Welcome To Our Free Grow Course On Growing Organically With Earth Dust!


The 8 Part Course takes about an hour to complete.   If you want the greatest success, watch all of the main videos.

If you just got your Earth Dust and want a walk through of how to mix and use it, watch the 3rd video “How To Use Base and Boost”

Enjoy, have fun, and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for more content.

1. Introduction


2. Before You Get Started


3. How To Use Base And Boost


4. Making A Tea & When To Add “More”



5. Listening To Your Plants & Troubleshooting



6. Filtering Your Water


Recommended water filter – inline carbon garden hose filter:



7. Re-Using Soil



8. Final Words




BONUS #1: Growing Outdoors



BONUS #2: Dan’s LA-Z-Man Method (Try it and Let us Know Your Results!)