even with the blues turned down a bit. I wouldn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything if you weren’t running full power on 1000W.

      Good luck!


  87. Jaffa Reply

    That was very informative and genres of you to share this information thanks dan i am only new to grow and have made mistakes and still making them the biggest being farting around with the wrong lights if you are unsure about your lights do your self a favor if not your self do it for your plants scrape up the money and buy an es300

  88. Todd Reply

    Hey Dan, Two thumbs up for the article. My question to you is, I currently have a Spider Farmer 600w LED in a 3×3 tent. What is your recommendation on how to adjust my lighting?

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Todd, Thanks!

      I looked up the Spider Farmer 600w and they have an interesting way of putting together the spectrums. The “Flower” spectrum is quite low in wattage, and the veg is very high, which is a different configuration I’ve seen most lights do.

      I would always leave “flower” on on full blast.

      When you’re in veg, what I would do is turn down the “veg” portion to about half and see how that works out for you to cut the blue down a little bit. Once you move into the later stages of veg and into flower, let er’ rip full 100%

      Let me know if you have any Q’s!


  89. Greg Reply

    Hi Dan and thank you so much. I have a Mars Pro ll Epistar 120 LED in a 24x48x70 tent. I am very new to all this and need any help I can get. Please let me know about this light in this set-up and if I should supplement or do anything else you mentioned or even did not mention. If needed, I do plan on buying a better light (yours) when I get the funds. Again I thank you and look forward to your reply!!

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Greg! Just checked into that one for you. Luckily the spectrum is pretty balanced already between red and blue:

      Mars Pro II Spectrum

      I definitely recommend keeping both switches on for the entirety of your grow cycle.

      Lots of airflow and higher temps will be key for you to get the most yields as stated in the article.

      The light does lack some infrared light and green/yellow light, so you’ll want to “train” your plants to be a flat table by topping or scrog-ing because the light may not completely penetrate the canopy, so you’ll want to keep that pretty shallow.

      Upgrades for you in the future would be to add some white light in there, but it isn’t critical, you should get some great results with your current grow light! Keep growing and when you’re ready to fill out that tent some more, add some more light sources to get more yield.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


  90. Doc GreenThumbs Reply

    Really good read, thank you for the info.
    One question… I just purchased a 1500 watt COB LED set up. I got a great price for it and is full spectrum LED. The light is more Pink looking,/red. It’s only got a on/off switch and seems to be a great light.
    How do I know if it’s any good or not?
    It’s a BestVA 1500 COB LED, can you check it out and please get back to me?
    Thanks for the excellent read,

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Doc GreenThumbs,

      I would say the BestVA is “OK”. The wattage on it is actually 300W, I am not sure where they are getting “1500 watt” from.

      The “COB” diodes that they are using are an older, lesser efficient style, but will “do just fine” however there is some better out there. I would say this “300W” light would be on par with a flagship “150W” “200W” LED light. Generally speaking, the cheaper LEDs found on Amazon are 50-75% as efficient vs higher end LEDs.

      All this to say you got a great deal on it, if you’re keeping it, I would definitely consider adding white LED floodlights to the mix (linked in the article) since that will 1) reduce amount of blue ratio and 2) fill in the white and orange spectrums for better growth.

      If you’re in the market for higher quality LEDs please stay tuned because we have an announcement for that coming up…

      Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help!


  91. Tony Cifuentes Reply

    Thanks for the information really good stuff just getting started with a cheap greenhouse so I have GPS light and led spectrum lighting have good seeds and will be trying on 3 small plants. Thanks

    • greensunshine Post authorReply

      Hey Tony, glad you enjoyed the article! Best of luck growing, stay green and keep at it 🙂

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