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Unboxing Your Electric Sky V3 (For Grow Kit & Electric Sky Owners)

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Hanging Your Electric Sky

Connecting The Dimmer

Basic Tips & Tricks of How To “Get Started” With Your Electric Sky LED

When growing with LED, you need airflow on the plants for the best growth results.  We want warm air pushed down near your plants so they are warmer and the LEDs stay cooler above.

If you’re growing in a grow tent, here’s how to prepare for the arrival of your new LED grow light:

  • Make sure that you have your exhaust set up at the top of your tent, so that air is being pulled out from the top. Please invest in a good exhaust fan with fan speed controller.  Some fans like the “AC Infinity” have temperature control integrated.
  • Get at least two clip fans for proper air circulation in your grow tent.  Airflow is your friend.
  • For fans, here are our recommendations:
    • The Air King clip fan.  It’s high quality with a metal fan guard, and performs better than the common clip fans out there.  Click here to get that from Amazon.
    • The Secret Jardin Monkey Fan.  It clips or “hangs” on the bar in your grow tent for easy placement to point air wherever it needs to go.  Click here to get that from Amazon.
  • You’ll want a timer to turn your lights on and off for a plant schedule.  My favorite is an outdoor timer outlet like this one: click here.  It has two outlets, and you can accidentally bump it, and the settings won’t change.
  • Setting the timer to18 hours on and 6 hours off is how I like to start for vegetative growth.  Have lights click off during the hottest hours of the day.  Then you have time for your morning and after-work, and/or before-bed “garden walks”.