Meet the grow light that changes the game.

Fast veg growth. Big flower yield. Made possible with new wideband LED technology.

Spectrum Power

Fast and powerful growth with over 60% Red and Near-Infrared Light.

Canopy Penetration

Activates growth beneath the canopy with penetrating colors.

Bigger & Faster Growth

Special color ratio instructs leaves, stems & buds to grow larger and faster.

Your Lighting System Awaits.

Maximize the "Lighting Sweet Spot" of Your Garden

Your whole area grows brighter with an  Electric Sky  over your plants.

Edge-to-Edge Growth

Keeps the whole garden brighter.
More yield and less burn.

Modular System

Create a "sky" to fit any space.
Expand the system to your needs.

Passive Cooling

Silent operation with no moving parts that can fail or break.

Coverage Intensity

Large "Sweet Spot" with Distributed Light

Traditional LED

2x Electric Sky

*Black = Light Burn   Blue = Light Deprevation

Special lenses and form factor creates an even grow environment.

Height Utilization

Grow Higher and Wider with Nearfield Lighting

Traditional LED

Electric Sky

Unique Electric Sky design allows for maximum growth and bigger plants in your grow area

Ready For Bigger Growth In Your Garden?

Lighting Systems

Available in different length sky sections

Product Features:

 Replaceable parts and upgradeable LEDs. Future-proof.

 Near-white spectrum shows plants in true color.

 Dual-direction lenses focus and evenly scatter light.

 Full-spectrum output from next-gen wideband LEDs.

 A scientific spectrum makes fast and healthy growth.

 No harmful UVB rays.

 No bulb changes and up to 40% energy savings vs. HID.

 3 year warranty.

Start Designing Your Perfect LED Grow Setup.